(Originally published 24 Feb 2014 - Updated 14 Nov 2014)

The following are fields included for a listing’s publication and explanations for each.  All are text based.

  1. Listing title

This is the name of your listing.  Try to keep it between 40 and 65 characters. No caps, quotes, or colons. Listing title should be specific to the opportunity. Do not use only: Call for artists, call for submissions, and so on.

  1. Business or organization name

Primary entity responsible for managing the opportunity.

  1. Call for artists description

  1. Deadline (If ongoing, select one year from today’s date)

Latest time for which an artist may apply to the opportunity.

  1. Link to application

If a form must be printed or completed online, link to it here.  This should be the ONLY link in the listing. Use a listing specific link.  If you are using a juried application manager, use the listing URL rather than the service's homepage.

  1. Why is your business or organization interesting?

Tell the applicant what is interesting about your business or organization. Whom is your primary audience, what is the scale and scope of your business, where is your location, how is your business sustainable, and why is this opportunity relevant to your business?  Keep it under 50 words.

  1. Listing contact email.

Public contact for the listing. Enter email address only. Provide a direct institutional email address (i.e. john@artforyou.com) for applicant’s questions.  Avoid personal email addresses (i.e. john@aol.com).

  1. Country: Do not use abbreviations.
  2. State: Do not use abbreviations.
  3. City: Do not use abbreviations.

  1. Category that best describes the opportunity:

The category should accurately reflect the opportunity.

  1. Location reach:

From what location, relative to where the opportunity is based, may artists apply?

  1. Application Fee

Is there a fee for applying to the opportunity?

  1. Award Amount

What is the maximum amount a participant may be awarded for this opportunity?

  1. Include up to five keyword tags.

What words, other than what are in the title would an applicant use to search for this opportunity online? Do not use any of the categories or your company name.

The following questions are for internal use only:

  1. Contact full name: Will be kept confidential. Include first and last name. Do not include any generic terms such as admin, coordinator, or gallery.
  2. Contact email: Will be kept confidential.
  3. Contact phone number: Will be kept confidential.
  4. Select the listing start date: Active until the deadline or, if ongoing, until one year from the publish date.


General rules: