February 16th and 17th, 2017 – MISSION TOUR

Presiding:  Elder Kim B. Clark of the Seventy

Conducting:  Sister Carrus

Accompanist:  Sister Lai

Chorister:  Sister Shin

Opening Hymn:  #5  High on the Mountain Top

Opening Prayer:  Sister Mou

Purpose:  Sister Steffensen


Sister Steffensen

Musical Number:  How Great Thou Art


Sister Richins (ASL) and Sister Herr

Accompanist:  Sister Semenova


Sister Risenmay

Sister Risenmay spoke about this being the dispensation of the fullness of times.  All ordinances from previous dispensations have been restored in this dispensation.  As she has listened to the stories of the sisters, she is sure that:

1.        Put in families to be a strength in that family;

2.        Want to give back and share the truth with others.

She related the story of Esther and likened it to the sisters here on Temple Square.  Who knows if they were put here for such a time as this.  She asked us to read our missionary call letter often.  We should be changed by our mission experience.  When you realize your mission is not about you but about someone else, that is when we are changed.  From 2 Nephi 26:24 – become effective.  Are you willing to be fully consecrated?  She told of one sister that said, “I want to be such a missionary that when I get up in the morning Satan says, ‘Darn, she is up again’ because I am such a disturbance in his force.”


President Risenmay

President Risenmay told us that there is nothing random about us being here right now.  He asked us to look up conversion in the Bible Dictionary.  The definition contains the doctrine of Christ as well as our Purpose.  Relating the story of procuring the brass plates, President Risenmay said it was all about conversion and building a prophet.  Alma had to be better before being introduced to Amulek.  

God has declared the gospel will be taught to every nation, tongue and people.  God can do His own work but the work will be done by the weak and simple to kings and rulers.  He wants the conversion of His people.

Missionaries are the elect of God.  We:

•        Come unto Christ

•        Are converted

•        Hear the voice of the Lord

•        Do not harden our hearts to rules and work; are obedient

•        Missionaries gain the most through teaching others

•        Our name is by the Savior’s on our name tags

Our mission is a time of change.  As we study, we become the investigator.  Within the gospel, true conversion and obedience equals a changed person.  

The elements of true conversion are (D&C 20:37):

•        Broken heart and contrite spirit

•        Humble

•        Witness before the church

•        Serve Christ

•        Manifested by the work we do

President Risenmay told the story of the conversion of Joseph Trofas.

Elder Kim B. Clark of the Seventy

Elder Kim B. Clark


What is the role of the Holy Ghost?

Sister Leavitt – Witness of truth

Sister Gomes – Comforter/friend

Sister Kolarova – Brings things to remembrance

Sister Cruz – Greatest teacher

Sister Steffensen – Warns us

Sister Strihavka – Leads to conversion

Sister Liu – Gives guidance

Sister Kim – He is our best friend

Sister Ashton – Cleanses and purifies; changes hearts

Sister Herr – Is a medium between God and us

Sister Evans – Helps us to feel God’s love

Sister Gemio – Is the 3rd companion

Sister Curcino – Inspires us

Sister Zafarana – Gives us courage to invite

Elder Clark said the Holy Ghost is responsible to bear record of the Father and the Son 3 Nephi 11:32.  He asked us to put a scripture with each of the above comments regarding the Holy Ghost.  As we bear our testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost will bear witness to those we teach.

He asked us to share the most powerful experience we have had with the Holy Ghost on our missions.  We broke into small groups and then shared one story from each group.  What does the gift of the Holy Ghost mean?  Sister Richins said, “It is the right to have Him with us and confidence to have him with us all the time.”  In our companionships, if we need the Holy Ghost right now, he is there.

Elder Clark taught about the sacrament (D&C 20:77 & 79).  We should be willing to take upon us His name and keep His commandments.

In Moses 6:32 we are challenged to go forth and do.  If we speak the Lord will bless us.

The Savior IS the redeemer of my soul!

Women’s Session:

Sister Risenmay talked about issues regarding women and the church and how blessed we are to have the knowledge that we have of who we are.  She talked about the women that have recently been protesting around the Square on their way up to the Capitol and how crude and crass many of them were.  That is not what the Lord wants for his daughters.  She also talked about the role of women and that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.  She encouraged us to read Elder Ballard’s talk on women.

Sister Clark spoke about depression and the issues that surround it.  She told the sisters about her struggles with depression and how it has affected her life.  She told of her journey and how she had to go on medication in order to get the depression under control.


Sister Clark

Elder Clark then came back in and told the sisters that when you have a calling in the Seventy or higher, church members seem to put you on a pedestal thinking that you have no problems, that your family is perfect etc.  Because of that, they are very open about Sister Clark’s depression, the divorce of one of their daughters and the depression one of their sons suffered while on his mission.

Closing Prayer:  Sister Yan

Afternoon Session:

Opening Hymn:  #6 Redeemer of Israel

Opening Prayer:  Sister Hinckey

This session was specifically a question and answer period where the sisters could ask questions about anything.  Elder Clark and President Risenmay answered the questions.

Elder Clark told the story about a young man that left home (Pocatello, Idaho) after having been raised in the church in a very active family.  After 20 years with the Hell’s Angels he one day found himself in New York.  He had no idea how he got there, but drove 3,000 miles to California where the Hell’s Angels had a house for members to use to dry out and detox.  This detox house was well guarded by a fence and two doberman pinschers.  He was sitting on the porch when two missionaries walked by.  He watched them walk by and a little ways up a hill.  Surprised, he watched them stop, turn to look at the house and then walk back toward the house.  He thought it was going to be interesting to to watch the two missionaries try to open the gate and get to his door and the dogs never let anyone even near the house.  To his astonishment, when the missionaries reached the gate, the two dogs laid down and went to sleep.  The two missionaries were able to come to his door.  Looking at this man, the junior companion asked if he knew so and so from Pocatello, Idaho.  The man said he did that they were his parents.  The young elder said, they are my parents too.  This young elder had been born after his older brother left home so they had never knew each other.  The young elder was sent on his mission to rescue his brother.  The man got out of the Hell’s Angels, which was no easy task and returned home.

Closing Prayer:  Sister Cruz