New-Logo 110x110.png Media Submission Guidelines

Updated 2016-05-09


  • Images, Audio and Video should be edited for content and clarity
  • Please note in the accompanying email if the material is being submitted for Animal Identification rather than for publication.
  • We may:
  • select from the material submitted for publication
  • crop an image of note for clarity
  • The accompanying email should reference:
  • contact phone number
  • previously submitted sighting report date and time
  • date, time and location the media was recorded
  • media credits
  • a title

Media Specifications:

  1. Images:

  • JPEG format
  • 70% JPEG compression¬†gives good results and smaller file sizes
  • landscape orientation is preferable (width is the longer side)

  1. Video:

  • Edit video to a single publication ready file or file URL.
  • .MP4 format*
  • Streaming service URLs with Public access:


Sample Link




*.MOV files we receive will be converted to MP4 for you, if requested.

  1. Audio:

Audio files or URLs may be provided in the following formats:

  • MP3
  • WAV
  • OGG

Submission Process:

*To request a Media Drop folder, please send an email to, and provide a google account linked email address we will authorize to access the Media Drop folder on Google Drive.


Please address question regarding media submissions to

Inquiries of a more general nature may be addressed to