A Letter to Our Children

To Our Dear Children:

We want to tell you about a decision we made recently and some of the reasons behind it.  But first, we want you to know that we are very proud of you and thankful for the honor of being your parents.  You bring us great happiness.

 As we get older, we find ourselves thinking more and more about our estate - and what to do with these assets when we are gone.  Our holdings, though modest by some standards, represent a lifetime of working, saving, and investing.  We want to dispose of these things in the right way, not only for you, but for us as well as the legacy we desire to leave behind.

Our first responsibility, as you know, is to care for each other.  If one of us should predecease the other, we want the remaining person to have enough assets to live comfortably and to meet any unforeseen emergencies.  Because our estate plan addresses these matters, we are able to face the future with confidence, self-respect and the knowledge that we will not be imposing a burden on you or others for financial assistance.

Our second responsibility is to pass along to you, our precious children, a portion of our estate, in order to provide you with a final and tangible expression of our love.  It is also a way for us to assist you in meeting some of the challenges and opportunities you will face.  The nature and value of these estate gifts will depend, of course, on our needs, taxes and the future economy.

Our third concern -- and this is why we are writing this letter -- pertains to our involvement in the Church.  As you know, we have supported the church for many years.  We believe in its mission and want it to be financially strong so they can continue to make a positive impact in our community and for God’s Kingdom.

We have decided to name the Church in our will to receive a significant gift. We talked to our financial planner and tax advisor about all of this and they both agree that the plan makes good sense.  We also checked with our attorney and received the green light as well.  One of the nice features about this plan is that the church’s endowment will be strengthened to help provide a perpetual flow of income to the church.  We also want you to know this planned gift has been a wonderful experience for us - the highlight of our lives as donors.  To put it simply, we are thrilled!

Our hope is that someday you will have the opportunity and an inclination to do something similar with a portion of your own estate.


Mom and Dad