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Defeat Devices and Mistakes:  The Emissions Scandal and the Future of Volkswagen


(BK208): Principles of Marketing, Spring 2016:

Using Business Source Complete (EBSCO) and

Lexis Nexis Academic for Company Research  


Visit the research guide:


I.                 Business Source Complete (EBSCO)


General Search

Company name (CO) + “marketing”

SWOT Analysis

Company name (CO) + SWOT

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Company name (CO) + CSR

Target Market

Company + “target audience”

Market Specifics

Company + demographics; company+ economics; company + technology

Nature of Industry

Industry profile or overview (search options)



NOTE:  Visit the “Document Type” and “Publication Type” rosters for additional options -- industry overview, industry profile, market research reports, SWOT analysis, and trade publication.


         NOTE: Visit the “Company Information” portal for easy access to coverage about a specific company.   Visit “Company Profiles” for recent, in-depth reports on a single company of interest (publicly traded or privately owned).


II.              Lexis Nexis Academic: Business Portal  


“Get Company Info” search box

Generates dossier (“Snapshot”)

Companies: Dossier

Generates executive profiles,  industry analysis and top companies in field

Companies: SEC Filings

View any SEC filing

Companies: Company Profiles

Search for compensation, financial history, corporate contact information

Companies: Market and Industry Reports Search

(Still in development)