liEpisode 52- Talk About Eye Candy

Show Notes


Nemesis (@nemesisprime1)

Alca7raz (@alca7raz_)

Quick Hits

  1. BABSCon released a music video from their con:
  2. BABSCon announced a 2015 convention, along with the release of their convention shirt:
  3. GalaCon released a promo video by JanAnimations:
  4. TrotCon has announced info about music at the con and some of the many panels:
  5. BronyExpo has announced Michelle Creber will attend, and Michael Daingerfield will host a voice acting class:
  6. Everfree Northwest has announced online pre-con panels:
  7. BronyCAN has announced Georgia Ball:
  8. A writeup of Katie Cook’s panel at WonderCon is on Comic Book Resources:
  9. Musiquestria has announced that Seattle will be the first stop on their west coast tour:
  10. A Brony Tale, Ashleigh Ball’s documentary, has landed some major distributors:
  11. The host of the digital copies of the Bronies documentary is shutting down on May 1st:
  12. Trotmania Chrystalize and Crusaders have received their final updates:
  13. Fallout: Equestria is getting a 2nd printing:
  14. The My Little Investigations team, Equestrian Dreamers, is looking for help to make episode 2:
  15. The 6th winner of the WeLoveFine shirt contest has been announced:
  16. Hasbro had their First Quarter Earnings Call, a lot of info about how MLP and Equestria Girls have sold is in it:
  17. The Washington Post is attributing MLP’s successful merchandising to bronies:
  18. Issue 19 of the MLP comic is getting a con-exclusive The Walking Dead variant cover:
  19. Volume 5 of the MLP trade paperbacks is on Amazon for preorder:
  20. A new G.M Berrow MLP book has been revealed:
  21. Princess Twilight Enterplay card tins are appearing at Hot Topic:
  22. Applejack and Big Mac Funko figures are available for preorder at Hot Topic:
  23. 4DE has revealed their Applejack and Big Mac plushies:
  24. A new browser-based MLP game is up The Hub’s website:
  25. A second official MLP soundtrack has been released, currently an iTunes exclusive:
  26. Friendship is Magic has received a couple of Leo Award nominations:
  27. Rebecca Shoichet has confirmed that Sunset Shimmer will return in Rainbow Rocks:
  28. A new Rainbow Rocks short has been released:


Nemesis and Alca7raz have “Inspiration Manifestation” to talk about this week, which is a Spike (and Rarity) focused episode. The two of them have shown their distaste for Spike in the past, can this episode win them over? They have a bit to talk about from it, including creepy puppets, creepy clowns, and even creepy Rarity. Oh, and Spike’s behavior, if they have to go there. It’s not like people like the fax machine, right? Right?

Nemesis then decides to share a small review of “My Little Investigations,” the fan game that recently released their first episode. What did he think of the game overall? He focuses quite a bit on sound, and you’ll find out why when you listen in. He tries to keep it spoiler-free, so you needn’t worry about the story being ruined if you listen in.

Fan Content


Here On The Moon (ft. Faux Synder and Emily Jones) - 4everfreebrony

Entropy (Sim Gretina Remix) - Awkward Marina

Music Has the Right to Foals - Aoshi


“Another Cup of Tea, Madam?” by Manes