Step 1.

Place the jumper to connect the pins 2-3 as shown.

(This will allow you to power the board on via usb cable without the need for your power supply)

Step 2.

Remove SD card. (Do not yet Connect your board to pc)

Step 3.

Open your device manager and open the Ports tab

Step 4.

Now connect your board to your computer via a usb 2.0 port and the short blue cable that was included..

(I had trouble using a usb 3.0 port)

Step 5.

Once you have connected your board, you should see a new port appear.

If you do not see one appear you may need to wait for windows to automatically install drivers or manually install drivers.

(Mine is “USB serial Port COM3”)

Step 6.

Right click the port, click properties and ports settings. Set the bits per second to 57600.

Step 7.

Download and install the latest arduino ide.


Step 8.

Download Sanguino master and extract somewhere on your PC.

Step 9.

Copy the “Sanguino master” folder and paste it into

C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware

Step 10.

Open the “Sanguino-master” folder, then the avr folder and open the “boards.txt” file

Step 11. Open the boards.txt file and search “ATmega1284”

Step 12.

Change the value 115200 to 57600

Step 13.

Save and close notepad.

Step 14.

Open the Arduino ide and select Tools, Board: and select Sanguino

Step 15.

Select Tools, processor and ATmega 1284p (16mhz)

Step 16.

Select Tools, Port and the COM that we Discovered at step 5.

(Mine was “COM3”)

Step 17.

Select file and open the folder that contains the firmware you wish to use for the update then select the “Arduino file”.

Step 18.

Upload and success!

Or Shoot yourself in the fucking foot after making a guide and while re-enacting it doesnt fucking work XD!! FUCKING AWSOME!! Yeah!