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Simply Beautiful Now was voted as one of the Most Influential Canadian Mom Blogs.  For a list of the press Simply Beautiful Now has been featured in the past, please visit the Featured Page to learn more.

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Small Button ads:

All logos and creative design/buttons must be provided by the sponsor.

*One (1) 125 x 125  px image (linking back to your site)

*All ads appear on both the homepage and all posts.  

*Viewable 100% of the time anyone is on the site.

*$50 (Canadian funds) per month billed via Paypal (minimum 3 month sponsorship)

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All logos and creative design/banners must be provided by the sponsor.

*One (1) 300 x 125  px image (linking back to your site)

*All ads appear on both the homepage and all posts.  

*Viewable 100% of the time anyone is on the site.

*$80 (Canadian funds) per month billed via Paypal (minimum 3 month sponsorship)

***Please inquire about rates for 300 x 250 px ads***

Product Reviews/Sponsored Posts

Simply Beautiful Now will not participate in paid reviews.  Simply Beautiful Now will on a case by case basis for reputable companies participate in sponsored posts for products valuable to the readership and compensation is always fully disclosed.  If you represent a company that has a product that is content relevant, and you’d like to ship a complimentary item for my personal and honest evaluation for review, please send an email through the Contact button (on the navigation bar) to inquire.  Please note, if you ship a product there is NO guarantee it will be used or reviewed at all.  

My writing is personal and not necessarily consumer focused (i.e. I avoid "marketing speak"), so I only write about products/services that I’ve personally had a full experience with, and would use again. (If my evaluation of the product is negative, I will simply not write about it:  I do not write negative reviews).  Given that, any products or services that I DO review would be intertwined into the story of the day, and the tone of my stories takes precedence over product branding.

Please note that any review will be a personal and honest evaluation of your product, and all positive reviews will result in a link embedded in the write up.  You will be given advance notice of your product’s review.  There will be full disclosure in any product mention that the item was complimentary.

I have worked with many major brands.  For a sample of the tone and style of my reviews, please click here:  Mattel, Reebok and Walmart.

Reader Contests & Giveaways

Although I would love to share any opportunity for my readers to win wonderful products or services, at this time I do not have the proper logistics & facilities to manage to properly participate in contests for promotional giveaways.  However, for some large corporations looking for a more immersive marketing campaign, if you feel you can offer a truly unique opportunity with merchandise or services to my readers, I am open to the following:

*1 full post about the merchandise/service you are giving away, including contest details and linking to site.  (All legalities concerning the contest must be provided by the corporation)

*An additional post announcing the winner(s) of the contest and a 300 x 125 ad in the right sidebar (creative provided by the sponsor) for the entire month the giveaway is to take place.

*Giveaways require a minimum of $300 worth of merchandise plus free shipping, customs and handling (US & Canada only).  

*In order for my time to be best served to ensure quality content, a service fee of $500 is required (the fee is waived for sponsors).

Please email me through the Contact button (also found on the navigation bar) with your full name, the company/brand or service, and details about your offer and products.  I will evaluate if the product(s) or service are content relevant or valuable to the readership.  

Writing Services

Although there have been several requests for me to write guest blog posts, the majority of my time is currently dedicated to providing quality content on Simply Beautiful Now, and I am highly selective with the content I provide.  However, I may be commissioned as a freelance writer, if you feel the tone and style of my writing suits your needs. Please feel free to Contact me to discuss opportunities.

For More Information

General information about sponsorship or advertising can be found at Simply Beautiful Now’s Blog Policies.  To inquire about sponsorship, please go to the Contact page (also found on the navigation bar of the website) or contact Carol at:

simplybeautifulnowblog {at} gmail {dot} com

All sponsor transactions are conducted through PayPal.

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