Ann Arbor Pioneer FRC District Competition
March 9th - 11th, 2017
Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Map and Directions

Pioneer High School is located at 601 W Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

        University of Michigan Stadium literally across the street!

PLEASE NOTE that Stadium Blvd is closed from S. Main Street to S. State Street, along the front of Michigan Stadium.

Important Times

Thursday March 9th

School is in session until 3:40pm.  No admittance until 4pm.

Friday March 10th **NOTE-Schedule has changed**

School is in session and classes start at 7:45am.  Do not use the main student drop off lane (entrance 3) between 7:15-7:45am.

Pits open at 8:00 am, please use the general entrance, shown below.  

Opening Ceremony begins at 10:30 am

Lunch begins 1:00 PM
Lunch ends, matches resume 1:30 PM
Matches end 8:00 PM
Pits close* 9:00 PM

Saturday March 11th

Doors open at 8:00 am, please use the general entrance, shown below

Opening Ceremony begins at 9:00 am

Match begins at 9:30 am

Lunch begins at 1pm

Load In/Out

The pits are located right inside the general entrance which is serviced by the main student drop off lane

(parking lot entrance 3).  Doors here can generally accommodate regular sized dollies and handcarts and

anything under 34” wide. Teams will need to quickly unload and then make way for other teams.  Do not

leave vehicles unattended in the general entrance area at any time.

Loading bay is located in the back of the main building.  Entrance 1 is the most direct route to reach it but you

can also get there using entrances 2 or 3 and driving through the lots.

 If you need to use a loading bay between 3:30-5pm pull into entrance 1, go to the trailer parking area and find the volunteers in the safety vests.  They will radio to the load in area and see if you can pull in.  ONLY TWO TRAILERS can be in the loading area at a time and traffic cannot back up along that road so we’re going to be staging people into the loading bay.  

Only 2 vehicles can be in the loading bay area at a time.  Teams will need to quickly unload and then make

way for other teams.  Do not leave vehicles unattended in the loading area at any time.

No loading in until after 4pm on Thursday or after 7:45am on Friday.


Parking – After unloading trailers should park in the back end of the lot by entrance 1.  Trailers can be left overnight in the lot.

On Friday teams and spectators should park towards the back of the lots to allow room for students and staff.  Definitely do not park in the first few rows closest to the school with yellow markings- these are staff parking spots.

Do not park in any of the staff parking lots (marked in blue on the map) on Thursday, Friday OR Saturday.  Other events are happening on Saturday and those spots will be reserved for staff and attendees.

Please refer to the parking map below and look for signs.

Venue Rules

Please do not post signage.

Please do not daisy chain power strips in the pits. Please bring power strips that have breakers, if at all possible.

Please tell your visitors attending the event that they must wear closed-toe and closed-back shoes and safety glasses when in the pits, and that children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Teams may bring their own food in, but please, no slow cookers.

Pit Information

Pits will be 10 feet X 10 feet. One outlet per team will be provided. Batteries may be charged in pits, but please keep in mind that power will be turned off at night.

Pits will be in numerical order.

Food and Lunches -Lunches begin at 1pm  **Friday lunch begins at 1:30**

Pre-order Lunch- orders can be placed with a local Little Caesars or Jimmy John’s.  Both are very familiar with delivering to Pioneer.  Contact information, menus and an order form are available in this document:

Pre-order lunch options- pizza and subs

Concessions will be provided in the cafeteria on Friday from lunch until 6pm and all day Saturday.

Concessions will be available in the concession booth (near the competition field) on Friday TBD and Saturday TBD.

Cafeteria concession menus and information:

Breakfast concessions

Hot & Cold Lunch Concessions Available

Method of Payment:


IMPORTANT NOTE: the cafeteria will not be accessible to teams on Friday at all until 1pm.  Do not plan

on setting up or storing food or anything else until 1pm because PHS students will be using it for lunch.

We will be marking/reserving tables for each team in the cafeteria.  Please do not remove or move any team’s

table marker.


Local and Other Information        Here are links to hotels, restaurants, and other businesses close to the school:

Any questions? Feel free to contact the event coordinator, Mary Skiver (, or the volunteer coordinator, Sandy Smith for more information.