la Casasanta-Fasciano Family

abt. 1771 - c. 1850

        la Casasanta-Fasciano is not a true hyphenated name. Originally la Casasanta or la Casa Santa, this family also used the alias Fasciano, sometimes instead of la Casasanta, sometimes along with it. la Casasanta is an Italian foundling name, which means “the holy house”, or a church. A foundling name is given to an infant who is abandoned, sometimes at a church or orphanage. There are other foundling names such as “Esposito/i” which literally means exposed or abandoned. These appear to be the two most common foundling names in Sulmona, where our la Casasanta family is from. Probably, to avoid the stigma of being abandoned at birth, this family adopted the alias Fasciano.

        Saverio la Casasanta Fasciano was born around 1771, presumably in Sulmona, L’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy. Either he or his father may have been abandoned as an infant at a church and given the surname la Casasanta. Saverio also went by the surname alias Fasciano. This may have been the name of the family who took in the foundling, or perhaps Saverio’s mother’s maiden name, but the name is not very common in records from Sulmona so it may have also just been a name chosen at random to avoid the stigma of being abandoned.

        Saverio married Maria Loreta del Rinto sometime around 1790 and they had at least two children together:

  1. Maria la Casasanta Fasciano (b. abt. 1791)
  2. Venanzio Antonio Filippo Fasciano (b. 1795, aft. 1839)

        Maria went by both names, sometimes alternately, sometimes both together, while her brother Venanzio seems to have gone only by Fasciano and thus we see la Casasanta die out after this generation.

        Venanzio married Angela Teresa Paolitto in 1819 Sulmona and died sometime after his brother-in-law’s death in 1839.

        Maria married Amadio d’Amore around 1808 and had at least four children. To read more about their life after marriage, see the Demore Family Chapter.