Canva is a free {with paid options} web service that allows users to easily create and design beautiful documents such as email headers, social media posts, brochures, and posters. Complete video Tutorial found here.

Signing up


Got to to sign up for your free account.

Your students can sign up via G+ or email.

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Upon login you will automatically see any designs that you have created and have the option to Create a Design (1).

From this page you also have the option to customize a design (2).

All Your Designs – Canva.png

Sharing Abilities

This is a new feature to Canva! You now have the option to share your entire account with up to 10 members for free! This feature allows the shared members access to all of your designs!

Team members – Canva.png

Shared with You

Like Google, Canva has a location where you can easily access any design that is shared with you.

Shared With You – Canva.png

Creating a Design

Creating a design is super easy in Canva. You can chose from a pre-made template or have your students create one of their own by selecting “Use Custom Dimensions” in the top right hand corner.

Creating a Design.png

Creating Using a Template

Using a template is simple and you can easily customize them any time using Canva’s free and paid library of design elements or you can upload your own.

Trifold Brochure – Untitled Design.png

Custom Background

At any time, you can delete the pre-designed background elements and change them to your own via the Background Tab.


Uploading Images

Adding your own images, or royalty free images from the Web is very simple. First, make certain that your intended image is saved somewhere on your device. Second, select “Upload Your Own Image.” Once uploaded you can easily drop and drag it over to where you want it to be.


Adding Text Elements

You can add text and text elements by finding the text element that you want and dragging it onto your design.

Video, Camera, Icon, Film, ...


Sharing with Link

Users can easily share their design on the Web by clicking “Share” on the menu located in the top right.

You have the following options:

  1. You can share it with another user to help edit the design.
  2. You can share your design as an interactive Website or for others to view.
  3. You can grab embed code to add your design to your Website.

Video, Camera, Icon, Film, ...


Download to Print

If your design requires you or your students to download and print, you can easily do so by clicking “Download” in the top right hand corner.

You have the options of PDF, JPeg, or PNG.

Once you have downloaded your design it is ready to print!

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