SIGCHI Video - Summary

Video recording for SIGCHI conferences

SIGCHI provides conferences with equipment to record talks. The equipment includes five sets of capture stations, cameras and all required accessories. Conferences only pay for shipping the equipment, captioning and one additional student volunteer per track for recording. As captured video will need to be captioned each conference needs to budget for this. Recorded talks are published in the ACM Digital Library and the SIGCHI YouTube channel. Please also see the SIGCHI Live and Recorded video policy.

If a conference plans to record talks, a video chair should be appointed. The video chair handles organisation of equipment, training SVs, post-processing of recordings and upload.

- Planning: The video chair should contact David Lindlbauer and Roman Rädle <> as soon as possible but a minimum of 5 months before the conference to start planning and reserve the equipment.

- Costs: Shipping costs to conference + $1 per min of video to be captioned + complementary SV registration (1 SV per track)

- Permissions are acquired when authors complete the ACM copyright form for their paper. They have the option to opt-out. For other formats (e.g., keynotes), permissions are acquired individually on-site. Presenters can revoke or give their permission at any time.

- Equipment: The new equipment records HD video and is capable of live streaming. Until the SIGCHI EC has a policy on live streaming in place, live streaming can be discussed and agreed with the VP for conferences on a case by case basis.

- Recording: On-site recording is performed by student volunteers, overseen by the video chair.

- Post-processing and uploading are handled by the conference video chair with support (software, documentation) from the SIGCHI Operations team.

- Shipping cost examples round trip per capture station (insured shipping from ACM New York)
        Montreal, Canada - $500   |    Berlin, DE - $1000   |    Melbourne, AU - $1500

        Tokyo, Japan - $2,000

Video presentation

SIGCHI publishes video previews, keynotes, plenaries, and paper presentations from CHI and specialised conference (e.g., UIST, TEI, SUI, CHI Play) in the ACM Digital Library and the SIGCHI Youtube channel.

Key stats SIGCHI Youtube channel -

2,700 videos published (e.g., 1300 video previews, 70 keynotes & plenaries, 1100 paper talks)


1,600,000 minutes watched (3 years 16 days)

3,700 subscribers (95% of views from non-subscribers)

If you are interested, please contact David Lindlbauer and Roman Rädle <> from the SIGCHI Operations team for details.