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Technology Gr 5
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Grade 5 Technology Skill and Competency Student Checklist

Please use the check list below to record student proficiency in the area of technology.

Student Name: ______________________________________________

Basic Operations

Word Processing & Desktop Publishing

Recognize and save files in various formats (.bmp, .jpg, .pdf, .html, etc.)

Format text, lists, or paragraphs for:  Text direction

Create folders to organize files

Use the spell check, grammar check, and thesaurus

Use multiple ways to accomplish the same task including keyboard shortcuts, icons, and menus.  Keyboard Shortcuts

Use find, change and replace tools Anteater Sample

Use peripheral devices such as digital cameras, projection devices, flash drives, etc.

Use tools to highlight text Thesaurus 

Use special function keys  (Page up/down, home/end)

Insert hyperlinks to web sites or other files Embedding on a Wiki

Demonstrate intermediate keyboarding skills and proper keyboarding techniques Evaluating Keyboarding

Create columns and table Create a Comic

Using and Creating Spreadsheets

Multimedia and Presentation Tools

Format, move, copy cells, rows, columns - width, height, color

Insert graphics, clip art, sounds, and multimedia files

Manage Header and Footer

Format text: double spacing, bullets, numbers, alignment, indentation, outlining, columns, text direction, text art

Insert hyperlinks


Using and Creating Web Pages

Search for specific data/information by field

Apply digital citizenship principles

Understand the difference among the domain names

(.com, .gov, .edu, .org)

Domain Names Explanation