Assignment: Granting Extensions and Revisions Moodle ISU


Instructors may need to grant an assignment extension or a revision for students. These options can be completed from the Grading summary page.

This guide will help you to:

Grant an Extension

Instructors have the ability to grant extensions for assignments. This will extend the due date for students to submit their work.

  1. Select the assignment that will receive the extension.

  1. Click View all submissions.

  1. From the submissions list, Find the student that requires the extension.
  2. From the EDIT dropdown menu next to Grade, Select Grant extension.

  1. Check Enable to add an extension due date.

  1. Set the extension due date to the desired date and time.
  1. Click Save changes.

Grant Extensions for Multiple Students

Extensions can be granted to as many students as needed. If the designated due date and time is the same for each student, the extension can completed all at once.

  1. Select the assignment that will receive the extension.

  1. Click View all submissions.

  1. In the submissions list, Check the boxes next to all students needing an extension.

  1. Scroll down to the With selected dropdown menu.
  2. Select Grant extension.

  1. Click Go.
  2. In the pop-up, Click OK.


  1. Check Enable to add an extension due date.

  1. Set the extension due date to the desired date and time.
  1. Click Save changes.

Grant a Revision

Instructors may allow revisions on assignments. The instructor can open the assignment back up for the student, however, it is highly recommended that the instructor use multiple attempts. With multiple attempts, instructors will have a history of submissions and feedback, which can be viewed at any time. This can aid in narrowing down any problem areas or confusion a student is having and will enable the instructor to give relevant feedback, clarify issues, and/or make recommendations. The students will then receive the instructor’s response and can make the necessary revisions. This process can be completed as many times as needed.

  1. Turn editing on. For more information, see Moodle ISU Overview

  1. Locate the assignment.
  2. From the EDIT dropdown menu, Select Edit settings.

  1. Scroll to Submission settings.
  1. From the Attempts reopened dropdown menu, Select Manually.

To save:

  1. Click Save and return to course to be taken to the course homepage.
  2. Click Save and display to be taken to the assignment.
  3. Click Cancel to delete any changes.

After the students have submitted their first attempt, you can review/grade it.  For assistance with grading assignments, see Assignment: Grading Assignments

Grant a New Attempt

Once you have finished reviewing/grading each assignment submission, you can open a new attempt for the students to make their revisions.

Note: You will have to set Attempts reopened (as described in previous topic) to Manually under the Submission settings to be able to Grant a New Attempt.

  1. Select the assignment.
  2. Click View all submissions.
  3. Select a student to receive the new attempt.
  4. From the Edit dropdown menu, Select Allow another attempt.

Note: This will automatically create a new attempt for the student. You can also add another attempt by selecting Update grade. This will take you to the Grader view page where you can view any previous attempts and submission information.

  1. Scroll to Attempt settings.
  2. From the Allow another attempt dropdown menu, Select Yes.

  1. Click Save changes or Reset.

Note: This process can be repeated as many times as needed.  Previous attempts will appear in the student Grader view page under Attempt settings.

  1. To view the previous attempt, Select the attempt you wish to view and Click View.

For more information, see Assignment settings

For additional information, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email

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