Position Description:  Call Back Centre

Primary Objective:  To call those requesting help and confirm and enter their details on the N2N webpage

Specific Tasks:  

Key Challenges:

Detailed Description of task.

Take time with the call and let them know that the Church does care about their situation.

Start the call with ….. “This is the Combined Churches Neighbour to Neighbour Program, (your name)…. speaking. We would just like to confirm your request for help.

  1. Have a copy of their request in front of you.
  2. Go through each detail and confirm that it is correct.
  3. Let them know that they or a family member must be at home when the team comes to do the work.
  4. Only under extenuating circumstances will a team come on a day other than Sat 15 June.
  5. Make sure they know that the N2N Team Leader assigned to their home will call them well before Sat 15th June to arrange a pre-visit inspection.


Types of Jobs

We are happy to help with gardening, cleaning and general household chores,  things such as dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms or kitchens and general garden work including lawn mowing, weeding, light pruning. We are even happy to just come for a chat but we will not be doing any professional trade work on fixtures or fittings of the house. We will not get on the roof or do any work higher than first floor gutters. We can only do what takes 4 people 3 hours or less. We will remove any green waste produced on the day.

Our policy is that we do not accept any money under any circumstances for those we help. If they continue to insist then we can suggest they give an extra offering at their local Church or donate to their favourite charity.

Next steps for the home being helped.

1. The N2N Team leader assigned to your home will call you at least one week before 15 June to arrange a pre-visit to your home. This visit will help the Team Leader fully understand the nature of the job and be able to plan appropriately.

2. The N2N work team will arrive at your home on Saturday 15 June, at a time agreed to by you, to complete the work you requested. You or a family member must be present when the team arrives.


N2N  Organising Committee

for The Combined Churches of Townsville

E: n2n@churchin.org.au  W: www.n2n.churchin.org.au

Issued -  May 2012

Updated – May 2013