Katie Woodgate

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Contact Details:

50 Lancewood Dr



Cell phone: 225433684

Email: katie.woodgate@oaklands.co.nz


Personal Statement. 

I like to make the most of a situation and I like to make everyone happy. I am very organized and on time.

Summary of Skills and Attributes


I am not afraid to ask for help if i need it.

I am good at communicating with a large number of people.

I can speak english, Te reo, and a little bit of mandarin.

Self management

I always get work done on time.

★I always show up to what I have committed to.

★I am very organized.


I am able to fit into any environment.

I won’t give up if something goes wrong.

★I Motivate my friends when they don't have courage.

Positive attitude

★I look on the bright side of things.

★I will take on any role or responsibility.

★I can make any situation enjoyable.

Team work

★I can work well in a group.

★I can collaborate with others well.

★I can plan and do activities with others.

Willingness to learn

★I have an open mindset.

★I take on and use advice given to me.

★If i don't know something I will research it.

Thinking skills/ Literacy and bright numeracy skills

★I am able to solve a problem in a way everyone is happy.

★I am good at thinking on the spot.

★I can think of a way to get work done on time.

Computer Skills

★I can use docs and other typing software well.

★I am good at collaborating digitally.

★I can use a range of devices.

Education and Qualifications

I have been to many schools and done well I am going for the year ⅞ standerend in writing and math and I am in the year 9/10 standards for reading.

Personal interests & activities

I like to Ski, read and I like to cook


Steve Ladbrook

My Yr ⅞ teacher

Work: Oaklands school

Address: Cunningham place

Ph: (012) 345 6789

Email: Steve.ladbrook@oaklands.school.nz

Prefered method of contact: Email

Lance Muller

My year ⅞ teacher

Work: Oaklands school

Address: Cunningham place

Ph (987) 654 3210

Email: Lance.muller@oaklands.school.nz

Prefered method of contact: Email