January 2017

VOTE-COPE, which stands for Voice of Teachers in Education - Committee on Political Education, is NYSUT's non-partisan political action committee designed to further your union’s efforts to protect public education, access to health care, retirement security, labor rights, and fairness for working families.

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New York State Teachers Retirement System

2016 Annual Delegates’ Meeting

November 2017

 The 96th Annual Meeting of NYSTRS Delegates was held in Saratoga Springs on November 6 and November 7.  Attending this year’s NYSTRS Convention were delegates Ed. Callaghan, Jerry Martusciello, Donna McStay, and Matt Dickhut (alternate for Kevin Coyne).

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BTA Members Work to Support Assemblyman Phil Ramos

On Sat, Sept 10, BTA members visited the homes of NYSUT members in support of Assemblyman Phil Ramos.

Brentwood Teachers Association Welcomes New Teachers

On Wed Aug 24, the BTA welcomed new teachers to Brentwood.IMG_2517.JPGIMG_2518.JPGIMG_2519.JPG

Brentwood Teachers Give

Back to the Community

Every year, Brentwood teachers from around the district donate thousands of dollars to provide holiday gifts for many of our children. This year was no different.

North Middle

East Elementary

East Middle

Hemlock Park

Oak Park


Twin Pines

Brentwood Opt-Out Totals


District 3-8 ELA


District 3-8 Math


It’s STILL serious.  

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Dr. Joseph Rella exposes the Common Core Reform Agenda.  Click here.rella.jpg

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