We love our Volunteers! 

Volunteers are an important part of the success of

Alcona Community Schools!   

To become a volunteer: 


1) All volunteers must complete the volunteer information forms that can be found at individual school offices.  You may access the online forms for the elementary school by CLICKING HERE, and the MS/HS by CLICKING HERE.

2) Turn your volunteer paperwork in to the school you wish to volunteer with.  Please make sure to list on the form the school(s) you wish to volunteer with. All volunteers must bring a driver’s license to the school office so we can make a copy and do a criminal background check. You will be notified when this process is complete.  If choosing to volunteer on a consistent basis, fingerprinting will be required and reimbursed by the school district.  

 We ask that you fill out new forms each school year.

 Fingerprinting is only required once.

3) You must receive Volunteer Training.  Online training is available below. 

Volunteer Training is available online by clicking here

Please watch the entire slide show.

School Office Hours are: 7:30AM-4:00PM, Monday-Friday.

4) Once you are approved, the District Office will send a form to each school with your name listed as an approved volunteer.