Data Gathering Task - Our Favourite Sports

Number of People who participated (as of 25/12): 20image-8.png

Q1) Which sport do you prefer?

Q2) Do you aspire to pursue a career in that sport?image-5.png


Q3) Who is/are your favourite football players? [checkbox question]


Q4) Who is your favourite basketball player?

[checkbox question]

Q5) Would you try the other sport if given a chance?image-9.png


According to the survey, soccer is a more popular sport than basketball. However, when asked if they would pursue a career in their preferred sport, 13 of them responded negatively, while 3 of them responded positively and 4 of them unsure. As for their favourite sportsmen (those who preferred basketball moved on to the next question), the most popular footballer was Lionel Messi with 7 votes, and the most popular basketballer came in a tie between Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and LeBron James, each with a vote. Lastly, I asked them if they would try the other sport if given a chance. 8 of them said yes, and 6 of them said no, whereas another 6 of them were neutral.