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“Dine & Donate Fundraiser Information”

Dine & Donate fundraisers are a sweet, simple way to raise some funds for your non-profit, school, club, event or organization.  Basically we set a date to host the fundraiser, you promote the fundraiser by encouraging your constituents to come enjoy Swirl on that date...and then we write you a check after the event is over (give us a few weeks).

Step #1. Save this link as a bookmark to refer back to.

Step #2. Contact us ( to set a date for your fundraiser

  1. Typically a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  

  1. We can host up to 4 fundraisers per year (1 per season) for your school, non-profit, school club, local group, etc.

  1. If you’re tech savvy, you can subscribe to our iCal (below) to find an available date.  

  1. webcal://  

Step #3.  Post a “Save the Date” on Social Media.  

  1. Here’s one you can use.
  2. Or, make your own using our Logo
  3. Be sure to Link to us on Social Media so we can help promote too
  4. Snapchat: SwirlSA

Step #4.  Email us a copy of your logo..  We’ll make you a flyer and a Social Media announcement you can use.  When you email us, please be sure to confirm that you posted the “Save The Date” already and send us a link to your Social Media pages so we can help promote.

  1. This is where we’ll put your flyer when it’s ready.

Step # 5. Generate as much interest in the fundraiser as you can!

How to generate the most interest

  1. Who should I tell about our fundraiser?
  1. Your customers
  2. Your board members
  3. Your employees
  4. Your family members
  5. Your friends
  6. Your Social Media friends
  7. Your neighbors
  8. Your child’s class list, PTA, etc.

  1. Get your kids/students involved!  
  1. Ask them to post info to Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  2. Ask them to distribute flyers around their school
  3. Use school email lists to send to other families, publish in class and school newsletters, etc.

  1. Print the flyers (above) and send them out far & wide

  1. Post on Social Media and remind people ahead of time, the day before the event AND the day of the event.  

  1. If you use Facebook, create an “Event” and invite all of your friends to the event.  It reminds them and often puts it onto their calendars if they indicate they are going.  THIS OPTION WORKS EXTREMELY WELL!

  1. Ask your tech savvy supporters to “check in” online on the day of the fundraiser and to post online to help get the word out.  People are so busy they need lots of reminders!



Please Note: Flyers and promotion info may not be disseminated to customers in front of the store on the day of your event.

On the day of the event, Swirl Team Members will save the receipts for everyone who brings a copy of the flyer and/or mentions your fundraiser.  We have a spike/spindle on the counter that is just for this purpose.  

At the end of the night the team will staple your receipts together and leave in office for manager to count up.  Within a couple days we’ll cut you a check and mail it to you.

If you get 1 - 14 people to Swirl, we will donate 15% of their sales to you.

If you get 15+ people to Swirl, we will donate 20% of their sales to you.

If you get 50+ people to Swirl, we will donate 25% of their sales to you.


Email David Allen-Hughes at

LAST STEP: On the day of the fundraiser, please email us the address where you would like us to mail your check.