Mini-Research Presentations:

Allusions in Haroun and the Sea of Stories

While it is a young adult fantasy, Rushdie’s novel is extremely rich with all kinds of allusions (to history, to works of literature, to pop culture, etc.). The more you know, the more you find interesting!

TASK → 1) Research a topic that is ALLUDED to in the novel Haroun and the Sea of Stories.

    2) With a partner, create a PowerPoint or GoogleSlides presentation of your findings.

On the day your topic is due, your mission is:

TEACH your classmates about your topic

Presentation Requirements (5 slides TOTAL)

Possible Points


Introduction (5 pts):

  • Name your topic
  • Display an image that captures the heart of your topic
  • Introduce team members



Definition of the topic (10 pts):

  • What IS the topic? (An event? A language? A person?)
  • Describe/define the topic.



What is the significance of the topic? (10 pts):

  • What is this topic known for?
  • Why is it important?



What to remember about this topic (5 pts):

  • Put the image back up from your first slide
  • Why did you choose this image as the best representation of the topic?



Works Cited (5 pts):

  • List your sources. DO NOT just put the links. These need to be proper citations.

→Use or


Presentation skills (10 pts):

  • Speaking - appropriate volume and pace
  • Body language - facing forward, making eye contact
  • Preparation - able to speak smoothly without reading from board


Being a good partner (5 pts):

  • Do an equal share of research, preparation, and presentation
  • Dependable - did what you said you’d do, when you said you’d do it, and stay in touch


My allusion topic is _____________________________________________________________

My presentation date is: ____________________________

My partner is: _____________________________________

                          and their HSPS gmail is: ______________________________________


1) Find out enough about your assigned topic to speak for 2 minutes in a presentation about the topic. You need to be clear and concise when you explain enough information about your topic so that the rest of us have a clear and thorough understanding of the key ideas.

2) Ensure that the content (facts, ideas, organization) of the presentation is sophisticated, not just a regurgitation of the information you found. Think about what you’ve read and be able to explain the topic in your own words. (Don’t just copy and paste! Don’t use a word you can’t define!)

3) Use color, bolding, underlining, photos, etc. to make key ideas stand out. The easier it is to read, the more likely your classmates will understand it! No big blocks of text!!

4) When you are presenting, DO NOT read directly from your slide or face the board.

5) You are strongly advised to use reference works such as encyclopedias (print or online) as they have already condensed large topics into brief, understandable explanations of the key ideas. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA as you cannot be sure whether the information found there is correct.

   Each topic will be presented on a day when our novel alludes to that person/idea/work of literature, so it is extremely important that you are ready and in class when it is time to enlighten us!


  • Lake Dahl in India
  • One Thousand and One Arabian Nights
  • Haroun Al-Rashid
  • Aladdin and the Magic Lamp and the Genie
  • Hoopoe bird symbolism
  • The Rapunzel story
  • Exxon Oil Spill
  • A film called Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne
  • Fairy tale archetypes: Damsel in distress & Prince Charming
  • Carl Jung’s Shadow Theory
  • Kafka, Gogol, and Absurdist Literature
  • Abhinaya Gesture Language
  • Mythical beasts (gryphon, basilisk, manticore, troll)
  • The Wizard of Oz