The following was sent to me via Facebook

Hi there! I was just doing a random search this evening of my son's dead-beat biological father's name on the ol' interweb, and came across some of your postings about him.  It seems that Aaron Helferty has been up to his old tricks - scams and subsequent re-inventing of himself.  Would you feel comfortable sharing with me your perspective on and dealings with this guy?  I am interested for personal reasons only. When Aaron fled to Nicaragua after years of dodging his child support obligations, he successfully re-located to the one central-american country that does not have a support payment agreement with Canada. I found some of your postings about him intriguing, amusing and validating.  He was a con artist when I met him.....seems like nothing has changed.  Anyway, hope you don't mind this message and inquiry.  Peace! ‘’Name deleted’’

08/13/2015 8:36PM

I should mention that Aaron has a LONG criminal record in Canada and has swindled both business owners for whom he has offered his "management" skills as well as truly hard-working and skilled individuals whom he befriends and aligns himself with.  He is a swindler and quite possible a sociopath.  I feel very sorry for your community that Aaron has relocated there.  I am one of at least 3 women with whom he has children that he does not support.  The guy needs to be exposed as a fraud.

08/15/2015 6:03PM

GreenSurf Nicaragua

Name deleted, I would feel absolutely comfortable about sharing my feelings about Mr Aaron.  I think as a matter of fairness, it would be better to tell you about myself first.  I do not necessarily enjoy talking shit about other people, mainly because I am so very imperfect.  Having said that.....I try to learn from mistakes and progress.  This guy is twisted in the brain and he needs to be exposed.  He is negatively affecting the lives of too many people.  MOST of the community here can see right through his shit.  The big problem is that he has aligned himself with other ´business people´and so they have this energy of money working for them.  I do have faith that KARMA will eventually take care of him before he does too much damage here.  Are you in Canada??

08/17/2015 5:25AM

Name deleted

Hello again. First let me apologize....I also do not enjoy backtalk and you are wise to mention karma.  I think coming across Aaron's latest location and re-invention made me feel a little feisty. Without excusing myself, I just want to explain that Aaron turned my life upside down, lied to, manipulated and physically hurt me, and then escaped his obligations to financially support his own son, now almost 10, whom I've been raising on my own. Most of the time, I trust the universe to work things out without my intervention.....however, reading how Aaron continues to hurt people triggered all sorts of pain in me.  I knew Aaron left Canada with a young girl named Lindsay whom I think he married. The last I had heard about him about two years ago, his brother-in-law was being interviewed in a Canadian newspaper for his "fine work" in raising money to help build baseball fields and equip Nicaraguan children with baseball equipment.  Yeah right! Anyway, yes I do live in Canada (‘’censored’’  - certainly NOT surfing country!) where I live in joy with my wonderful son and the beauty of our blue lakes, rocky shores and dense forests. The closest I've ever been to you would have been when I took my son to Costa Rica last year on a school volunteer trip (I've taught high school for the past 19 years). It was beautiful.  Peace to you!