This page is devoted to all types of games and activities. Some involve drawing; others might be improvisations. Due to the nature of these things, maybe you have done similar exercises before. I haven’t done a whole lot of research, so if similar activities exist please tell me! Maybe one day I could organize them in a museum somewhere…

BTW these things are not about winning or losing. Creativity and foolishness is encouraged. If you’re like, “Whaaaa I hate drawing”, then maybe you can contribute in some other way? You def. have ideas or you wouldn’t be on this page. It’s URL fate.

I imagine these activities being played at bars, during boring conversations, with kids or even your relatives. Who knows.


2+ people

  1. One person begins drawing the feet/bottom of a character.
  2. The second person starts from the head/top of the character.
  3. As you progress, the goal is to link the lines together to form a single character.


2+ people

  1. One person draws a picture.
  2. Give the paper to the other person.
  3. The second person only has five seconds (negotiable) to look at the image.
  4. The second person must flip the paper over and draw what they saw.

_5seconds 3.jpeg

NAPKINS (aka Karen Barber)

1+ person

  1. Listen in on other people’s conversations in a semi-crowded/noisy location.
  2. Draw what you hear.
  3. Show someone what you drew and explain what you overheard.


2+ people

  1. Everyone faces each other.
  2. One person shouts an animal and a trait or aspect. (example: otter with diabetes, an itchy lion)
  3. You must dance like what was shouted.
  4. Take turns repeating these steps.


1+ person

  1. You are calling a radio station for a news break, what is the news break?


1+ person

  1. One person makes up a name of a person. (example: Grumbo Jabbyton)
  2. Everyone draws what they think the person looks like.


1+ person

  1. Each person has one pen.
  2. Form a close circle, preferably standing.
  3. Each person draws on another person’s arm that is empty-handed.
  4. Each person mimics what they see being draw on their empty-handed arm.


+1 person

A rap contest in which you can only begin the first line with “Yo My Name Is ____ and I’m here to say”


1+ person

Form a person using images found on the internet. Share your creation here: