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Dear Parent/Guardian:

Welcome to University Park School and the 2016-2017 school year. It is our hope your child has a positive academic and social experience at our school. We want to work hand in hand with you to help your child grow to their fullest potential.  This goal can best be accomplished through teaming efforts between school and home.

This Student-Parent Handbook is intended to provide written communication of our school expectations.  We pride ourselves on being effective communicators, so please take advantage of the options available for you to stay informed. (Remind 101, School Info App, University Park Webpage, Marque and Newsletters). The information in this handbook is not all-inclusive, but a representation of policies that should answer most questions.  These expectations are implemented for the physical safety and well being of our children to ensure an optimum learning climate.  Specific expectations are taught, modeled and reviewed with students at school. In addition, we ask that you read and discuss this handbook with your child at home.

As the principal, I look forward to working with you to make your experience at University Park successful for you and your child. Because we welcome and encourage parent involvement, I hope you will take the opportunity to visit our school often during the school year.


Julie D. Hornby


Collective Commitments

We will...

    Use the continuous improvement process to reflect and develop opportunities     for growth.

UP’s Core Values

1. Be the best person you can be.

2. When responding to any adult, you must respond respectfully.

3. Use your Bully Proofing strategies to handle conflicts.

4. Always say thank you when someone gives you something.

5. Make eye contact or acknowledge you are listening when someone is speaking. Keep your eyes/attention on the person at all times. If someone makes a comment, turn and face that person.

6.  If someone in the class wins a game or does something well, we will congratulate that person appropriately.

7. At times throughout the year, rewards will be given for good behavior, academic performances and other acts worthy of praise. If you ever ask for the reward, however, it will not be given.

8. While you are with any adult, you will obey the same rules that you follow when your teacher is present.

9. We will follow classroom protocols, do what is asked of us,  and will be organized, efficient, and on task.

10. We are a family, and we must treat one another with respect and kindness. Include everyone. If someone wants to sit down, let him or her.

11. If a teacher or other adult in the school is speaking to or disciplining a student, look away and give them privacy.

12. We will clean up after ourselves. It is important to be responsible no matter where you are. For example, I will clean up after I eat and I will hang my coat on the hook.

13. Accept that you are going to make mistakes. Learn from them and move on.

14. Always be honest. Even if you have done something wrong, it is best to admit it.

15.  “Carpe Diem”. Seize the Day.  You only live today once, so don’t waste it.

Behavior Expectations


Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

All Common Areas

  • Walk at all times
  • Have a pass at all times when not with a teacher
  • Food and drink in cafeteria only or with teacher permission
  • Use equipment appropriately
  • Take care of personal property
  • Keep electronic devices at home or turn in to teacher
  • Wear hats/caps in building only on Hat Day
  • No gum or candy without permission


Voices off

• Respect personal space

• Allow others to pass

• Line up quietly

Keep items on hooks and shelves

• Use passes

• Go directly to destination

• Take all hallway items home at end of day

• Walk facing forward in straight line

• Walk or stand on the right side

• Pause at intersecting halls


  • Keep restroom clean
  • Knock on stall door
  • Give people privacy

Voices off

  • Use bathroom pass
  • Flush
  • Return to classroom immediately when finished

  • Wait for your turn
  • Keep feet on floor
  • Keep water in sink when washing hands
  • Put soiled towels in trash
  • Report spills


  • Walk at all times
  • Have a “Pass” at all times when not with teacher
  • Food and drink in cafeteria only

  • Enter through south door
  • Go directly to assigned area
  • Transfer students sit quietly in hallway while waiting for the bus
  • Use crosswalks and sidewalks
  • Arrive after 8:00
  • Wait to be excused at 8:10 to go to the playground
  • Skateboards left at office


  • Walk at all times
  • Speak appropriately to everyone

  • Leave building immediately after school and go to designated area (playground, flagpole, home)
  • Stand/sit quietly in line/area
  • Clean up after self (snacks, games, etc)
  • Students dismissed through grade level door
  • Bus students go to playground
  • Use crosswalk and sidewalks
  • Walk to destination


  • Use quiet voices
  • Speak kindly to others
  • Stay at your table until dismissed
  • Use “manners” words

  • Wait in line with quiet voice until served
  • Raise hand if you need help
  • Clean up after self
  • Request pass to use bathroom when needed
  • Sit with feet on floor and bottom on bench
  • Keep all food to self


  • Ask for permission and a “Pass” before leaving area
  • Walk directly and safely to playground when school is out
  • Listen to adult directions
  • Raise hand if you need bus monitor’s attention/help
  • Clean up after self
  • Respond immediately to bell/whistle

  • Keep hands, feet and other objects to self
  • Use appropriate voice
  • Walk to and from playground/bus


  • Voices off during presentation
  • Face forward
  • Raise hands when appropriate

Applaud appropriately

  • Sit in appropriate area with your class

  • Stay with your grade level
  • Sit on bottoms on the floor
  • Keep hands and feet to self


  • Use inside voice
  • Speak kindly to office staff

  • State purpose quietly
  • Only use office phone with pass from teacher before or after school with permission from the office staff

Sit in designated chairs appropriately until

Drinking Fountain

  • Voices off
  • Use fountain appropriately and quickly
  • Count silently to 5, swallow, and switch
  • Keep water in fountain
  • Ask for permission and “Pass” to leave classroom
  • Return to designated area promptly
  • Single file line
  • Keep hands and feet to self

Field Trips

  • Respect property, yours and others
  • Use audience manners
  • Applaud appropriately

  • Follow school and bus rules
  • Take proper care of personal and school belongings
  • Stay in designated area
  • Sit quietly and focus on presentation
  • Stay with group
  • Stay in seats while on bus
  • Wait for arrival and dismissal signal
  • Always tell an adult where you will be

University Park Staff

Julie Hornby


Vicki VanOordt

Administrative Specialist

Carol Leech

Office and Records Assistant        

Brytni Mizokami        


Ashlee Fincher

Classroom/Preschool Assistant

Schlee Weis        


Kolleen Buckallew        


Heather Myers

1st Grade

Zach Becker        

1st Grade

Kylie Burch        

2nd Grade

Tarra Wright-Wood

2nd Grade

Amy Bundy        

3rd Grade

Laurie Gierke

3rd Grade

Mallory Kost

4th Grade

Kellan Holbrook

4th Grade

Chrissie Rosenof

5th Grade

Talea Doner

5th Grade

Cathie Hedlund        


Samantha FitzGerald


Lynn Kahler

Instructional Facilitator

Gina Johansson

Classroom Assistant

Jessica Dumont

Classroom Assistant

Donna Oliver        

Classroom Assistant

Kasey Clark        

Classroom Assistant

Camille Allen

Classroom Assistant

Janice Dolan        

Classroom Assistant

Teresa Villalobos

Classroom Assistant

Amy Aeschliman        

The Wolf Den

Jeneen Avitia        


Jeff Richter

Lead Custodian

Julie Catellier


Jennifer Conley

Library Media Tech

Barb Jones and Amanda Seitz


Heidi Perrett/Wendi Power


Nathan Vondra and Deb Munsell        

Physical Education

Anna Fasken and Ryan Bell

Orchestra and Band

Eric Tewes


Angie Carter


Trent Moore


Keri Hilston

Counselor/Social Worker

Amy Berry

CWCC Counselor

Shannon Kersenbrock

Behavior Interventionist

Theresa Dernbach

Physical Therapst

Paula Beran

Ocupational Therapist

Meghan Bauers

IEP Coaach

Lori Cetak

Special Ed Leader Coordinator

Daily Schedule

7:45 am

Morning supervision begins


Teacher collaboration time (no students in classrooms)

8:15-8:35 am

Breakfast and before school recess

8:45 am

Start of school day


Morning recess




Afternoon recess


End of school day

The office will not be able to forward any phone calls to the classroom during instructional time. Any parent needing to contact a teacher or their child may call the office. Messages will be delivered to the teacher’s mailbox before lunch and to the classroom at the end of school day.


In order to build a caring community throughout our entire school, we are excited to announce the implementation of HOUSES! We have 7 houses, and students will are chosen for a house by drawing a color that best represents them!  Houses will meet once per week for 30 minutes.

  Strength-black     Courage-orange    Integrity-purple      Kindness-pink  

 Wisdom-blue             Optimism-green            Ambition-red


Accidents at School

Accidental injuries may happen with children taking part in the activities of the school day.  Because the school acts "in lieu of parents", school employees will take action to assist the injured student in the place of the parents.  This may include emergency transportation to medical facilities.  An accident report will be filed with the principal if it is deemed to be of a serious nature.  A staff member will always attempt to contact the parents of the injured immediately.


Commercial advertising material or religious material will not be permitted for distribution to the students and the students may not distribute this type of information to other students.  Information that relates to the students and the school such as scouting, brownies, UP BEAT, YMCA, community recreation and 4-H will be permitted with approval from the superintendent's office.

After School Sports/Extracurricular Activities

University Park Elementary School participates in the district sponsored After-School Sports program.  This program consists of fourth and fifth girls' and boys' volleyball and basketball.  Practice is held in the school gym before or after school for no longer than one and one-half hours.  During practice sessions, only those participating students are allowed in the gym.

Games and tournaments are played in another facility’s gym.  All participating students are expected to conduct themselves at games with their very best manners. We ask that adult spectators please conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner.  Many of our referees are young and inexperienced and will make mistakes.  The objective of this program is to provide the students with the opportunity to learn team cooperation, the love of physical activity, good sportsmanship and the fundamentals of volleyball and basketball.  Winning is good, but our primary objective is teaching good sportsmanship.

Asbestos Notification

University Park School has been examined for asbestos.  The asbestos in the school, where students are normally present, has been sealed off or removed.  The environmental engineer employed by the school district examines the school for asbestos problems on a regular basis.  Our school passed the most recent examination.


Students should enter the building in the morning through the south doors and either go to the gym for breakfast or to the playground.  Students are not permitted anywhere the building before the bell rings.

Students will be dismissed when the final bell rings.  Each grade has designated dismissal doors.  Parents (and siblings) are asked to wait at the flagpole to meet family members.  Once students have been dismissed for the day, they may not re-enter the building or the playground.

Bus students are to report to the gym/playground after they are dismissed from classroom teachers.  Supervision will be provided for bus students ONLY on the playground and/or in the gym.  

For the safety of our students, all University Park students who do not ride a bus, must wait in the front of the building for transportation or walk home immediately after dismissal.  Parent(s) needs to pick up his/her student once the bell rings.


During the school year several assemblies will be presented to all students through a variety of programs such as musicals, puppet shows, dance groups, plays, etc. Students and parents are expected to be responsible and respectful during all assemblies.  Parents will be notified in advance if their child is ineligible to attend an assembly based on prior behavior.  Go For It assemblies will also be held to recognize students for earning a key.  Parents will be notified regarding the day and time of these events.


General Information

It is very difficult to educate a child that is not in school.  Natrona County School District attendance policy is:

  1. Excused absences include but are not limited to:
  1. Illness that would endanger a child or another child’s health;
  2. Death of an immediate family member; or
  3. Activity approved by the principal.        
  1. Unexcused absences include but are not limited to:
  1. Misses school without knowledge of his/her parents; or
  2. Misses school without acceptable cause with knowledge of

his/her parents.

45 minutes late=absence (9:35 am)

Five unexcused tardies=an unexcused half day of absence

3 days of unexcused absences=intervention plan

  1. Failure to Attend School:  A student, who has a total of ten (10) total absences per semester, is considered “failure to attend school”.
  2. Truant:  A student is considered truant after three consecutive unexcused absences or a total of five unexcused absences in any school year.
  3. Habitual Truant:  A child who fails to improve their attendance after parents and school implement a plan for improving attendance.


•        After three days of unexcused or unverified absences:

        Letter of Concern

•        Continued absences after a letter of concern:

        Warning letter for excessive absences

•        Continued absences after warning letter

        Second letter for excessive absences and notify District Attendance         Officer

•        Continued absences after second letter

        District Attendance Officer contacts parents / guardian to resolve         attendance issues. District Attendance Officer can prepare and file court         intervention paperwork for noncompliance to an attendance plan.

Truancy/Unexcused Absences

Regular attendance at school is extremely important to students' success in school.  The attitude of a child towards education is reflected in his/her attendance habits.  A child who misses school, is tardy or leaves early regularly misses the discussion in class and cannot keep up with his/her daily assignments.  It is extremely important that your child not develop the habit of missing school.  

Excused absences include:  

Missing school for any other reason may be recorded as an "unexcused absence".  Unexcused absences are defined at the discretion of the principal.  

Unexcused absences may include baby-sitting, missing the bus, and/or shopping.

Removing Your Child During School Hours

If it is necessary to remove your son/daughter during the school day, please ask for the child at the office.  This would include such situations as illness, an accident, doctor or dentist appointments, family emergencies, etc.  Please do not go directly to your child's classroom.

If a person, other than the legal guardian or parent of the child, is picking up a child at school, the office must be notified.  This is to ensure that all students are dismissed from school with proper supervision and/or guardianship.  

Please remember that when your child is removed earlier than the end of the school day her/she misses important instruction, assignments and/or assessments.

Dentist and/or Doctor Appointments

The following guidelines should be followed when arranging appointments for your child(ren):

1.          Please send advance notice in written form to the teacher (if possible).

        2.         Pick up your son/daughter at the office.

        3.          Send your son/daughter to school before the appointment when at all

 possible.  Please do not allow your child to miss all morning at school for an

 11:00 am appointment.  A student who arrives for attendance check and then must leave for an appointment will not be counted absent providing he/she returns following the appointment.

  1. When a student arrives at school following an appointment and he/she has not checked in prior to then, a note should be sent explaining the child's tardiness.
  2. If possible, we encourage students to return to school following an appointment.

Other Absences

If your family is going to be out of town on business or for other reasons, please prearrange this absence with the teacher and principal when possible.  All students will be accountable for work missed during such absences.  It may be possible for your child to do some of his/her assignments while away; the teachers will attempt to give assignments in advance, however, please anticipate make-up work when upon return.  Please remember that classroom instruction cannot be replaced.


Students who are tardy five (5) times will have these tardy times changed to a half day of absence (5 tardy times = .5 day of absence).  Students are considered tardy if they are not in their classrooms at 8:50 am.

Early Departure

Students who are removed from school more than 30 minutes early for unexcused reasons will have this documented and 5 early departures will change to a half-day absence.

Verifying Absences

Please call the school office (253-3800) each morning between 7:45 and 9:00 am if your child is going to be absent from school.  If we do not receive a call from you, and your child is absent, we will try to phone you to verify the absence.


This simple verification procedure should insure the safety of students and eliminate unexcused absences.  Your help in phoning us will save a great deal of secretarial time and is greatly appreciated.

Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Student Health Information

Parents should understand that the Natrona County School District will protect their child’s health information (Form SS-H-06) as prescribed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Protection and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and that this information becomes part of your child's permanent educational record.  The information will be shared with individuals working at or with the Natrona County School District for the purpose of providing appropriate educational and school health services.  Wyoming law prohibits the Natrona County School District from making further disclosure of health information.  Your authorization shall become effective immediately and shall remain in effect until revoked.  You may revoke, in writing, this Authorization at any time.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Roller Blades/Shoes

Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, and roller shoes may be ridden to school; however, they must be secured for the day at the office or bike rack, which is located in the area provided on the south side of the school.  Students will not be allowed to ride bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, and roller shoes during any recess period or within the school grounds. Students will not be allowed back on school grounds with bicycles, skateboards, roller-blades, etc. until after 4:15.

It is recommended that all students riding bicycles, skateboards, or roller blades wear a helmet.  For safety reasons, students are to walk their bicycles, skateboards, and roller blades on school property.

Parents allowing their child in grades kindergarten, first and second to ride a bicycle, skateboard, roller blade, or roller shoes to school must provide written permission from their parent and sign a waiver form of school liability.  These forms are available at the front office.  

*The school is not responsible for damage or theft of bicycles.


Healthy birthday treats may be distributed to every class member at the end of the day or at a time convenient to the class.

Unless all students are invited in a classroom, birthday invitations and invitations for holiday parties that are private should not be handed out at school or on school grounds.  This can create dissension among students who do not receive an invitation.  School personnel cannot give out student addresses and telephone numbers to other parents and students.

Book Fines

University Park School will hold students responsible for damage to, loss of or failure to return books or other supplies (i.e., calculators).  The following applies to all students:

1.        Authorized school personnel may assess a fine for a damaged book or lost book on a judgmental basis,

        2.          Torn books or water-damaged books are considered damaged books,

3.        Replacement cost shall be charged for lost textbooks, library books or supplies,

        4.          Student fines are due when assessment has been made,

5.        We are always happy to have a "lost" book returned rather than receiving the money.  Money will be returned if a book is found.

Students are encouraged to take good care of their books and other school property.  Such care is a mark of good citizenship.  Guidelines for damaged book fines are:

Box Tops

We collect Box Tops at our school as one of our fundraising efforts. A bin is located at the front entrance. Box Tops need to be cut out along the dotted line. Check the expiration date as expired Box Tops are not accepted.

Building Security

For security reasons, any entrance door, except the front entrance door by the office, will be locked (for outside entrance only) at all times.  We ask that anytime you come into the building, you stop at the office and check in. We have visitors' badges for every non-staff adult that enters the building.  Our building security is not meant as an inconvenience to you, but rather to protect our children.

Protocol for Parents and Siblings in the Building

1.        Check in at office.

2.        If the parent or sibling requests their child, the office will phone the classroom for   the child.

3.         Parents should wait at the office for their child.

Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation

Under the Safe Schools Climate Act, the following are included in the definition of “bullying, harassment or intimidation.”

•        Any intentional gesture, electronic communication, written, oral or physical act

•        Occurs or is received at school

•        Harms a student physically or emotionally

•        Damages student property

•        Places student in reasonable fear of personal harm or property damage

•        Insults or demeans a student or group of students

•        Substantially interferes with orderly operation of school

•        Creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment through sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive behavior.

Any acts of bullying, harassment or intimidation are considered high level behaviors and follow consequences noted in the Discipline section of this handbook.

Bus Students

The transportation rules established by Natrona County School District #1 will be strictly enforced.  Students and parents of students who ride a bus need to become familiar and follow the rules.  A copy of the rules is given to each bus student when they receive authorization to ride a bus. Should a student choose not to follow the bus expectations, transportation personnel will get involved and the student may lose bus privileges temporarily or permanently.


If a student must arrive prior to the regular arrival time, then transportation shall be the parent(s)' responsibility, i.e., tutoring or enrichment activities.

Caring Community

We are working towards creating a Caring Community by Bully Proofing our school. Here is what the students are learning about being part of a Caring Community.

What is the difference between Bullying and Normal Conflict?        

Bullying                                        Normal Conflict

on purpose                                an accident

happens more than once         happens once

no remorse (not sorry)             apologizes (sorry)

no effort to solve                       problem is solved

frequent (over time)                 ends when solved

hurtful                                        no one is hurt

no balance of power                 balance of power

A bully cannot be a bully if he/she has no VICTIM!!

A Victim looks like:

*alone and isolated          *has difficulty making friends

*cries in an attempt to solve problems

*unwilling to speak up about bullying

*unable to stand up for themselves


Bully Proofing Rules

1. We will not bully others.

2. We will help others who are being bullied by speaking out and getting adult help.

3. We will do our best to include ALL students in activities at our school.

Campus Policy

For the protection of the child, the school campus is closed at all times.  Students are not allowed to leave school during the lunch period unless they have written permission from their parent.  No students are allowed to go home for lunch with another student unless written permission from both parents has been presented to the classroom teacher and the principal.  


Playground supervision does not begin until 8:10 am.  Students may arrive at school 7:45 am. Breakfast will begin at 8:10 am.  The first bell rings at 8:35 am, at which time the students go to their designated areas and lineup. So as to ensure a safe and orderly entry into the building, the classroom teacher will meet students at their entry door.  

Cell Phones

Students are strongly discouraged from bringing any kind of technological device to school (cell phone, iWatches, Kindles, PSPs, iPods, iPads, Vitas, etc).  Should a child choose to bring any of these items to school, he/she is doing so at his/her own risk. The device must be turned off upon arrival to school and keep it off until departure from school. This means, in the lunchroom, on the playground and in the classroom. If a child uses one of these devices during the school day, the device will be confiscated and kept in the office until a parent is available to retrieve it.


*Students may use cell phones or other technology in the classroom per teacher direction or supervision.


Board Policy 5376

The Natrona County School District Board of Trustees believes that schools are, first and foremost, learning institutions. Cell phones, and other technology, can be a valuable tool or they can be a distraction and disruption to the educational process.


The use of cell phones, or other technology, is permitted in class when authorized by staff, or during lunch and passing periods.


All other use of cell phones by students and staff is at the discretion of the principal. Unauthorized use by students may result in confiscation. Devices will be stored in the school office until the end of the day.


Parents who need to speak with their child(ren) may contact the school office to request assistance. Students and staff are responsible for the security of their own cell phones and technology.


The District is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of personal devices brought to school.

Closing School

Occasionally, due to inclement weather, school must be closed for the day or dismissed early.  Local radio stations will announce school closures on those days.  In addition, AlertNow systems will notify parents/guardians of school closures, early or late starts, or early dismissal.  Updated phone information is necessary.  A school form requesting

information about your plans (should closing school prior to regular dismissal time be necessary) will be sent home for you to complete and return to school during the first week of school.  Please communicate your plans to your child; your child should know what to do or where to go without having to call home if school is dismissed early.


In an attempt to improve school-home communication, a regular Parent Newsletter will be sent home or mailed at least once a month.  These newsletters will include upcoming events at school, monthly calendars, and acknowledgments of student achievement, UP BEAT news and much more.  In addition, you can access information on our webpage at www.natronaschools.org or download the School Info App. Classroom teachers use Remind 101, Facebook and weekly newsletters to communicate necessary information to parents as well. 


University Park is fortunate to have laptop carts to be shared across grade levels.  Our classrooms are also networked so that our classrooms may 'talk' with each other.  Students will have access to the Internet.  With this access, in order for a student to utilize this service, comes responsibility.  Students will be educated on the acceptable use of the Internet.  Any parent not wishing their children to access the Internet can submit in writing this request.s


Because we want all students to have access to grade level standards and to learn with peers, we have committed to serving all students in the general education classroom whenever possible. This allows teachers to team and students to provide peer academic and social support to one another.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available to students.  Because of the limited amount of time available to our school, referrals for counseling services must be made through the principal.  Staff members or parents may refer students for counseling services.

Crisis Management

A primary responsibility of public schools is to provide a safe and secure environment for students, employees and the public.  The Trustees of the Natrona County School Board believe it is necessary to have a comprehensive policy and plans regarding foreseeable crises.  Recently, district officials have directed each school to establish procedures for responding to crises.  Additionally, each school has organized a Crisis Management Team.

Procedures for dealing with the following foreseeable crises have been established for University Park School by our building Crisis Management Team:

Bomb Threat                        Earthquake                        Explosion                        Evacuation                         Fire                                Intruder        

Search and Seizure                Tornado                        Lock Down                        Violence                        Weapons in Schools

Postintervention for School Tragedies                                                Emergency School Closure (including flood)

        Environmental Disaster / Hazardous Materials

Exposure to Blood borne Pathogens

The plans and procedures for dealing with these crises are available at the school for parent and community member review.  In accordance with district policy and our school crisis management plan, we will be instructing our students on the procedures for these crises.  It is our intent to educate our students about "what to do" should a crisis occur in our school, it is not our intent to frighten them.

Please know that we are not anticipating that these crises will occur in our school.  However, we are doing our best to be prepared should a crisis occur during the school day.


The school has two crosswalks for students, staff and parents. At no time should anyone park, drop off or pick the crosswalk or middle of the street. In order to ensure the safety of those needing to access the crosswalk, drivers need to pull over to the curbside and keep the crosswalk clear of motorized traffic at all times.

Day Care

If you have a child who is picked up by a day care provider after school, please alert the office and the child's teacher of the day care involved.  If you change day care providers, please inform the office and your child's teacher.

Discipline Policy

University Park School strives to aid students in developing self-discipline and in taking pride in one's self-conduct both in and out of the classroom.  We believe discipline is not punishment.  Our discipline policy is designed to teach students the importance of taking responsibility for their own actions and learning the proper way of relating to other people, including how to handle themselves in various situations.

In order to provide a safe and orderly environment for all students we have established expectations for all students.  These expectations are in place to provide a safe and orderly environment for everyone.  

We expect our students to:

                Be Respectful         Be Responsible         Be Safe                                

Classroom Discipline Plans:

Each teacher will have a classroom discipline plan that consists of the following three parts:

        1)Expectations that students must follow at all times,

2)Consequences that result when students choose not to follow the expectations; and

        3)Rewards for when students do meet expectations.

Zero Tolerance Policy

There shall be a zero tolerance policy at University Park School for any students who engage in put downs, insults, trash talk and/or threats; or engage in bullying or fighting behavior.  This policy includes disrespect toward staff or other students, harassment, intimidation, or bullying through electronic communication.

If a student engages in put downs, insults, trash talk or threats, the other student(s) should tell the student to stop the unwanted behavior(s).  If the student does not stop the unwanted behavior, then the other student(s) will report this behavior to a staff member.  Documented incidents will have consequences determined by a staff member/principal/designee.

If students engage in fighting behavior, then the student(s) should report this behavior immediately to a staff member.  Whenever a staff member arrives at a fight, the staff member will ask the students to disperse.  Students choosing not to disperse earn the same consequences as those who are fighting.  Note:  If a student fights, watches others fight and/or entices others to fight, the principal has discretion as to consequence(s).  These consequences may include calling for police assistance, earning in-school suspension or earning out-of-school suspension.

Any student who is disrespectful to any staff member shall be referred immediately to the office.  The principal/designee will determine consequences that may include in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension and/or loss of privileges.  Privileges may include:  extra curricular activities, enrichment days, class parties, after school sports, recess(es), field trips and other privileges as determined by the principal/designee.

District policy shall be followed for documented incidents of student harassment, sexual harassment, drinking or drug abuse, weapons, vandalism and gangs.  These items are considered weapons:  

Possession of any or both will result in confiscation of the weapon.  The parents of the child will be notified, as will Safe Schools and Casper Police Department.  Students possessing weapons at school face the possibility of no less than (10) school days suspension to no longer than one school year’s expulsion.


Please make certain dogs/pets stay at home during the school day.  Even friendly dogs/pets can become dangerous on a playground because of activity and noise.  We will summon the city animal control office to pick up any dogs/pets on school property because of the serious nature of their presence. (refer to District Handbook in the back section)

Dress Code (Student and Adult Visitors)

Students should attend school dressed appropriately for the weather and school activities.

Avoid wearing;

We believe the purpose of any dress code is to have our students dressed in a neat and clean manner.  Any concern regarding dress will be addressed as needed.


Articles of clothing, including coats, backpacks, etc. be labeled with the child's name.  We have a "lost and found" rack located at the end of the hallway by the gym.  If something is missing from home, please come in and check our "lost and found" rack.

Board Policy 5375

The Natrona County School District Board of Trustees believes the way you look and speak affects your behavior and academic performance. The intent is to create a culture in schools where the focus is learning. The attached picture guidelines support this effort.

Students: Students will be referred to an administrator to secure acceptable clothing should their dress not comply. Parents or guardians will be contacted.

Staff: As role models, all staff shall dress in a manner that clearly distinguishes them as professionals, is appropriate for their particular job assignments, and their daily responsibilities. T-shirts and jeans are not considered professional dress, unless designated by their administrator. Casual attire may be worn when school is not in session, on casual Fridays, and “spirit days”.

Entering the School

When arriving at school in the morning, students need to access the south doors. Between 8:00 and 8:15, all students need to go to the gym. After 8:15, if a student is not eating breakfast, he/she needs to go outside. Students are not allowed in the hallways or classrooms before 8:45 unless authorized by staff. At all times, parents need to access the school using the main doors. The doors will be locked from 8:50-3:30. Please ring the bell to alert the office of your presence.

Enrichment Activities

A teacher may use enrichment activities to reward student effort and achievement.  Expectations of students for participation in enrichment activities could include but are not limited to:

Expectations of teachers for planning enrichment activities include but are not limited to:

*additional chaperones may be required to pay own admission fee when applicable

Parents using their own automobile to transport students must complete a district insurance form and provide information on the car being driven, driver, and insurance coverage. Any parents wanting to ride on the bus must complete district paperwork before being granted this opportunity. Please see the Office Manager for more information.

*An enrichment activity is intended as a reward for students in that classroom or grade level who earned it. Therefore having a younger sibling attend an enrichment activity with a parent chaperone is discouraged.

Field Trips

A teacher may use field trips during the school year to strengthen a student’s knowledge of a particular subject.

Expectations of teachers for planning field trips include but are not limited to:

Parents using their own automobile to transport students must complete a district insurance form and provide information on the car being driven, driver, and insurance coverage. Any parents wanting to ride on the bus must complete district paperwork before being granted this opportunity. Please see the Office Manager for more information.

*Because field trips are an extension of learning in the classroom, it is not appropriate for younger siblings to attend with a parent chaperone. 

*Leave all electronics at home unless stated otherwise by the teacher.

Administrative Regulation Code 5343 p 4 of 7

15) When a student is assigned to a group or chaperone, the student is to remain

with, and return with, the group unless other arrangements have been made and

approved by the principal prior to the time of departure.

Go For It/Leader of the Pack

We have a character development program known as Go For It. The program is based on 7 Keys to Success. Student, staff and parents learn how to use the keys to be the best person possible. Students may be recognized as a Leader of the Pack when they are observed living the keys each day.

Have a Positive Attitude        Believe in Yourself         Develop Positive Habits

Make Wise Choices                Set Goals                Have a Creative Imagination

Be Persitence


Natrona County School District No. One Casper, Wyoming

Board Policy:  The Board Policy is based on the concept that harassment is a form of discrimination which violates Section 703 of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1965 as amended; 42 U.S.C. Section 2000e seq.; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. § 1681 as amended; the Wyoming Fair Employment Practices Act of 1965; and Art. 7, §10, WYO. Const. (Both state and federal law prohibit harassment.)

Consequences:  It is the policy of Natrona County School District No. One to create a learning and working environment that is free from harassment.  Therefore, Board policy 5144 prohibits any form of harassment and any form of retaliation related to one’s rights to pursue/defend/present evidence regarding a harassment complaint.  Harassment can yield consequences ranging from warnings to recommendations for expulsion in cases of students found to be in violation of the policy.  In cases involving employees, disciplinary actions could include, but are not limited to, warnings or more serious steps such as discharge. (The School Board’s policy prohibits harassment and retaliation related thereto.  Disciplinary actions for violation of the Board’s policy could mean anything from a warning to expulsion, in the case of student-perpetrators, and from a warning to discharge, in the case of employees.)

Investigations/Discipline:  The District will investigate all reported complaints, verbal or written, regarding harassment or retaliation related thereto.  The District will act to discipline students/employees who harass or retaliate against students/ employees.  (The District will take harassment/retaliation complaints seriously, will properly investigate them, and will act to discipline violators.)

Definitions:  For the purposes of this policy, harassment is defined as, but not limited to, unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.  Harassment may include:  verbal harassment, physical interference with movement or work or visual harassment such as derogatory cartoons, drawings, or posters.  See the Board policy for a more complete definition of harassment.  Retaliation is any action designed to punish another person for exercising his/her rights or to deter him/her from exercising those rights.

Four Points to Remember:

1.        Harassment is prohibited against members of the same sex as well as against members of the opposite sex.  

2.        Persons may have the right to file a civil suit if actions of harassment/retaliation do not stop.  If the actions involve a criminal         activity, the victim could pursue criminal remedies.  

3.        Retaliation is prohibited.  Retaliation can take different forms including threatening witnesses, to physical attacks, or spreading rumors.  Actions taken to punish the victim, reporting party, witnesses, or accused person from pursuing their rights are prohibited.

4.        Respect people’s rights of privacy and confidentiality.   Do not         unnecessarily talk about the case.  Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed but all parties should respect one another’s rights.

Homework Policy

In keeping with our school goals to improve reading, writing, math and science, all students, kindergarten through fifth grades, may receive homework throughout the week Parents/legal guardians will assist students with homework by providing a time, place and quiet environment for their child.  Parents/legal guardians agree to sign all assignment sheets or books indicating that they have seen and reviewed the homework.  

All assigned homework AND incomplete classwork should be completed each evening.  If a child has difficulty with a particular concept, parents should indicate this on a note to the teacher.  Standards of neatness and accuracy are to be maintained regardless of the subject matter area.

Teachers assigning the project/goals will provide parents with a calendar indicating the time line for project/goal completion.  The majority of projects/goals will be completed in the classroom.  The teacher may request the final format to be completed at home.  This is to prevent loss of materials and/or damage in transporting items back and forth.

Missing assignments may be completed at home, during recess, after school or during enrichment activities or during STAR.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and complete assignments missed during excused absences.  The student is allowed two days for every day of excused absence to make-up assignments.

Illness and Health Services

If your child has the "sniffles", watery eyes, fever and/or headache, sore throat, he/she is apt to be very uncomfortable and may have difficulty focusing on his/her schoolwork.  He/She may also infect other children who are not ill.  Please have your child stay home when he/she has the above symptoms.  If your child is well enough to come to school, he/she is expected to participate in all school activities.  Please do not send notes to school asking for your child to stay in at recess because of an illness.  Only in very rare situations (broken bones, recovering from surgery, etc.) will a child have permission to stay in from recess.  It is better for the child to stay home until he/she is no longer contagious.  

If a student becomes ill at school, the teacher will send them to the office.  If the illness or injury is of such a nature that the student needs to go home, the parent will be contacted.

Our school nurse is shared with University Park School and one other school.  If a nurse is not in the building, there is a nurse on call for emergencies.   The nurse is responsible for checking the general health of students (eyes, ears, throat and teeth).  The nurse also works in the area of communicable diseases, accidents and illnesses that occur at school. If you do not want the nurse to conduct the standard eyes, ears, throat and teeth checks, please notify the nurse in writing of your request and she will not screen your child.   All parents are welcome to ask for assistance from the nurse with any health problems they may have with their families.


Under the laws of the state of Wyoming (W.S. 21-4-309), your child is required to be properly immunized against vaccine preventable disease as designated by the State Health Officer.  Pre-school children, over 18 months of age must also have State required immunizations.  Your child may be conditionally enrolled for 30 calendar days.

Waivers may be obtained only from the State or County Health Officer upon submission of written evidence of religious objection or medical contradiction to the administration of any vaccine.  The MINIMUM immunization required for school attendance is:

        Pre-School (18 months or older)

Age appropriately immunized (MMR after 1 year of age and a minimum of one HIB)

Kindergarten / Elementary Students

DTP/DT/TD                                        5 doses

At least one dose must be administered on or after the 4th birthday.

        Polio                                                4 doses

At least one dose must be administered on or after the 4th birthday.

        Measles, Mumps, Rubella                        2 doses

        Hepatitis B                                        3 doses

        Chicken Pox/Varicella                        2 doses

An Official Record of Immunization form must be completed and signed by your physician, Public Health Authority or school nurse to indicate that these requirements have been met.

Inclement Weather

District policy states students are not to be outside for more than 10 minutes at a time when the temperature is below 10 degrees, or when students will become wet due to rain or snow.  Because it is important for students to get fresh air, plan and be prepare to go outside each recess unless informed otherwise. You may inquire at the office when in doubt. A decision will be made by the office or principal, and an announcement will be made.


Natrona County School District #1 does not carry accidental injury insurance, which covers students injured at school.  The school district encourages parents to consider purchase of a low cost accidental injury plan that will cover their child(ren) while at school. Accident and dental insurance are available to all students at the beginning of the school year.  Information regarding these insurance programs will be sent home with all students the first week of school.  The policy, if purchased by the parents, becomes a contract between the company and parents, not the school and the parents.  Accidental claims are to be made directly to the company (not to NCSD #1).

Medical services needed for any injury incurred by a child while at school, will be the responsibility of the parent and not of the school district.


The use of profanity, vulgarity, put downs, or name-calling is inappropriate per Board Policy 5375.


Our library is available to every student in the school.  It contains volumes of resource materials and fiction and nonfiction books.  A librarian is available for assistance and each student will have scheduled access to the library at least once a week to check out books. Lost or damaged books are to be paid for by the student to whom the book is checked-out.

Lost and Found

In order to return lost items to the rightful owner, please label all items your child brings to school.  If your child loses an item, a "lost and found" area is located on a coat rack in the hallway near the kindergarten room.  Students need to check the coat rack regularly for items they may have lost.

Lunch/Breakfast Program

Natrona County School District  (University Park School) has a hot lunch/breakfast program.  

Applications for free and reduced lunches will be sent home with the students on the first day of school. Forms for reduced or free meals must be completed within the first 10 days of school or students are charged full price for meals until forms are returned. A hard copy of these forms will be provided by the school or an online option is available through the district website.

If your child will be going home for lunch each day, the parent/guardian must check them out at the office. Students must return to school by the end of the lunch period. If a student wishes to accompany another student home for lunch, written permission must be obtained from both parents and approved by office personnel.  

Medication Policy

We receive many requests from parents requesting that we assist them in giving prescription medication to their children.  According to the school board policy we will practice the following guidelines:

1.        We will need a form signed by a physician giving the school permission to administer any medication.  The name of the medication, the amount given, and the time it is to be given is needed.  This ruling pertains to ALL medication, including inhalers needed for asthma.  Often times, doctors are willing to fax a form to us so that medications may be administered.(253-3840)

2.         The medication must be in a labeled container with the information in part 1 plus the child's name.  

3.           All nonprescription medicine such as aspirin, pain relievers, cough medicine, etc. will not be given unless a note from the attending physician indicates the need and provides the information listed above.

4.           All medication will be stored in the office and will be administered by the secretary, nurse or principal.  Students must take all medication in the presence of the school personnel administering the medication. Teachers will not be asked to administer medication.

5.        Please understand that it will be the student's responsibility to come to the office to get any medication that he/she is taking.

  1. All medications, including cough drops, must be left in the office for distribution.

Music (Band and Strings)

Students in fifth grade have the opportunity to select if they would like to participate in band or strings.  The decision to take band or strings must be based on the student's desire to learn to play an instrument.  It will require much effort at school and home (regular practice at home is necessary).  

Students do not become proficient playing an instrument in a few weeks or months.  Therefore, you and your child must commit to one year in strings or band.  Prior to discontinuing a music class, a parent-student-teacher conference will be held.

Non-Discrimination Policy

In accordance with Federal law, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Natrona County School District policies, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis children perform better academically and socially in school.   There is a parent involvement contract located at the back of this handbook.  Teachers will review this contract with parents during Back to School activities.

It is recommended that parents attend an orientation prior to enrolling his or her child at University Park School.  Please contact the school to make arrangements if the desire is attend an orientation outside of or in addition to the winter Open House.

Examples of Parent Involvement

•        Explain the handbook to your child

•        Attend open houses, back-to-school nights, programs, etc.

•        Attend and participate in your child’s Parent-Teacher Conference

•        Call the teacher and inquire as to how your child is doing

•        Write comments in your child’s planner or assignment sheet

•        Complete surveys and return them to school

•        Complete home learning activities suggested by the school with your child

•        Assist with the tutoring program at school

•        Create and publish school newsletters

•        Attend UPBEAT meetings (parent group)

•        Contact the parent representative(s) on the Leadership Council to provide feedback or input on important matters

•        Plan enrichment activities for students before or after school

•        Assist with reference materials for projects or reports

•        Talk with your child each night about what they did in school

•        Help make a bulletin board for your child's teacher

•        Assist with decorating the lunchroom for the students

•        Arrange a parent workshop                 Xerox papers for the teachers

•        Drive for a field trip                        Read with your child every night

•        Help in the library during the book fair

•        Participate in parent trainings        Observe your child's classroom

Parent-Student-Staff Organization (UPBEAT)

Mission: Every Child, Every Day…Whatever It Takes

Vision: Actively provide support for students, families and academic success.

Collective commitments:

We are here to…

Be actively involved and committed

Follow through with expectations

Support each other

Be an example to my child

Provide information to keep everyone informed

Expect excellence

Promote citizenship, fine arts and educational experiences

Connect with our community

Actively solicit funds.


Increase attendance

Seek feedback

Grow the group


Have a voice.

Welcome all attendees.

Share ideas.

Be positive.

Agree to disagree.

Code of Conduct:

Deal with personnel issues in private.

Put cell phones on vibrate.

Respect everyone’s opinion.

Start and end on time.

*UPBEAT meets the first Tuesday of each month at 3:45 pm in the library.


Special room parties are scheduled each year.  These parties are planned and supervised as a joint effort of the teacher and parents. Classroom teachers will provide parents with dates, times and supplies needed for these activities through their classroom newsletters.

Pedestrian Safety

Please stress the importance of pedestrian safety with your child.  Students should be taught the safest route to walk to and from school. Children must walk directly home after school.   The after school traffic at University Park School is congested and dangerous. All students and adults must cross the street in the designated crosswalks.  Also, parents should not park on crosswalks or designated yellow zones.  From the mailbox to the south building entrance is our bus zone and no vehicles should park here.of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

To file a complaint of discrimination, write:  USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W.  Whitten Building, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C.  20250-9410 or call (202) 720-5964 (voice and TDD).  USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

The purpose of this policy is to accomplish the following:

1.          To provide all students with an opportunity to relate to and learn with members of various racial and ethnic backgrounds and to increase knowledge and enhance intercultural understanding.

2.          To provide equal opportunities to all students to participation in all of the educational programs under the direction of the school system, including extracurricular activities.

3.          To insure equal opportunities for the employment, promotion and transfer of all persons.

The Board of Trustees encourages all personnel in Natrona County School District to assist in the accomplishment of this goal through their personal commitment to the concept of equal opportunity for all people regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, political affiliation or sex.

Parent Involvement

Current research indicates that when parents are involved in their child's education,


 (See district policy for more information)


The following playground expectations do not cover all possible situations, but a guideline is provided for consistent supervision.  These expectations have been established for the protection of students and staff.  We will have at least one playground supervisor on duty at all times while children are outside.

Playground Expectations

*Additional expectations have been established specifically for each piece of playground equipment and playground activities.


*Use balls (football, soccer ball, kickball, etc.) in the gravel field only

*Basketballs are only used on the basketball court

Rope Spider Web

*Can sit on top of the spider web

*Stay seated when on top


*One Hand Touch football ONLY! (no grabbing or tackling)

Zip Line

*One person at a time

*Only get on if you can reach (no mound making or help from others)

*Push passengers lightly


Monkey Bars/Dome

*Keep hands, feet and other objects to self

*Climb or hang using hands (no hanging by feet or sitting on top)

Jungle Gym

*Can climb or hang off the bars

*Can sit on top (stay seated)

*Only 5 kids on the top at a time


*Two people at a time

*Stand on bottom bar

*Helpers may push with hands only

*Limit spin to 30 seconds (1-mississippi, 2-missisippi etc)

*Stay in the middle of bars, hanging on with both hands.


*One person at a time

*Go down the slide only on hyour bottom

*Stay off sides and top

Rock Wall

*Climb up, climb down, climb over (no sitting on top)

*No jumping off


*One person at a time

*No pushing others

*Sit on swing with bottom and swing back and forth

*When finished, stop the swing and step off

*When someone is swinging, stand out of the way

*Limit time to 100 or recite the alphabet twice


*Only 1 pusher allowed to stand in the middle

* Maximum of 4 people on umbrella at a time (1 per section)

*Person that pushes is the next person in line.  Then they have a turn on the umbrella and then go to end of the line.

*Push rider by the hip

*Stay on the ride until it stops, then drop down

*Limit spin to 30 seconds

*Hang by hands only

*No climbing on top

WYO-Warning. Your Choice. Our Choice

If student needs a time out or to think about his/her choices, he/she will be sent to

stated area for a portion of the recess. During this time the student needs to remain in motion by walking around the designated lines, doing jumping jacks, etc. Prior to returning to an activity, the student needs to state what infraction he/she violated and what he/she will do to correct the behavior.

If student’s behavior does not improve, he/she will be sent to The Wolf Den and may be written up and given a consequence. If the misbehavior is more serious (fight, obscene language, sexual harassment, etc.) he/she will be sent directly to the principal and will receive an office write-up.


Please note: Other rules may be enforced at the discretion of the playground supervisor, whose primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of the students.

Recess is considered a privilege at University Park.  Students who display physical aggression or severe verbal aggression to self or others will lose playground privileges.

Indoor Recess

During bad weather, especially during the winter, students will not always be able to go outside for recess.  In cases of inclement weather,  students will remain in classrooms. The playground aide and principal will supervise students by contiually rotating from one classroom to the next, always monitoring student behavior. Students should not be unsupervised for a given length of time.  Teachers may or may be in the classroom at this time. The classroom teacher should instruct students of expected behavior and inform them of which games and activities may be played during indoor recess or assign specific centers or work for the class.  Some games used by teachers are Seven-Up, Bingo, etc.  It should be an activity that has their interest.

Monitors should radio to The Wolf Den if a student is in need of more than a quick redirect and assistance will come to you.


We offer a preschool free of charge to those that qualify as a low income status. Preference is given to 4 and 5 year olds and siblings of current University Park students. Preschool runs from 12:45-3:15 Monday through Friday. Parents need to volunteer 5 hours of time each month, and students need to be present 85% of the time.  Because our preschool is federally funded and these mandates are preset, should expectations not be met, the student will be removed from the preschool and the spot will be awarded to another student.

Recess and Warm Clothing

It is important that children receive fresh air and exercise each day, even during the cold winter months.  Therefore, children will be expected to go outdoors for recesses and need to be properly dressed for the weather.  Students need a winter coat, gloves, caps or hoods and foot wear. Per school district policy, students go outside for recess unless the wind chill is below 10º F and winds exceed 30 miles per hour.

Sexual Harassment/Harassment

It is the policy of the Natrona County School District to create a learning and working environment that is free from sexual harassment/harassment and, therefore, the District prohibits any form of sexual harassment/harassment.  Sexual harassment/harassment is defined as, but not limited to, unwelcome advances (including sexual), requests for favors (including sexual) or other verbal or physical conduct of a nature, which may be construed as bullying (name calling, etc.)  

Any University Park School student who believes he/she has been the victim of sexual harassment/harassment at school should report the alleged acts to his/her teacher, staff member or principal.  The principal will then investigate the incident.  Whenever evidence of sexual harassment/harassment is established, the principal and/or District will take such disciplinary action as deemed necessary and appropriate, including warning, suspension or other consequences.

School Pictures

Individual packet pictures are taken of students each fall and spring. Every student has their picture taken whether or not they intend on purchasing the pictures.  Class pictures will be offered for sale in the spring.

Snacks, Candy, Gum, and/or Drinks

Students are encouraged to eat healthy snacks and drinks. Students are discouraged from bringing soft drinks, coffee, candy or chewing gum to school. Students are allowed to have water in the classroom. No food or drinks should be on the playground at anytime.

Special Services

Special education programs, instructed by special education personnel are available for those students who show a need for special services according to local, state and federal guidelines (placement within special education services always occurs with parent’s input).


Speech, physical and occupational therapy, social worker services, and counseling services are available in our building to students who qualify for these services.

Staff-Highly Qualified

All teachers and teaching assistants who work at Title One schools are required to meet specified credentials to make them “highly qualified”. All teachers and teaching assistants at University Park School have been deemed “highly qualified” as defined by Leave No Child Behind legislation. Parents will be notified is this “100% highly qualified status changes. Parents have the right to contact the NCSD Human Resources office to check these credentials.

Strategies to Attract High-Quality Highly Qualified Teachers to High Needs Schools

The strategies used by Natrona County School District to attract high-quality highly qualified teachers to high-needs schools include, but are not limited to:

STAR (Students Taking Academic Responsibility) Club

Students in need of additional support with schoolwork due to being off task during class or not completing an assignment may be required to attend STAR Club from 12:05-12:25. Each day, it is the responsiblity of the classroom teacher to determine if a student needs to attend STAR.

Student Records

Parents may review their child's records at any time.  We ask that you arrange for an appointment with the office staff. It is important that we have current information regarding your address and phone number.  If you should move, change your place of employment or change your preference of the person to call in the event we cannot reach you, please give this new information to us as soon as possible.

Substitute Teachers

 Occasionally, teachers will be absent from their classrooms.  When this occurs, a substitute teacher is placed in the classroom. It is difficult for anyone to step into an unfamiliar classroom and carry on business as the regular teacher would.  Students should always remember to be on their best behavior for any guest in our building. 

Technological devices (cell phone, ipad, ipod, etc.)

Because we are not able to guarantee safety or monitor appropriate use of, children are strongly discouraged from bringing any kind of technological device to school (cell phone, kindles, PSPs, iPods, iPads, Vitas, etc).  Should a child choose to bring any of these items to school, he/she is doing so at his/her own risk, and must turn the device off upon arrival and keep it off until departure. This means, in the lunchroom, on the playground and in the classroom. If a child uses one of these devices during the school day, the device will be confiscated and kept in the office until a parent is available to retrieve it. The school does not accept responsibility for broken or lost devices.


Students who wish to use the office telephone must have a pass from their teacher.  Students are to use the office telephone for emergencies only.  Students will not be permitted to use the telephone to make social arrangements.

Title I

University Park School receives Title I funding due to the high percentage of low-income families.  Our school is eligible for financial assistance from the federal government through Title One of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act OF 1965, which is designed to help disadvantaged children meet challenging content and student performance standards.  University Park School has a school wide Title I program and is in its seventeenth year of implementation.

Title I funding provides many opportunities for our children. Small group instruction is a component of our Title I school improvement plan. University Park promotes academic excellence through concentrating on our two goals of improving student achievement in reading and math.  

A major responsibility for Title I schools is implementation of a school improvement plan, which increases student achievement.  Parents and staff work on the school improvement plan from October to May during UP BEAT meetings and staff meetings. Another major responsibility of parents in Title I schools is participation during Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences.  The benefits of parents being involved in their child's education are great, and this is one of the best means of keeping appraised of your child's success.  

This information is included in the annual stakeholders report.

Title One District/Building Level

Parent Guidelines/Policy

The Natrona County School District empowers every learner to grow, excel, and be successful contributors to the local/global community. (Board approved Mission Statement, 2010)

Within this context, what follows is district level written guidelines/policy for establishing the expectations for parent involvement of participating Title 1 children. The intent is to encourage Title 1 schools to further involve parents of participating children in the education of their children through an organized structure that:

  1. Involves parents in joint development and review of each building’s Title One and school improvement plans through school improvement plan meetings held at each site;
  2. Coordinate and assist participating Title One Schools by holding district parent advisory committee at least one time per year for the purpose of sharing parent involvement activities and developing new activities for buildings implementation;  
  3. Provide each school with ideas and recommendations for building their capacity to:
  1. Coordinating and integrating Title I parent involvement strategies with those of Head Start, Even Start, preschool and other parent-student training programs;
  2. Annually evaluate the parent policy during one of the district Title One parent advisory committee meetings.  The evaluation will include content and effectiveness of the policy, participation trends, and possible barriers to greater participation.  Methods will be developed to:
  1. Require buildings to plan specific parent involvement activities and spend a portion of their Title One allocation toward the support of these activities and distribute the district parent involvement fund as needed;
  2. Develop school/parent compact for schools to use each year to define shared responsibility with parents for student achievement;
  3. At each building’s annual meeting and/or during individual conferences complete the following items:

In summation, at the building level there will be an organized plan for parent involvement; at the district level a Title One Parent Advisory Council will be continued; in addition, it is the district’s responsibility to provide coordination and other support to those involved with program implementation; it is understood when parents are meaningfully involved there are positive effects for the education of children.

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Title One Law requires school improvement plans to be offered in the language native to the reader.  If you would like to have a copy of your child’s school’s improvement plan and need it translated into your native language, please call the school.

Title IX-Equal Opportunity

The Natrona County School District is committed to the concept of equal opportunity for all people regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, political affiliation, sex or religious belief.

The policy of the District is to provide equal opportunities to all students for participation in all of the educational programs under the direction of the school system, including extracurricular activities. A person who feels that they have an alleged Title IX grievance may contact the principal.

Tobacco and Drug Free Schools

The possession or use of alcohol or any illicit, controlled substance, as defined by Wyoming State law, by any student or adult (staff members, parents, etc.) while attending school, while on campus, or at any school activity, is prohibited.

Drug free school zones include sidewalk, parking lot and playground. This means you may not smoke in your car when it is parked on the school grounds. This includes, but is not limited to, vapors, cigars, and cigarettes.

Track Day

Each year the Physical Education Department at our school organizes a "Track Day" in April or May for all students.  Since this activity is a component of our elementary curriculum, all students are expected to participate (unless for medical reasons they are not able to participate). Students who are unable to participate because of medical reasons must have an excuse from their attending physician. Students will eat lunch at the Track Day facility.  Parents are welcome to spend the day with his/her child.   


In case of inclement weather, Track Day will be rescheduled.  Please listen to the local radio stations regarding Track Day postponements or call the school office after 7:45 am.


Tutors are utilized in our building to provide assistance and interventions for students.  During each school year, the needs of students are evaluated and the results of those evaluations decide how the tutors will most effectively be used to serve students.

Visiting School and Classrooms

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to visit our school. Please check with the teacher ahead of time. Parents and visitors must report to the school office to check in and receive a visitor’s badge. If a child must leave early, the office personnel will call for your child. Parents should wait for their child at the office. Should a parent wish to conference with the teacher, please call the office or teacher to schedule this.

Wolf Den

What is the Wolf Den?

The Wolf Den has two purposes.  It is used to reinforce positive behavior.  Students who reach “Outstanding” on their classroom ladder may come to the Wolf Den for a reward.  They can choose to spend recess playing the Ipad, the Wii, choose another fun activity, or pick a treasure from the Wolf Den Treasure Box.  

The Wolf Den is also a behavior intervention room at University Park Elementary used to assist students who have repeated difficulties following our 3Bs at school:

The Wolf Den is a classroom supervised by a trained staff member with support from the principal, social workers, and the school counselors.  In the Wolf Den, referred students will practice and learn new behavioral skills that will increase the likelihood that they will follow behavioral expectations in the future.

The Wolf Den will not replace the process for office discipline referrals.  All major rule infractions (fighting, weapons, drug/alcohol use or possession, bullying, threats, etc.) will be handled by the principal who will contact parents/guardians and assign consequences.

The Wolf Den IS……….

What happens in the Wolf Den?

        Teachers will initially use their own classroom management system to encourage appropriate behavior.  If problem behavior continues, staff can refer a student who is not following school rules to the Wolf Den, at which point the Wolf Den supervisor will be responsible to determine what further actions should be taken in order to guide the student to have better success in the future.  Once in the Wolf Den a student may:

Wise Choice Reminders/ Warnings/ and Referrals

        If a student is sent to the Wolf Den for a low level behavior, they may receive a Wise Choice Reminder.  This form will give information on when and where the behavior occurred, as well as a wise choice plan for the student to follow to help make a better choice in the future.  The second and third visits will result in a Wise Choice Warning, and a Wise Choice Referral.  If the student receives a fourth reminder it will become an office referral and the student will be sent to the principal’s office.

How Parents Can Help

        If your child receives a Wise Choice Reminder, don’t be alarmed.  Remember that misbehavior can be an opportunity for positive change.  Please read the form and discuss the incident and future plan with your child.  Please sign the form and return it to school the next day with the student.  If you have further questions about the Wolf Den, please contact the school.

        2016-2017 Student-Parent Handbook