Electric Utility



Provide installation and field support services covering a two-state AMR / AMI network for electric and gas metering while meeting an aggressive timeline for deployment, quality standards, and safety measures.

Outsource all utility field services to SSS and our professional team of trained technicians across MO and IL.

SSS provides Landis+Gyr utility engineering services, including installing, busting, auditing, RF network monitoring and troubleshooting for smart meter deployment.

Landis+Gyr is able to focus on strategic project management issues while relieving themselves of the day-to-day staffing and field requirements.

Through their strategic partnership with SSS, Landis+Gyr is successful in meeting all safety, quality and service level requirements with their IOU customer while saving money along the way.



Inspect and decommission equipment on a 400-foot utility communication tower supporting high voltage live transmission lines.

Perform electrical grounding and safety survey.

SSS provides ComTrain-certified tower technicians with Power Safe high-voltage training who also hold security clearance for utility restricted access points.

SSS is a one-stop partner for tower inspection, cabling and equipment removal, including heavy rigging capabilities for microwave dishes and antennas.

Inspection uncovers major structural and electrical grounding problems with the tower. Ameren is able to rely on SSS to not only decom the legacy equipment but to also complete the structural improvements to the body of the tower along with bringing it in line with the Motorola R56 specifications for electrical grounding and safety requirements.


Due to a recent NERC security mandate for all IOU utilities, Ameren is required to upgrade a statewide network of substations in order to meet the communication and security specifications according to the Critical Infrastructure Program (CIP v5)

Partner with SSS as a tier-one utility communications provider to bring all substations in line with NERC and CIP v5 requirements.

Project work includes custom-built enclosures for a cellular signal amplifier to support a redundant data communications network. All SSS technicians maintain utility security clearance and high-voltage training for substation access to perform installation services inside Ameren control houses.

Ameren is successful in meeting the NERC deadline to meet CIP v5 compliance by partnering with SSS as their preferred utility communication specialist. SSS worked alongside multiple General Contractors across Illinois to provide the communication piece of this high profile security project to help further protect our nation’s electrical infrastructure from security threats.

Water Utility



Poor performing RF / wireless data communications across multiple water tanks within the water utility’s SCADA network is severely impacting their operational performance.

Signal interference issues include complex topography challenges and legacy wireless radio equipment.

SSS performs remote software-based RF path study followed by on-site RSSI survey conducted by professional engineers. Other services include antenna alignment testing by ComTrain certified tower technicians, along with installation and configuration of GE MDS industrial communication radios.

Kansas City Water successfully improves the reliability of their wireless data communications across their SCADA network without taking on a major equipment upgrade. SSS acts as the one-stop partner for the site survey, tower climbing, engineering support, and authorized reseller of GE MDS wireless radios.



MO / KS / IN / AR / AL / GA

The National Weather Service required the removal of legacy antenna systems and cabling followed by installation of new upgraded equipment across a nationwide network of 500 foot communications towers

SSS is a one-stop partner for communication tower maintenance performed by ComTrain-certified technicians.  Services consist of cabling and equipment removal, including heavy rigging capabilities for the 16 foot long antenna systems.

Other services for this project  include constructing antenna, installing jumpers, weatherproofing, line sweeping, and installation of new ice bridges.

The National Weather Service is able to rely on SSS to safely decom the legacy equipment, complete the structural improvements to the body of the towers, and install new antenna systems and supporting equipment.  All work is completed by the same service partner across multiple statewide locations, ensuring consistent, quality workmanship