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North Campus Lunch & Breakfast Menu 

Athletics and Activities Calendar (Suburban East Conference)


Semester 2 Report Cards are available on Family Access on the Portfolio Tab. 

Semester 2 Honor Rolls are now available on the high school website.

Free Summer Meals for Kids & Teens- Healthy meals based on USDA nutrition guidelines available at several local schools during the summer.  Open to all children, 18 and younger.  For more information, locations, and hours, check out the flyer.

Free Farmers Markets - All are welcome to Free Farmers Markets throughout the summer at both Redeemer Lutheran Church on Tuesdays and Willow Lane Elementary on Saturdays. Learn more about dates and times.

Lunch Account Refunds - If your student has graduated or has moved out of the District, please click here  to complete the Request for Refund form.  If you would like money transferred to a sibling, please indicate so on the form.  If remaining balance is less than $5.00 please call 651-407-7524.  Paper copies of the form may also be found in your child's school office or kitchen.  For more information on the Nutrition Services Angel Fund, please click here.  Click here to access our meal charge procedures.

Student Wellbeing Tip Line - There is a new electronic form to report concerns regarding a student's well-being: mental health, chemical use, social isolation, bullying, harassment, etc.  Students may also report concerns in person to an administrator, counselor, social worker or teacher.  The form can be submitted anonymously, however, the more information provided the better we are able to investigate and support the student regarding the concern.  Knowingly making a false report is a violation of school policy.  All submissions will be taken seriously and addressed during school hours.  The Student Well-Being Tip Line is not a crisis line. Please note that reports received during the summer may not be addressed in a timely manner.

Host an AFS Exchange Student - AFS is looking for host families for students who are coming this fall. Host families provide a bed, food, & loving support. Students come with their own health insurance and spending money. Families of all types; married, single, single parents, young children, no children, can host. Will you be that person, that family who makes a world of difference in the life of a young person? Please contact Lisa Boynton or 651-356-1848 to learn more or 

Driver’s Ed through Community Services - Driver’s Ed includes 30 hours classroom instruction, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel lessons, and all materials.  The cost is $375 payable in 1 or 2 installments.  For more information click here or contact Community Services at 651-407-7501.   Registration is now open on Feepay  under Community Services for the following sessions beginning:

July 16 (am or pm)

August 6


Equipment Storage - Students who plan to store bags and equipment in  Room 108 must bring it between 7:15 – 7:25AM.  After 7:25, the door will remain locked until the end of the day.

Activity Buses to South Campus and YMCA - Only students in a sport or activity may ride the activity buses to South Campus or YMCA after school.  Students in a current season sport or activity must stop by the Activity/Athletics Office to have a sticker added to their student i.d.  Students must show their student i.d. with the current season sticker to be allowed to ride the activity bus to South Campus or YMCA.  Students must be in a sport or activity to ride these buses.


Emergency Response Plan - The District has an emergency response plan that was created in consultation with local community emergency response agencies.  A copy of the plan is located in each building's main office and summaries are located in classroom and public spaces.  If you would like to review the plan, please call the building principal.

Attendance Reminder - If your student needs to leave early, please send a note with them to school.  This helps minimize disruptions to classrooms by calling classrooms for students.   If you forget to send a note or something comes up, please call Attendance at 651-653-2916 to release your student. Thank you!

SchoolMessenger text message opt-in information - Our district utilizes the SchoolMessenger system to deliver district-wide and school-wide voicemails and emails regarding general upcoming events, notice of emergency closings, attendance and nutrition services notices, and other important announcements from the district or school.  We now have the capability to send district-wide and school-wide text messages through the SchoolMessenger system to those families who have cell phone numbers attached to their student’s records and who have opted in to receive text messages.  SchoolMessenger will be sending an opt-in text message early next week, so please know this is legitimate correspondence when you receive it.  If you do not receive a text message from SchoolMessenger by Wednesday, April 4 and you would like to opt in to the system, find information on the district’s website here regarding updating your cell phone on your student’s record.

Is your child sick at school and texting you to to be picked up?  Direct them to go to the health office.  All students going home sick must be processed through the Health Office.

  • The Health Aide or School Nurse will do a quick assessment.  We will confirm any flu like symptoms as we would like to see what is trending in our school.
  • Parent/Guardian will be called to let you know your student is ill - (Caller Id will be WBL - 653-2940).  
  • We need parent/guardian approval for a student to leave school.  This is especially important if your child walks or drives.
  • Parent/guardian can approve who will pick up student (Grandma, Aunt etc.) and when they will be arriving. If over 30 minutes the student can wait in Health Office.
  • You can either come in and sign out your student or just pull up to the front of the school and call or text to let us know you have arrived.  Attendance will be entered to reflect the absence.  
  • What if the above protocol is not followed?
  • The person picking up will have to sign into the school and go to the health office.
  • If the person picking up is not a parent/guardian or listed as an emergency contact, we will need to contact parent or guardian for approval.
  • Then we will call the student to the health office to be assessed for their ailments and sign out of school.
  • This process is in place so that North Campus can keep all students healthy, safe, and accounted for during the school day.  Thank you for your compliance with this matter.   For any questions call Ruth DesJardins, LSN - 653-2970 or Margaret McGladdery, Health Aide, 653-2940

Influenza - The flu (influenza) is an infection of the nose, throat and lungs caused by influenza viruses. Most experts believe that flu viruses spread mainly by droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk. If your child is ill, please let the school know what the symptoms are, so that we can keep track of influenza-like illnesses. Click here for information on how to tell the difference between the common cold and influenza.

Classlink - We are pleased to share that we are implementing ClassLink, a single sign-on platform, that will allow teachers, students and parents to use a single username and password to access all the necessary district applications. We are providing parents with the option to use this single sign on application. You are not required to use ClassLink to access our district applications. You can learn more about ClassLink at  If you choose not to use ClassLink, you will continue to access district applications as you have done in the past.  Click here to get started.

Parent Instructions for Skyward Notifications - If you would like to receive notifications from Skyward about your North Campus student’s attendance, grading, and progress reports, please click here for instructions.  

Tardies - This is a reminder of how consequences for tardies are addressed:

1st, 2nd tardy -  Warning
3rd, 4th, 5th tardy -  Teacher issues detention, contacts parent
6th tardy and higher -  Teacher writes referral in Skyward, consequence issued from office


After School - Administration at North and South Campuses would like to remind students and parents that students must be involved in a sport, club, activity, or pre-arranged meeting with a teacher in order to be in either building after school. Also, students must have a pass or sticker to ride the South Campus Shuttle or Activity Bus in the evening.  Students who are in an activity, club, or sport can take their student ID to the North Campus Activities Office Window to receive a sticker to ride the South Campus Shuttle or the Activity Bus.

Central, Sunrise, and Elementary Schools - No student is permitted on Central Middle School, Sunrise Middle School, or any of the Elementary school grounds before, during or after school without permission from the principals. This includes not being able to use bus transportation from the middle schools as well.

Lunch Reminder - Students are not allowed to order in food from outside vendors or restaurants for lunch.  Parents and guardians should also refrain from bringing in food from outside vendors.  Federal regulations, along with the Health Department, govern the school meal program and they have very strict guidelines that prohibit food being brought in from outside sources other than the students' homes.  Students are not allowed to leave the building or school grounds for lunch.  Students who are in violation of these guidelines may be subject to disciplinary actions.  

Backpacks - Students are reminded that backpacks and large bags are not allowed in classrooms. Our goal is to keep classrooms safe and free of nuisance items. Students who bring backpacks or large bags to class will be asked to return them to their lockers and may be assigned school consequences for noncompliance. Thank you for your effort to keep North Campus classrooms safe for all students.

Breakfast and Second Chance Breakfast - Breakfast is served daily in the cafeteria from 7:00-7:25AM. Breakfast will not be served after the 7:25AM bell has rung so that students can eat and get to class on time.   Second Chance Breakfast (begins Sept. 14) is “grab and go” and served in the 100’s Square between 1st and 2nd hours.

Delivering items to school - If you are dropping off homework, lunch, chromebook, etc., please let your students know you will leave it in the main office and they should check there between classes.  We will not disrupt class to call students to the office to pick up items.

Student Drop Off/Pick Up
 - If dropping off/picking up your student before or after school, do not use the bus lane.  Please stay to the left of the median.

Student Parking- ALL STUDENT VEHICLES PARKED IN THE LOT MUST BE REGISTERED with the Main Office, to avoid being ticketed. Parking passes are $35 for each quarter or $140 for the year. Sign up on FeePay. Daily parking is $2 and is purchased in the Main Office. Students will need to know their license plate number and the make, model and year of the vehicle (helpful hint: take a picture your license plate with their phone).

ALL students staying after school must have a valid reason for staying after school to include pre-arranged academic assistance with either a teacher or Promise Fellow or involvement in an after school sponsored club, sport, or activity.  In addition, students must have a pass to ride the late/activity bus.  Students in clubs, activities, or athletics can ask for a season pass from Mrs. Muckala at the Activities/Athletics window.  Students staying after with a teacher or Promise Fellow will need to ask for a daily pass from them.

Riding a Friend’s Bus - Students who would like to ride the bus home with a friend will need to bring a written and signed note from their parent/guardian stating who they are riding the bus with and their friend’s bus number.  Include a number where you can be reached to verify.  Students should bring their note to Ms. Sell in the Attendance Office BEFORE school starts and she will have the pass ready by lunchtime and it will be on the counter in the Main Office.

Attendance Reminder - If your student needs to leave early, please send a note with them to school.  This helps minimize disruptions to classrooms by calling classrooms for students.   If you forget to send a note or something comes up, please call Attendance at 651-653-2916 to release your student. Thank you!

Attendance -

  • To report an Absence · Call the Attendance Office, 651-653-2911, each day your student is absent unless prior arrangements have been made through the Attendance Office. If unable to call, please send a note the day your student returns to school.  
  • Doctor and Dentist Appointments · Students should give their note to the Attendance Office to receive a pass to leave school. Students will sign in and out at the Attendance Office.  
  • Vacation Request Form · If a student will be absent 2 days or longer, bring a note to the Attendance Office, signed by the parent/guardian stating the reason for the absence and the dates. The student will be given a Vacation Request Form to be signed by his/her teachers and returned to the Attendance Office for approval/denial. No pre-approved absences will be granted during the final week of first semester or the final two weeks of the school year.  
  • Co-curricular Activities · When students participate in any co-curricular and/or sports activity, they are required to be in attendance at school for the entire day of the event. The only exceptions are medical/dental appointments, one period or less in the Health Office, funeral or family medical/legal emergency, or student safety issue (as determined by a school administrator). Students absent for any other reason will be ineligible for the day’s event. Administration reserves the right to request verification of any absences presented by a student or parent/guardian. If a student incurs an unexcused absence the day after an event, he/she will be ineligible for the next game/event.

Dress Code- Students are expected to be appropriately dressed and acceptably groomed for school. Students who are dressed inappropriately may be asked to go home or have clothing delivered to them at school.

  • Clothing cannot pose a health or safety hazard, distraction, or disruption in classroom.
  • The following should not appear on clothing: words or symbols perceived as racial, sexual or harassing; items that are illegal for student use such as chemicals, alcohol, or tobacco; a message which is lewd, vulgar, or obscene.  
  • Low necklines, spaghetti straps, backless tops or halter tops are not allowed. All tops must cover both shoulders and midriffs. Bottoms that are too short, suggestive, reveal under clothes or the lower back area are inappropriate.  
  • Students may not wear headgear including, but not limited to, bandanas, regardless of where they are worn; scarves; caps; do-rags; sunglasses and hoods will also not be accepted.  
  • Coats will not be allowed to be worn during classroom hours.

Home Football Games- Backpacks and slingbacks are not permitted in the stadium.  There will not be a place to store them during the game.  If you bring one to the game you will not be admitted.