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Examen final

The following is a list of themes that we focus on throughout French classes at ______. For your exam, choose three sub-themes that we focused on this semester and write them in the spaces provided on a separate page..

French __ units of study or films:        

Theme: Global Challenges / Les défis mondiaux

◯ Diversity Issues / • La tolérance

◯ Economic Issues / • L’économie

◯ Environmental Issues / • L’environnement

◯ Health Issues / • La santé

◯ Human Rights / • Les droits de l’être humain

◯ Nutrition and Food Safety / • L’alimentation

◯ Peace and War / • La paix et la guerre

Theme: Science and Technology / La science et la technologie

Current Research Topics / • La recherche et ses nouvelles frontières

◯ Discoveries and Inventions / • Les découvertes et les inventions

◯ Ethical Questions / • Les choix moraux

◯ Future Technologies /• L’avenir de la technologie

◯ Intellectual Property /• La propriété intellectuelle

◯ The New Media /• Les nouveaux moyens de communication

◯ Social Impact of Technology /• La technologie et ses effets sur la société

Theme: Contemporary Life / La vie contemporaine

Advertising and Marketing / • La publicité et le marketing

◯ Education / • L’éducation et l’enseignement

◯ Holidays and Celebrations / • Les fêtes

◯ Housing and Shelter /• Le logement

◯ Leisure and Sports / • Les loisirs et le sport

◯ Professions /• Le monde du travail

◯ Rites of Passage / • Les rites de passage

◯ Travel /• Les voyages

Theme: Personal and Public Identities / La quête de soi

◯ Alienation and Assimilation /• L’aliénation et l’assimilation

◯ Beliefs and Values / • Les croyances et les systèmes de valeurs

◯ Gender and Sexuality / • Les sexes et la sexualité

◯ Language and Identity /• La langue et l’identité

◯ Multiculturalism / • Le pluriculturalisme

◯ Nationalism and Patriotism /• Le nationalisme et le patriotisme

Theme: Families and Communities / La famille et la communauté

Age and Class / • Les rapports sociaux

◯ Childhood and Adolescence / • L’enfance et l’adolescence

◯ Citizenship / • La citoyenneté

◯ Customs and Ceremonies / • Les coutumes

◯ Family Structures / • La famille

◯ Friendship and Love /• L’amitié et l’amour

Theme: Beauty and Aesthetics / L’esthétique

◯ Architecture / • L’architecture

◯ Contributions to World Artistic Heritage / • Le patrimoine

◯ Ideals of Beauty /• Le beau

◯ Literature /• Les arts littéraires

◯ Music / • La musique

◯ Performing Arts / • Les arts du spectacle

◯ Visual Arts /• Les arts visuels

After writing the sub-themes that we studied this semester, please answer the following questions in English for each sub-theme in complete sentences:

  1. What unit of study is this subtheme related to from French __?
  2. Tell me at least three cultural things you learned about in that sub-theme (not vocabulary words or grammar). For example, in 10 years you may have to look up the word for basement, but you will remember this about Francophone culture.)
  3. Explain why knowing these cultural components are important to you. How did they make you look at your culture differently? What did you learn about your own culture from them? How will they affect you and your future?
  4. You did more reading, writing, speaking, and listening this semester. In which areas did you experience a breakthrough? Explain the breakthrough. Maybe you improved in listening. How? Maybe in reading. How? How can these areas of improvement help in other classes?

  1. Sub-theme: ______________________________________________

  1. Sub-theme: ______________________________________________

  1. Sub-theme: ______________________________________________

Final question:

Imagine that you are giving advice to a student who is signing up for French __ next year.

What advice would you give them for achieving success in this class?

What is something that you wish you did differently?

What is something you can do to go above and beyond in this class?

How does learning a language and other cultures make you a better person and how can you apply what you learn outside of the classroom?