Middletown Springs Auditors Meeting

October 24, 2018 – 7:30 PM

Middletown Springs Town Office

Unofficial Minutes

Auditors present:  Juanita Burch-Clay (Nita), Sarah Grimm, Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman

Absent: None

Others present:  None


Call to order: 7:41 PM

1.  Minutes:

·      Minutes from the September 12, 2018 meeting were approved.


2.  Agenda adjustments:  The warned topic of this meeting is a continued review of Fiscal Year 2018.  Other agenda items:  

3. Update on Business from Previous Meetings:


4. Review auditor activities since last meeting:  

5.  Select Board Information


6. Transfer Station Tickets and Cash

7. Review of FY2018: There was more discussion about FY2018, the treasurer’s report, and a quick look at budget reports from previous years


8. Other Business - None


9. Next tasks


10. Future Meetings:


Meeting adjourned: 9:34 PM

Minutes submitted by Juanita Burch-Clay