Lecherous old coot

"Walk with pride, Himura-kun. That's how righteous men live."

Name: Kashiwazaki Nenji

Nickname: Okina

Age: 50s

Weapons and Attacks: Kenpo, tonfa

Allies: Oniwabanshuu, Kenshingumi

Enemies: Juppongatana

First appearance: Kyoto Arc

Biography: Kawshiwazaki Nenji was a very strong shinobi and upon the death of the Okashira, was poised to take his place, but at the last minute decided to give it to 13-year-old Shinomori Aoshi, believing the younger generation should get practice at leadership. After Aoshi and his Oniwabanshuu split off from the Kyoto branch, Okina was left to raise Makimachi Misao by himself, which was no easy task, given the girl's propensity to run away looking for Aoshi. Okina also continued to monitor everything that happened in Kyoto, for while the city seemed safe and peaceful after the war, Okina knew that there were always shady things happening out of the public's knowledge.

His suspicions were proven correct when he got wind of the machinations of Shishio Makoto, the former Ishin Shishi assassin who was now looking to overthrow the Meiji government and take over Japan. Just as this was coming about, Misao returned from one of her many adventures, with a cute, albeit very bedraggled swordsman in tow. The presence of Himura Kenshin confirmed Okina's suspicions that Kyoto was once again about to be plunged into chaos.

Personality: Okina is a very wise and shrewd man, but generally hides that behind the mask of the cheerful, wacky and very lecherous old man, who has a thing for pretty young girls.

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