26 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Teacher Should Know


Windows + D

Show the desktop

Got a thousand windows open? Find your desktop again with this shortcut. Use it again to reopen everything just like it was.

Windows +  

Snap window right

Trying to get side-by-side windows? Snap one to the right and one to the left of your screen.

Windows +  

Snap window left

Windows +

Maximize window

Quickly maximize and minimize your active window.

Windows +

Minimize window

Alt + Tab

Toggle windows

Cycle through your active windows. Especially great if you have students hiding social media in the background on their devices. They’ll think you’re magic when you do it.

Windows + L

Lock computer

When you step away for a minute, quickly lock down your computer to keep your data safe.

Windows + 1-9

Taskbar shortcuts

The programs you regularly use on your taskbar can be fired up quickly with this shortcut. Number 1 is the first program next to the Start button, then it goes to the right.

Windows + P

Projector settings

Duplicate, extend, or set to 2nd screen only. Keep pressing ‘P’ to cycle through the options.

MS Office/Google Docs

Ctrl + Spacebar

Clear formatting

When you want to go from red, bold and superscripted back to your default font, use this shortcut instead of clearing each formatting change individually.

Ctrl + Shift + >

Increase font size

You can’t necessarily tell if you need a font size of 42. Use these shortcuts to adjust your text to the perfect size.

Ctrl + Shift + < 

Decrease font size

Ctrl + Z


My all-time favorite. You can feel empowered to take risks and make mistakes, knowing that Undo is always waiting for you.


Ctrl + Shift + F5

Start from

current slide

Stop starting your presentation over all the time. Fire it from whatever slide you’re on with this shortcut.

Google Chrome

Ctrl + Shift + T

Resurrect tab

When you have a “Doh!” moment and close the tab you were working in, you can get it right back, no harm done.

Ctrl + Shift + D

Bookmark all

open tabs

If you’re doing research with a whole bunch of open tabs, use this to bookmark them into their own folder.

Ctrl + W

Close tab

Stop trying to click on the little ‘x’ on the tab. Just “ctrl + w” to close it out.

Ctrl + L

Select URL

Select the entire URL at the top. Works great when paired with the classic “Ctrl + C” then “Ctrl + V” into an email or document.

Ctrl + Alt + B


bookmarks bar

I like my bookmark bar, but sometimes I could just use the screen space. Get it out of the way (and bring it back) with this shortcut.

Ctrl + Click

Open link in

new tab

Need to browse search results quickly? Never leave the page you’re on, open the links in new tabs behind the one you have active.


Ctrl + Shift

+ Q + Q

Sign out

Quickly sign yourself out of the Chromebook you’re using.

Ctrl + Alt +


Since these two keys don’t exist on Chromebooks, I had to learn them quickly to not lose my mind.

Ctrl + Alt +


Ctrl +

Screen shot

Once you’ve taken your shot, it’s saved to your Downloads folder (default). Click “Copy to Clipboard” on the pop-up if that’s what you want to do with it.

Ctrl + Shift +

Partial screen shot

Alt + Click


You can also use a two-finger tap to do the same thing.

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