SGA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 12:04 p.m.

There were no minutes to approve, since this was the first SGA meeting for the new school year 2013-2014.

President’s Report – Tam Nguyen welcomed members and explained the functions of SGA, which are to be a channel for communication between students, organizations, and administration; and to address student concerns. She also informed members about parliamentarian and secretary vacancies and introduced new SGA officers.

Vice President’s Report – Jenine Cinco explained the process for Emerging Club Committee and addressed the need for 3 committee members, which must be nominated and elected at the next meeting. She also explained what the Ethics committee does and addressed the need for 3 club representatives to serve on that committee, which must be nominated and elected the next meeting

Secretary’s Report – Tam Nguyen presented this report, as the Secretary position is vacant. She shared that members must sign in at every SGA meeting to get credit for attendance. She also explained that for club announcements, members must use announcement forms.

Parliamentarian’s Report – Because the Parliamentarian position is vacant, Dan explained usage of Robert’s Rules in running SGA meetings, and to be patient since all the officers are new and are learning the process. Basic guidelines for Robert’s Rules are at the back of club paddles. Members must raise paddle to be recognized by the Chair.

A-team President’s Report - Luisa Salinas introduced herself and explained what A-Team does. A-Team meetings will be held every other Monday at 12:00 p.m. in Student Center 206 (9/16, 9/30, 10/14, 10/28, 11/11, 11/25). She reminded members about 3 upcoming events:

Night School Representative’s Report – Position is vacant. No report.

Victory Center Representative’s Report – Position is vacant. No report.

Greenspoint Representative’s Report – Michael Horner introduced himself as the new Greenspoint Representative.

Staff Advisor’s Report - Dan Mitsven explained that the Allocations Committee oversees the Student Activities Fee monies, which this year total $550,000. They hear Reserve Funding Requests from clubs, and also vote on next year’s budget. In New Business, we will nominate and vote for 3 at-large committee members in today’s meeting. Mitsven also announced that Lisa Schulze stepped down last spring as the SGA Faculty Advisor. Schulze and Mitsven found a possible replacement, who they, along with the officers, are recommending be confirmed at today’s meeting. There will be a vote in New Business.

Faculty Advisor’s Report – Position is vacant until confirmation. No report.

Program Coordinator, Student Life’s Report - Norma Guzman Duran reminded clubs to register for the Involvement Fair. She also reminded members about new guidelines for RSO officers. Clubs must submit new officers to Norma to verify that they meet the requirements. Officers elected before the start of this semester are grandfathered in. One member had questions about why the new policy was implemented. Mitsven replied that there were students who were “hanging around” just to hold positions. The same student stated that some students come back for re-education or training, and they may be over the 66 credit hour rule, or they may not be able to financially afford to take 6 credit hours at a time. Mitsven replied that those are reasons why there are measures for Student Life to consider exceptions. The same student also questioned whether there is an issue with FERPA in Student Life looking up student records. Mitsven replied that staff members are acting in an official capacity with the college, and that it is not a FERPA issue. Lastly, Norma reminded RSO members that they must verify active membership in organizations by the last day of fall semester, which is December 6, 2013

There was no Old Business.

For New Business, Mitsven moved to confirm Dr. Shae Adkins as the new SGA Faculty Advisor. GLOSS seconded the motion. Dr. Adkins was given an opportunity to share why she is interested in serving as the advisor. She then left the room for discussion. After discussion closed, Mitsven moved to approve Dr. Adkins by acclamation. Motion was seconded, and passed. Dr. Shae Adkins is now the official SGA Faculty Advisor.

Also under New Business, Mitsven moved to open nominations for 3 at-large positions on the Allocations Committee. Motion was seconded. 6 members were nominated for at-large positions. Each nominee was given up to 1 minute to share their qualifications. They left the room, and members were asked to vote for up to 3 candidates. Ballots were counted by Mitsven and Salinas. New Allocations Committee At-Large members are Drew Taylor, Tammy Edmonds, and Taylisha Clark.


        AAUW is having a meeting with pizza on September 5 – 11:50am-12:30pm – SC 206

        ASAP’s first meeting is September 15

        North Star News’s editor introduced himself and encouraged organizations to appoint a liaison to the

                North Star News for marketing benefits

Mitsven moved to adjourn the meeting. North Star News seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 12:59 p.m.