Student Organizations: Recognition

Policy regarding the formation of new student groups

There are two main classifications of organizations at BSU: student organizations and university organizations. Student organizations have 100 percent student membership and students must hold all leadership positions. University organizations have a membership and leadership of faculty, administrators, staff members, students or members of the surrounding community, and are not governed by this policy.

Guidelines regarding new student organizations: All new student organizations must initially apply for provisional recognition. Recognition is a one-time chartering that allows an organization to use campus facilities, resources and privileges. All applications for provisional recognition must be made to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (with the exception of clubs that may align more closely with Athletics and Recreation). Organizations may remain on provisional status for up to three months from the date of notification (exceptions may be made by the Student Involvement and Leadership staff.)

Provisional status is granted if clubs meet the following criteria:

All provisional organizations are entitled to the following privileges:

When a proposed student organization overlaps with the stated purpose of another group or department, the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership may require that some groups gain endorsement from another university department during this provisional period. For example, a new academic group must first gain endorsement from the appropriate academic department before full recognition is granted. Groups that have alternate requirements will be informed of that process upon application.

During the provisional period, all student groups are required to complete training to learn business processes. All provisional groups will be assigned a program adviser from the Student Involvement and Leadership staff. At the end of the provisional recognition period, a group must apply for full recognition or disband by the noted deadline.

Guidelines for full recognition: Full recognition is granted if organizations meet standards that include, but are not limited to:

Full recognition entitles organizations to many benefits such as use of university facilities, the ability to conduct fundraising on campus, and access to services provided by the university's offices, including program advising, leadership training, event management and more.

Guidelines for withdrawal: Recognition may be withdrawn if:

Updated 8/2017 by Cindy Kane, Office of Student Involvement and Leadership