Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P.


  1. COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course examines the constant tradition of the Catholic Church on Moral Habit.  This is then applied to the internal causes of moral formation:  virtues and sins.


The student is to demonstrate:

How moral conduct enters into the interior formation of moral freedom.

What virtues are and how they are formed and lost

What sin is and how it differs from vice

The nature of mortal and venal sins

  1. Reading  List:

Required Texts:  The Concise Summa, Thomas Aquinas, Christian Classics, 1997,  paperback  ISBN:  978-0870612107, $24.95

OR Summa Theologiae, Thomas Aquinas,  Internet

Both a Servant and Free, Brian Mullady, New Hope Publications, 2011 ISBN:  978-1-892875-53-2  Available from:,  $20.00

Required CDs: Fundamental Moral $80.00 available from or the professor.

Notes for this course can be downloaded at:  There is also a review sheet for the midterm exam on the same site.

Outline of Lectures

Part One:  The Nature of Virtue

Week One  Habit:

        a.  The Definition and Nature of Habit

        b.  The Subject of Habits

        Read: ST, I-II, QQ. 49-50

Week Two  Habit:

        a.  The Cause of Habits

        b.  The Increase and Weakening of Habits

        c.  The Kinds of Habits

        Read: ST, I-II, QQ. 51-54

Week Three Virtue:

        a. The Definition of Virtue

        b. The Subject of Virtue

        Read:  ST, I-II, QQ. 55-56;   Mullady,  Both A Servant and Free, 187-191

Week Four Virtue:

        a. Intellectual Virtues

        b. Moral and Intellectual Virtues

        Read: ST, I-II, QQ. 57-58;  Both, 192-200

Week Five  Virtue:

        a. Moral Virtues and Passion

        b. Distinction of Moral Virtues

        c. Cardinal Virtues

        d. The Theological Virtues

        e.  Other topics on Virtues

        Read: ST, I-II, QQ. 59-70

Week Six Sin:

        a.  The Nature of Vice and Sin

        b.  The Distinction of Sins

        Read: ST, I-II, QQ. 71-72  Both, 201-206

Part Two:  Vices and Sins

Week Seven  Sin:

        a.  The Relation of Sins to Each Other

        b.  The Subject of Sin

        c.  The Causes of Sin

        Read: ST, I-II, QQ. 73-75

Week Eight  Midterm in Class

Week Nine  Sin:

        a. Sins of Ignorance

        b. Sins of Weakness

        c. Sins of Malice

Week Ten Sin continued

a.  The External Causes of Sin -God

        b.  The External Causes of Sin - The Devil

        c.  The External Causes of Sin - Man

Read: ST, I-II, QQ. 76-81;  Both, 207-218

Week Eleven Sin continued:

        a.  Original Sin

        b.  The Effects of Sin

        c.  The Stain and Punishment of Sin

d.  Mortal and Venial Sin

Read: ST, I-II, QQ. 82-89

During the rest of the semester, please listen to the required CDs, the second half of them.

Final Exam to take place at the end of the semester

Course Requirements: a midterm (1/4); a final worth (1/2); and class participation and interest (attendance mandatory) (1/4).

I do not have an office so I cannot have office hours.  You may contact me by phone at 510 459-4375 or Internet:  If you live on campus, you may make an appointment to see me in my room.  Please do not address class issues during meal or prayer times.


Students at Holy Apostles College & Seminary are expected to practice academic honesty.

Avoiding Plagiarism

In its broadest sense, plagiarism is using someone else's work or ideas, presented or claimed as your own. At this stage in your academic career, you should be fully conscious of what it means to plagiarize. This is an inherently unethical activity because it entails the uncredited use of someone else's expression of ideas for another's personal advancement; this is, it entails the use of another person merely as a means to another person’s ends.


Consequences of Academic Dishonesty:

Because of the nature of this class, academic dishonesty is taken very seriously. Students participating in academic dishonesty may be removed from the course and from the program.


You are expected to attend every class.  If you cannot be present, please send me an email explaining your absence.  My email is:


You may reach me at

Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P.


Fr. Brian Thomas Becket Mullady is the son of an Air Force officer and was raised throughout the United States. He entered the Dominican Order in 1966 and was ordained in Oakland, California, in 1972. He has been a parish priest, high school teacher, retreat master, mission preacher, and university professor. He received his Doctorate in Sacred Theology (STD) from the Angelicum University in Rome, Italy and was professor there for six years. He has taught at several colleges and seminaries in the United States. He is an academician of the Catholic Academy of Science. He was most recently a Professor of Theology at Campion College in San Francisco. He is currently a mission preacher and retreat master for the Western Dominican Province. He also teaches two months of the year at Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, CT. He has had five series on Mother Angelica's EWTN television network. He is the author of two books and numerous articles and writes the Answer column in Homiletic and Pastoral Review.