Studio Agreement 2020-21

I am excited to work with you and look forward to a time of growth and learning!  I work with community musicians who want to build technical skills to express their authentic artistry.

My goal is to give students the skills that will assist in a lifetime of healthy, technically sound music making at the level desired by the student (novice, pre-professional, or professional artist path). We set and actualize goals together at the level desired by the student.

I offer you as a vocal instructor a vocal technique that will strengthen your voice, expression and artistry.  Also, I believe in training the complete musician through a musicianship/ sightsinging/ music theory sequence. I am a professional singer and maintain private study and practice (I am a working artist like you!)

Great guidance here as you are researching a qualified voice teacher- link

I offer you as a piano instructor a solid beginner’s/ intermediate technique that will guide you through the first 2-5 years of study. I took lessons age 3 through grad school and study currently. Please note, I am an avocational pianist.


“Adriana Manfredi is more than just a singing or piano teacher.  Voice, Music Theory, Sight Singing, Piano, performance opportunities, evaluations , attending professional music events, Master Classes and giving back to the community. It was more than we could ever ask for. Thanks to this strong foundation my daughter has just been accepted to a University with the highest vocal scholarship. Adriana is amazing!” - Mary H., parent (2020) - daughter studied voice with me ages 12-18


ONLINE LESSONS: Online lessons can be an effective way for students to continue receiving valuable instruction and feedback even when we can’t be in the same room.  The benefits include:

Below is some basic information regarding my studio rates and policies.

1.  Fees are payable via cash, check, Paypal, Square, Venmo; I invoice via Square or Venmo if you prefer.

In effect 8/1/2020:

Studio Monthly Member rate, paid during first week of the month (assuming 12 months of studio lessons, off Thanksgiving week, last 2 weeks of December, Spring Break week for LBUSD, week before Labor Day):


$175 per 30 minutes/ $280 per 45 minutes/ $355 per 60 minutes

Includes a weekly STUDIO MEET or eventually we can resume our monthly FAMILY COFFEEHOUSES (Saturday mornings).

Per lesson rate: $100 per 60 minutes / $75 per 45 minutes / $50 per 30 minutes. Sliding scale/ partial scholarships are available.

10 lesson package (30 min)- $485

10 lesson package (45 min)- $725

10 lesson package (60 min)- $950

Monthly rate (47 lessons/calendar year) factors in sick days for both of us, vacations, makeup lessons taken by you within the month. I have found that it is a more predictable system for both parties, and in general results in higher rate of student lesson attendance, which is good for all. I am very flexible on make up lessons with 8 hour notice.

8-hour lesson cancellation via call/text to my cellphone (562) 480-7077 is needed. If you cancel less than 8 hours ahead of time and are not on the monthly rate, expect an invoice and you can make up the lesson within 30 days.

- The cancelled lesson must be made up in 30 days or fee is forfeit.  Make-up lesson must be taken within the month of the cancelled lesson.   

- Priority in scheduling is given to families who pay for the month.  If I am ever sick or cannot be at a lesson you will be contacted immediately and you are entitled to a makeup lesson. Please do not come to the studio knowingly sick. For partner or group lessons, there are no makeups.

- I will be in contact ASAP when I will need to reschedule due to any performing conflicts so we can plan.

Fees do not include purchase of sheet music/music theory books/ audition, recital or competition fees.  Check out Scribd app,, and for online ordering.  Sheet music estimate $30-$50+/ year.  Also check out free resources like, (Public domain music library). Please note, I do not photocopy music in adherence with ethical and legal copyright laws, and I expect the same from my students.


2.    Preparation (VOCALISTS):

Please arrive well-rested with a water bottle, a recording device, all music including music theory, music for me if necessary, a notebook for assignments, and a pencil.  Singers will improve only when practice is regular, both in actual singing and in learning music as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We make a practice plan in studio and everyone understands what to review and practice when you leave a lesson. I will sometimes ask that each student prepares a short recording for me of what they have practiced prior to lesson time.  If at all possible, piano lessons are also desirable to build a singer’s general musicianship. 

PARENTS, I ask that you observe lessons whenever possible (for ages 11 and under, it’s required).  Your supportive involvement is part of the key to your young musician's success. Often, I will ask you to take notes/ take an active role in family goal setting throughout the process (especially re- practicing). You are a KEY part of the team!

Preparation (PIANISTS): Please arrive with all materials and assignment completed. Parents, please also check music theory is done. Thank you!

“The more you practice, the happier you are.”  - Frank Zappa

3.  Performances/ Auditions:

Performance needs to be practiced and polished, and is essential to mastery of an instrument.  Performances and auditions, both informal and formal,  will be a component of music training that will be agreed upon and executed between Instructor, Singer, and Parent(s). Recitals are so important! They are the “performance lab” for more high stakes situations (auditions etc). Do everything you can to be supportive of your child in any performance setting. Realize nerves come in different shapes and sizes and are on a continuum individual to the working artist at any age.

4. Termination of Lessons:  You or I may terminate lessons at any time for any reason.  Lesson fees for the month will not be prorated if you terminate lesson before month's end. All good things must come to an end, ideally let’s have a “last lesson” as it works for your family and circumstances. My ultimate goal is to give you a skill set and musical toolkit you can take to future musical experiences.


Adriana Manfredi, Mezzo-soprano, completed her Master of Fine Arts degree in Vocal Performance at the California Institute of the Arts (Calarts), and also holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education (Vocal Emphasis) and Bachelor of Arts in English from Oberlin College and Conservatory.  Currently on the rosters of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Grammy-winning Los Angeles Chamber Singers (recording: Padilla: Sun of Justice), LA Session Singers (SAG-AFTRA), and Los Angeles Opera, she enjoys singing a variety of classical vocal repertoire including chamber music, art song, opera, film soundtracks and new music. Featured solo credits include Rene in the world premiere of Orango by Shostakovich (LA Philharmonic), Bach’s St. Matthew Passion (LA Master Chorale at Walt Disney Concert Hall),  The Cunning Little Vixen, Ceremony of Carols, The City of Dis by Andriessen (world premiere), Lord Nelson Mass and Harmoniemesse by Haydn (Los Angeles Master Chorale at Walt Disney Concert Hall), Tehellim by Steve Reich at the Skirball Cultural Center, International Festival Ensemble Stuttgart / Berlin.

In 2013 Adriana toured Europe and New York to showcase a world premiere new concert opera in conjunction with the LA Philharmonic, The Gospel According to the Other Mary by John Adams, directed by Peter Sellars and conducted by Gustavo Dudamel. A recording of the project was archived on the Deutche Grammophon label. She is also heard on the Nico Muhly recording A Good Understanding and Henryk Gorecki’s Miserere albums on the Decca label. She is a featured soloist on David Lang’s album (LA Master Chorale) the national anthems. In 2019-2020 she will sing La Boheme, The Magic Flute, and Pelleas et Mellisande with LA Opera, and will be a featured soloist in the Nico Muhly west coast premiere O Faire Starre (LA Master Chorale, December 2019, info).

        In the world of film soundtracks, Adriana is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA Session Singers, and can be heard on numerous film soundtracks including Wreck-It Ralph, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X Men: Days of Future Past, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Godzilla, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Predator, Big Hero 6, Minions, Vacation and Frozen.

Adriana is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), and the Long Beach branch of the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC), and was the recipient of the NATS-Los Angeles Chapter Teacher Study Grant.  She taught for 12 years grades 7-12 at the Classical Voice Conservatory of the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), has taught preschool music since 2009 (currently at Little Sunshine House in Long Beach), and has served as vocal technician at Berkshire Choral International (2018), Sing OC! (OCSA community arts, 2016-2017) and Opera Camp, hosted by Opera Pacific/ OCSA (2007-2010).  She also was on the voice faculty of the California Summer School for the Arts at CalArts (2011-2012). She also coaches voice for the Orange County Branch of the Junior Chamber Music Program.

Recent solo credits include an October 2014 performance as mezzo soloist in Einhorn’s Voices of LIght, set to Dreyer’s silent film depicting the life and passion of Joan of Arc (Los Angeles Master Chorale, Walt Disney Hall). In 2018-19 she sings in celebration of the LA Philharmonic’s centennial season, and joins the international tour of Peter Sellars’ modern masterwork, a staged setting of Orlando di Lasso’s Renaissance-era Lagrime di San Pietro (The Tears of St. Peter).

CLICK, CLICK (links): I encourage you to join email lists/ FB/ Instagram for company concert info and reminders!

Los Angeles Master Chorale at Walt Disney ConcertHall

Los Angeles Philharmonic at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles Opera at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

The Hollywood Bowl

……………………You are always invited to attend performances!  

My website:

Studio pinterest boards (always updating this!)-


PIANISTS/COACHES highly recommended, when you need to hire an accompanist:

Hannah Yi (LBCC faculty and LA Opera):

Beth Syverson:

ACTING COACHING (remotely and in person): Jessica Hemingway (CSSSA School of theater) 650-455-7965 and BJ Dodge (CSSSA director, School of Theater, Long Beach local


Amanda Blaine Dalton (both Long Beach local and studio families)


Formal evaluation/ formal and informal performance opportunities-


CM an evaluation program that I highly encourage all voice students to participate in. Students not only learn music from different historical periods, but they also are tested on sight-reading/sight-singing, ear-training, and written theory skills. Evaluations are held in the Spring at California State University Long Beach. There is a registration fee due in October.


There are several competitions that students can participate in. All of these are optional, but I will present them to students when they occur.


These typically occur once a month at Viento y Agua coffeehouse in Long Beach. Look for signups with studio announcements.


Retirement home music making, St. Matthews Stella Voce, community events we are invited to, and Music Students Service League are just some of the many music sharing options.


These are for family and friends and are held at a variety of locations throughout the year. There may be a small registration fee (if it’s sponsored by MTAC), and vocalists should expect an accompanist fee. These events are free themselves, ticketless and open to all.

LONG BEACH VOCAL JAZZ ACADEMY- occurs annually the first Saturday in August and is a daylong educational experience that results in a high quality vocal jazz show at day’s end.

HOW PARENTS CAN ASSIST in their student’s musical growth:

1.  Be present at lessons whenever possible.  Conversations begin in lessons that you can continue throughout the week.  Read lesson chart to monitor progress in lessons.

2.  Create a musical environment at home – listen to good music, go to see live shows whenever possible.  Regarding sheet music: investigate and invest in music as a parent will invest in books for a young reader.  Don't illegally photocopy, buy the music.  :)

3.  Foster and create performing opportunities – students may have opportunities to sing for friends and family, school choir, church or community choir, or in a musical theater or children’s opera production.  Both parents and teacher will keep our ears open for auditions and performing opportunities, both formal and informal.

4.  PARENTS OF VOCALISTS: Be vigilant that the singer does everything possible to stay in good health (well-rested, eating well, not overtire the voice), especially leading up to a lesson or performance.

5.  Most importantly: Create with your young artists a positive discipline of regular practice at home.  For many, this takes the first year, and sometimes longer, to develop.  Positive reinforcement is ideal! The Tonara practice app exists as an aid.

6. Discuss and create short and long term goals. Revisit and review them as progress is made.

How to be a GREAT student

1. Come to every lesson. Cancel only for illness or emergency. Consistent lessons are the only way to improve. If you must cancel, reschedule a make-up lesson.

2. Feel free to call or email your teacher if you have a question, need help or advice, but don’t expect her to be on call 24/7. Give her a break Saturday nights J

3. Involve your parents. We are a team! Behind every good student, is a supportive parent.

4. Pay promptly, preferably at the beginning of the lesson so we don’t forget once we get going with the lesson. Teachers may have to beg you to practice, but we shouldn’t have to beg you for money.

5. Arrive a few minutes early. On time=late in the professional world!

6. Bring all your music and materials. Your teacher is not responsible for having a copy of music, you are.

7. Walk in with a smile. This is your special time to work on your music, and progress! What a gift.

8. Be prepared. Your lesson is only a limited time once a week. There is only so much a teacher can do. The real learning happens in the other 6 days of practice.

9. Focus not only on the results, but on the effort. You can’t win every time, but you can always improve.

10. Complete your assignments on time. Order the music, arrange the rehearsal, call the accompanist, and send in the contest form.

11. If you haven’t practiced, be honest. Don’t fake it and waste both your time and the teacher’s. If you haven’t had much time, come in with a couple of things practiced well, rather than everything practiced poorly.

12. Don’t pick and choose what you want to practice from the assignment. Every part of the assignment is there for a reason. Remember it’s important to work on the basics and not just prepare for the big performances. Dessert comes last J

13. Be open. Be willing to change. Some things just take time. You pay your teacher to help you, so be willing to try new things!

14. Be curious and develop your own opinions, musical tastes and style.

15. Communicate. If you feel frustrated or confused, let the teacher know. You can avoid a misunderstanding at the lesson if your teacher knows what is going on. Ask for help or a break.

16. Work together to set goals, expectations and standards.

17. Be persistent. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Music/ Art is a lifetime craft.

18. Remember the goal: is not just to become a better musician, but to become a better person through your music.

19. Practice being a good student. Who knows? You may be the teacher someday!

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STUDIO AGREEMENT SUMMARY 2019-20 (please initial; parent, student as applies):

___I will practice regularly!

___ I understand the schedule of rates and makeup policy (8 hours notice needed).

___ I agree to receive reminders via the Remind software and understand the calendar link live updates - I will check this calendar when I have a question about scheduling.

___ I agree to attend lessons regularly. If I cannot make my scheduled lesson time I will be proactive in rescheduling.

___ For the sake of studio health, I will not come to a lesson if I am sick.

___ I will not photocopy or photoscan music without buying it, in adherence to copyright laws.

___ (For parents of musicians under 18) I understand I’m a part of the team dedicated to my child’s success. I will be an active participant in my child’s musical journey and will facilitate practice at home. I will create the time and space needed for my child to practice and will make it a priority.

___ (For musicians under 18) I understand my parent is a key part of the team dedicated to my success as a musician and developing artist. I will practice regularly and create the time and space for it. I will ask when I need something to help me in my musical journey.

__ I will pay all recital, accompanist and program fees outside of studio promptly and ahead of time. I understand if I cancel or am a no-show at a program or recital, I will not receive a refund.

__ I will participate in goal setting and I will practice on a daily basis (except for illness). My daily practice will be mindful of and working toward my goals.

__ I will commit to informal and formal performing opportunities, for my own growth as a working artist. I understand growth also happens outside the studio as my art is a performing art.

__ I understand I am responsible for my own musical and artistic path, in lessons and in life.

__ I will practice regularly!

__ I understand if I am in disagreement or non-accordance with the items outlined here, I may be asked to leave the studio.

Name/ Signature of student -

(For you! I do not keep track of this, but I expect we agree by these standards in working together): ____________________________________________

Name/ Signature of Parent or Guardian (for students younger than 18):


date ___________________