1. .pmt/csh_pm_tester

   See .docs/inhouse_software/pm_tester.txt for program description.


   This program primarily checks data consistency between runs for a

   single station once a day. All checks are heuristic and only check

   data in parameter files. The following table lists all checks:

                Hs  Tp  Dp  Depth  Ta  Pres Seatmp

   spikes       X   X   X   X      X   X    X

   range        X   X   X   X      X   X    X

   same value   X   X   X   X      X   X    X

   dropouts     X

   spread               X

   random               X

Description of tests

   a. spikes - checks for values abruptly different from surrounding values.

      Designed for Hs originally, but parameters can be set for other


   b. range - checks for values within specified range. Should be done

      by our processing editor, but this is another check on the processing.

   c. same value - a.k.a. consecutive value test. Checks if a value has

      remained the same for an excessive period of time.

   d. dropouts - guess at record frequency then compares number of records

      recieved to expected number of records for the specified time period.

   e. spread - very heuristic, tries to determine if the direction looks

      too spread out by drawing a smooth line through the dp values

      and calculating the median of the absolute difference of the smoothed

      and original directions.

   f. random - very heuristic, sorts dp into bins and sums the top two modes.

      If the top two modes do not account for most of the directions, then

      the directions are considered random.