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January 2016

Affiliated to:-

Bowls England., E.I.B.A. Ltd,

Bowls Cambridgeshire, C.I.B.A., 

C. & D.B.L. and BH.P.B.L.




January 2014

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Rule 1 TITLE

The Club shall be known as "THE CAMBRIDGE AND COUNTY BOWLING CLUB", hereinafter referred to as the Club.


The address of the Club is Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge, CB2 8FG. Comprising a clubhouse with indoor bowls facilities, meeting room, cooking and toilet facilities, adjacent to outdoor Bowling Green and car park. A separate summer pavilion faces the outdoor green.


The colours of the Club shall be navy blue and gold.


The Club is affiliated to Bowls England, EIBA Ltd, Bowls Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire Indoor Bowling Association and Cambridge & District Bowls League and BH Pairs Bowls League.            01/13


To encourage the general public to participate in the sport of bowls.

The Club hereby undertakes to encourage people of black, Asian and ethnic minorities to participate and enjoy the game of bowls.

The Club hereby undertakes to encourage the disabled to participate and enjoy the game of bowls.

The Club recognizes the difficulty of those taking up the game, and hereby undertakes to provide free, with no commitment, coaching lessons at least once every 2 weeks if there is demand.

Such lessons shall take place both Indoors and Outdoors.

The Club hereby offers free full membership to young people of sixteen and under and students.                                                                          02/01


(a) The classes of membership shall be as follows:-

(i) Ordinary members. Shall be entitled to use and enjoy the Club premises and all the social facilities therein, and shall be entitled to vote at all General Meetings of the Club. Such Ordinary members shall be designated as either: -                                                                      02/01

(a) FULL Members - who shall be permitted to play bowls during both outdoor and indoor bowling seasons.

(b) OUTDOOR Members - who shall be permitted to play bowls during the outdoor bowling season only, or

(c) INDOOR Members - who shall be permitted to play bowls during the indoor bowling season only. Bowling seasons shall be defined in the Club By-Laws.

(ii) Honorary/Life members. Persons who have performed valuable service to the Club. Such persons shall be entitled to all the privileges of ordinary membership, but shall be relieved of all liability to pay subscriptions.                                                                                           12/01

(iii) Social members. Who no longer wish to partake in the game of bowls but who desire to remain active members of the Club in other respects for social purposes only.

(iv) Junior members. Are members 16 years and under and full time students.

(d) The procedure for election to membership shall be as follows:-

(i) Every candidate for membership of what ever class shall be proposed by a member of the Club and seconded by another member of the Club. The said proposal shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary and shall state the name and address of the candidate. The Secretary shall cause the proposal to be displayed upon the notice board for at least 48 hours thereafter, and objections to the proposal from other members of the Club must be delivered to the Secretary in writing.

(ii) Election to membership shall be by the General Committee, where decision shall be final. No reason shall be given to any candidate in the event of his rejection, except upon written application by the candidate. In certain exceptional cases where there might be some urgency for admission of a candidate (possibly when nomination has been made immediately after a monthly general meeting) the committee may and agree that membership may be granted by joint consent of the Chairman and Secretary for ratification by the committee at its next meeting.

(iii) No person shall be admitted to any class of membership without an interval of at least 48 hours between his nomination for membership and his admission. New members other than honorary members shall pay the current year's subscription to the Treasurer/Membership Secretary before their admission shall be deemed complete.             01/11


(a) The affairs of the Club shall be managed in accordance with the Rules by the General Committee.                                                          12/01

(b) The General Committee shall exercise the powers given to it under these rules, and shall consist of The President, Deputy President, Chairman, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary/Minute Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Indoor League Match Secretary, Outdoor Match Secretary, Competition Secretary(s), and Club Captains. The General Committee, including officers, must consists of at least 2 Trustees. Endeavors should be made to ensure that there are at least 3 Ladies members on the said committee. All General Committee members, including office bearers, shall be elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. They shall go out of office in every year, but shall be eligible for re-election. All candidates for election to the General Committee shall be proposed by one member and seconded by another member, said proposals to be in writing and submitted to the Secretary not later than 14 days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting. Those members of the Club eligible for election to the General Committee shall be Ordinary Members, Honorary/Life Members or Social Members.                                                                 01/14

Voting for election of General Committee members shall be by simple majority in a ballot unless there are fewer nominations than required to form the General Committee.

If a casual vacancy occurs in the General Committee by virtue of the death, resignation or expulsion of one of its members, the General Committee shall appoint another member of the Club to fill the vacancy, such person to hold office during the reminder of the period of tenure of the member he replaces.

(c) The General Committee of the Club shall try and meet at least once every calendar month, during the winter season and every other month during the summer season, to conduct such business as shall be necessary, and a quorum at such meetings shall consist of 5 members. The resolution of a simple majority of those General Committee members present and voting at any meeting of the General Committee shall be binding upon both the General Committee and the Club, in so far as that resolution shall relate to any matter competently within the sole jurisdiction of the General Committee. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the General Committee; in the absence of the Chairman the committee shall elect a Chairman for that meeting only. The Secretary, Committee/Minute Secretary and Assistant Secretary shall take minutes of all meetings. In their absence, the meeting shall appoint one of its numbers to take such minutes.                                 01/11

(d) At least one month and not more than two months prior to the Annual General Meeting at which the Election of President and Deputy President, the General Committee shall consider recommendation of suitable persons for appointment at the said Annual General Meeting. Those considered for nomination will be approached in order of decided upon, and on first acceptance being obtained for each office the General Committee shall recommend those persons to the Annual General Meeting for election. The serving Deputy President will be first nomination for appointment as President, should be willing and suitable. No President may hold the office of President for more than 2 consecutive years, second year subject to re-election. At this meeting of the General Committee consideration shall also be given to the recommendation of suitable persons for appointment by the Annual General Meeting as Life Members.

(e) The main office bearers, namely The President, Deputy President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are required to be full members of the Club, and shall not play in any matches against this Club. Other officers, where appropriate, are required to observe this requirement.                                                                                                                          12/02

(f) The General Committee may by the issuing of by-laws (which shall be exhibited on the Club's notice board) manage the Club's affairs to any extent and degree which is not inconsistent with these rules. The by-laws in force shall be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting subject to consideration and voting upon any resolution proposing amendment which shall have been properly notified at least seven days prior to such meetings.

(g) The General Committee shall appoint one or more sub-committees to conduct such of the committee's business as the committee shall deem appropriate. Any such sub-committee shall consist of not less than 3 and no more than 4 members and may, if required, consist of not more than 2 main office bearers. Two sub-committee members shall form a quorum.                                                                                           12/02

(h) Any member of the Club may at the discretion of the General Committee be co-opted onto the said General Committee or sub- committee where it is considered a useful purpose may be served.


(a) Trustees, who shall be 7 in number, shall be appointed from time to time as necessary by the members of the Club in general meeting. Candidates for trusteeship shall be proposed and seconded in the like manner as laid down in Rule 7(b) hereof for General Committee elections. A trustee should be a full and active member of the club. A trustee shall hold office during his life, or until his resignation in writing to the Secretary, or until a resolution removing him from office shall have been passed by a 2/3 majority of those present and voting at a general meeting called under Rule 11 (b) hereof.                                              01/08

(b) All the property of the Club of whatsoever nature shall be vested in the trustees for the time being, to be held in trust in their names for the use and benefit of the Club as a whole. On the death, resignation or removal from office of a trustee, the General Committee shall take steps to secure the appointment by the Club of a new trustee in his place, and as soon as possible thereafter take all lawful and practicable steps to procure the vesting of all Club property into the names of the trustees as constituted after the said appointment.

(c) The trustees shall at all times, and in all respects, act in regard to the property of the Club held by them in accordance with the directions of the General Committee; and shall have power to sell, pledge, lease, mortgage or otherwise alienate any club property with the directions of the General Committee. But no purchaser, lessee or mortgagee, or other successor in title, shall be concerned to enquire whether any such direction has been given.

(d) The trustees shall, on the direction of the General Committee, represent the Club in any litigation.

(e) The trustees shall be entitled to an indemnity out of the property of the Club in respect of any action taken by them on the direction of the General Committee.

(f) If there is a meeting of the clubs Trustees then a minimum of 5 out of 7 is required.                                                                                            02/15


(a) The annual subscription, charges and fees for members other than honorary members considered by the Finance Sub-Committee and ratified by the General Committee from time to time under the by-laws.

(b) Said annual subscription shall be due and payable on election under Rule 6(c)(iii) hereof, and thereafter without demand, in accordance with the by-laws. The committee may terminate the membership of any member whose annual subscription remains unpaid after the due date.


The Treasurer shall cause to keep such accurate and proper books of account as will enable him at every Annual General Meeting, or at such other time as may be required by the General Committee upon reasonable notice, to present to the Club a full and accurate report and statement concerning the finances of the Club, including a separate statement with regard to the purchase and supply of intoxicating liquor, for the current year as the cause may be, and shall present such report and statement accordingly.

The financial year runs from 1st September to 31st August. Those accounts presented to the Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be certified by a Financial Examiner of Accounts appointed from time to time by the members in general meeting as be fair and accurate summary of the income and expenditure of the Club for the period covered by their certificate, which shall be the same period as covered by the said accounts.                                                                               01/14


(a) General meeting of the Club (to be known as the Annual General Meeting) shall be held in January of each year. Notice of the date and time of the Annual General Meeting shall be displayed on the notice board for at least 21 days before the said meeting. The business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall consist of the election of a President, Deputy President, Chairman, Officers, Committee members; the presentation of the audited accounts; the President's Report on the previous year; and Treasurers Report on the previous year; and such other reports from sub-committee and officials as may be required by the General Committee; confirmation of the by-laws in accordance with the provisions of Rule 7(e); and any other business notice of which has been given to the Secretary in writing at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting.                                              01/07

 (b) Additional general meetings of the Club may be summoned at any time by the General Committee following the expiry of 14 days' written notice to be displayed by the Secretary on the Club notice board. The Secretary shall summon a general meeting if required to do so by written request signed by not fewer than 30 members, or one fifth of the membership, whichever is the smaller number. Upon receipt of such a request the Secretary shall cause such a meeting to be summoned by notice displayed on the Club notice board within 24 hours of receipt by him of such request, the meeting to be held as possible after the expiry of 7 days from the display of said notice. The subject intended to be submitted before any additional General Meeting shall be started in the notice of the Meeting and shall be adopted if passed by at least 2/3 of those present.                                                                                          12/01

(c) At all general meetings of the Club voting shall be confined to members of the Club, and every such member shall be entitled to be present and to have a single vote. In the case of equality of voting, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. All voting (except where expressed otherwise in these rules) shall be by a simple majority.                        12/01

(d) In calling any general meeting, the Secretary shall, by notice on the Club notice board, specify the business to be conducted thereat.


(a) Intoxicating liquor shall be supplied during said hours. This includes the house with intoxicating liquor hall be supplies on the club premises to member, their guests and visitors in accordance with local licensing laws.          

Weekdays: (Monday to Saturday) - From 11a.m. to 11.30p.m.

Sunday - From 12 noon to 2p.m. and 6.30p.m. to 11.p.m.

Christmas Day and Easter Sunday - Closed                             

During said hours, only members may purchase intoxicating liquor for consumption OFF the premises.                                                                    10/05

 (b) No person shall be paid at the expense of the Club any commission, percentage or similar payment on or with reference to the purchase of intoxicating liquor by the Club, and no person shall directly or indirectly derive any financial benefit from the supply of intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the Club to members or guests, apart from any benefit which may thereby accrue to the Club as a whole.

(c) The supply to the Club of intoxicating liquor shall be under the sole control of the committee, who shall arrange for the purchase thereof on behalf of the Club.


(a) Members may introduce and entertain guests at the Club, and there shall be kept at the Club premises a guest book which both the member and the guest shall sign at the time of the introduction of the guest.

(b) No member may introduce more than 2 guests in any one day, and no person may be allowed into the Club as a guest on more than 3 occasions in the same month. No person whose membership of the Club has terminated under Rule 16 hereof, or is for the time being suspended under Rule 16 hereof, or whose application for membership has at anytime been rejected, shall be admitted as a guest. The committee may suspend any member who takes undue advantage of this rule to the detriment of the Club.

(c) Any member introducing a guest under this rule must accompany him while he is on the Club premises, and shall be responsible for his guest's behavior throughout his visit. The member shall be responsible for ensuring that all his guests comply with the Club Rules whilst on the Club premises.

(d) No member may introduce the same guest for play on no more than 4 occasions during the indoor season and no more than 4 occasions during the outdoor season.                                                                      12/02


(a) Members of visiting teams competing in events against Club teams, and their supporters shall, on the day of the event, be permitted entry to the Club premises. While on the Club premises they may purchase intoxicating liquor.

(b) Exceptionally and on no more than eight occasions in a calendar year persons other than members and bonfire guests who are attending functions held and matches played on the Club's premises with the prior agreement of the General Committee shall be permitted to purchase intoxicating liquor.

(c) The General Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to any such visitors or supporters attending the Club under the forgoing sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) at the General Committee's absolute discretion.


No alteration to any of the Rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or an Additional General Meeting, and shall not be valid unless passed by at least 2/3 of the members present who are entitled to vote in accordance with Rule 11. Minimum votes in favour must be 12. Seven days' notice of any addition or alteration shall be given to every member.


A member who shall be guilty of any violation of the Rules, or shall act in any way derogatory to the interests of the Club, either within or without the Club premises, shall be subject to suspension or expulsion. All complaints against members shall be made in writing through the Secretary to the General Committee who shall investigate the same, and if the charges be in its opinion sufficiently grave they shall convene a Special Meeting of the General Committee to decide the matter, of which meeting notice shall be given to the member. At this meeting the member accused shall have the right to appear and after he has been heard and has withdrawn or has refused or neglected to appear, the General Committee shall when ready come to a decision vote by ballot and if 3/4 of those present and voting decide on suspension or expulsion that decision shall thereupon have effect. The offender shall be liable for any subscription then due from him and in the case of expulsion shall forfeit all rights and interest in the Club.


The Secretary shall keep a Minute Book in which all minutes of meetings of the Club and General Committee shall be entered. He shall call all meetings of the Club and its Committees, and conduct the necessary business of the Club. Deal with correspondence promptly. Keep correspondence up-to-date. Make out an agenda for AGM's and Committee meetings. Make sure other Club officers, where appropriate, see correspondence and paperwork that is of interest to them.

The Membership Secretary will keep a Roll Book containing the names and address of all members.                                                                  12/08


The Treasurer shall collect all subscriptions due to the Club and keep correct accounts of the Funds. He shall deposit in the Bank all monies received by him belonging to the Club in the name of the Cambridge and County Bowling Club. He shall also, at the Annual General Meeting of the Club to be held in January, submit an audited statement of these accounts for the year.                                                                              01/07


The accounts of the Club shall be audited by a Financial Examiner to be elected at the Annual General Meeting.                                                01/14


The Laws of the Game shall be as laid down by the bodies to which the Club is affiliated and by the Club's By-laws.


Any dispute arising out of or not covered by these rules shall be referred to the committee whose decision shall be final.


The Club shall be dissolved after the following procedure has taken place:-

 (a) Special meeting of the General Committee shall be held after no less than one month's notice of the date has been announced to those concerned.

(b) Such resolution to be passed by not less than a 2/3rds majority of those present.

(c) The decision to dissolve shall be recommended to the membership at a specially convened meeting. Not less than one month's notice to be given to the membership. Dissolution shall only take place if passed by not less than a 3/4 of those present.

(d) After discharging all debts and liabilities, the remaining assets shall be equally divided to ordinary members of the Club. For the purpose of this rule, ordinary members means full and indoor members and applies to those who have paid in full not less than the amount required to cover not less then 3 continuous full indoor seasons.                                     12/02


The Club undertakes to take out and maintain a Public Liability Insurance, commonly known as a Third Party Insurance.

It will take out an Employer Liability Insurance when, at such time that the General Committee decides, there is a need to employ a person or persons.                                                                                                    12/01


Throughout these rules, unless the contrary intention appears -

(a) Words importing the masculine gender include the feminine;

(b) Words importing the feminine gender include the masculine;

(c) Words in the singular include the plural and words in the plural include the singular.


(Interpretation Act 1978,s6)



Made in accordance with Rule 7(e)

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No 1 Regulations for the Conduct of indoor League Games

(See separate notice on Internal Notice Board,

No 2 Subscriptions. Charges and Fees: Rule 9

                                               Annual Subscriptions:                                01/16

FULL Members (for play both Indoors and Outdoors) 2016/2017

£75 - due by end September 2016

£5 penalty if still unpaid at end of October 2016.


JUNIOR Members 16’s and under & Full Time Students

(For playing both Indoors and outdoors) 2014/2015 Free



£2.00 per person per Entry


Car Park Membership £75


 INDOOR Members (for playing winter season indoor) 2016/2017

£40 - due by the end September 2016

£5 penalty if still unpaid at the end of October 2016.


INDOOR Green Fees: £2.50 per player per Session 2016/2017.


CASUAL VISITORS Playing Fees 2016/2017:

£3.50 per person per Session either Indoors or Outdoors



Fours £12, Triples £10, Pairs £8


OUTDOOR Members (for playing summer season outdoors) 2017

£45 - due by end May 2017

£5 penalty if still unpaid at the end of June 2016.


OUTDOOR Green Fees 2017: £2.50 per player per Game


JUNIOR'S Green Fees 2016/2017: Free

SOCIAL Member (No Bowling Indoors or Outdoors)2016/2017: £5


LOCKER FEES (1St September - 31st August) 2016/2017: £5

No 3 Times of INDOOR Bowls Play

Playing Sessions will normally be in consecutive as follows:-

9am to 11am

11am to 1.15pm

1.20pm to 3.35pm

3.40pm to 5.55pm

6.15pm to 8.15pm

8.15pm to 10.15pm                                                                                 06/15

No 4 Dress

No specific dress rules apply to practice playing sessions.

At other times players must conform to requirements as may be indicated for the various matches and league games.

Men: Grey trousers and White tops, regulation bowling shoes.
Ladies: Regulation grey skirt, grey trousers or culottes and Navy or White tops, regulation bowling shoes.                                                       01/01

No 5 Smoking

There is NO SMOKING in any of the Club’s Buildings at any times.    01/05

No 6 Telephone Calls

An honesty box is provided close to the telephone for receipt of the cost of calls made. Payment is required for ail telephone calls made from the Club other than those made strictly on the Club's affairs.

No 7 The Club Bar

The opening hours displayed relate to sale of intoxicating liquor and those hours are set out in the Club's Rules within the framework of the General Licensing Hours laid down by the Justices for this district. They must be strictly adhered to. Bottles of drink and other products are not permitted to be taken for raffle prizes or similar purposes except upon full payment being made. No credit is allowed at the Bar.

No 8 Booking Indoor Rinks

Advanced booking for casual play shall exceed 14 days.

No 9 Notices

All notices which are nothing to do with this Club or any of the Associations which it's affiliated to. Must be passed by the Committee before going on display.                                                                          01/0




(January 2011)

  Top     Rules     By-Laws    Indoor League Rules   Indoor Competition Rules 



(a) All indoor games should be played strictly in accordance with the English Indoor Bowling Ltd Rules as contained in the JOINT LAWS OF THE GAME (copy to be kept on the notice board).                               01/09

(b) If the end in an Indoor League game is killed, then the Jack is placed on the Dot on the adjacent side, which is 1 meter along side the ‘T’. If the Dot is covered, then the jack shall be placed as near as possible to the dot in a straight line with the ‘T’. The end is then played till its normal finish.                                                                                   01/10


(a) All teams must comprise of Club Members only and consist of a minimum of 5 named players for rinks, 4 named players for triples and 3 named players for pairs,

(b) Monday evening mixed League teams must include at least 1 member of the opposite sex, even when playing 1 person short. Non observance will result in loss of match for the offending team.

(c) The Lees Trophy is a Ladies triples league. Which players are asked to put there names down at the end of the previous season and they will then be drawn into teams.

(d) Wednesday Evening Open Triples League, will run as the same as the Lees Trophy, with players drawn out of a hat and put in teams, but will be open to men and Ladies. The teams do not have to be a mixed team. Any reserves will be able to play for any team.

In order for this league to work, there must me a minimum of 32 players to select the teams from.                                                                         01/10

(e) The Bernie Mould Trophy is a competition is open to all teams in all Leagues as long as they made up of the players from said League team. It will be played as a knockout triples competition and it is free to entire.                                                                                                              12/14


Substitutes will be permitted subject to them being Club members.   12/14


(a) In all league matches 2 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.

(b) Score cards will be filled in with the names of all the team members who played and when the match is completed the card is to be placed back in the score card box.

(c) Any substitute’s names to be clearly stated, see 2c/d.

(d) Teams of 4 unable to find a suitable substitute, or turning up 1 player late. The Lead and Second players will play 2 bowls, while they are waiting for the other player to arrive. You are to play with only 6 woods against, using the following format.

Lead, Lead, Two etc. The 3’s and skips play as normal.

(In such cases the full rink fees for "4" shall be paid, the skip of the short handed team is responsible to make sure the short full is made up).                                                                                                                 01/11

(e) Pairs matches, if a team is unable to find a suitable substitute as in 2d, then the offending team will forfeit the match.                                 06/05

(f) Triples match, if one team is short of a player the match may still be played with the triple bowling 9 woods and the pair 6 woods using the following format.

Lead, Lead, Two

Lead, Lead, Two

Lead, Lead, Two

The skips then bowl their woods alternately in the usual way"

A late comer in the 'pair' team may join in at any time but must play at two.   

(In such cases the full rink fees for "3" shall be paid, the skip of the short handed team is responsible to make sure the short full is made up).                                                                                                            06/05

(g) If any team fields ineligible players the result shall be awarded to the opposing side.


Play shall be as laid down in rule 7 and the number of ends laid down as rule 6.                                                                                                  06/15


In all league games a maximum of ends shall be as follows:-

Fours 18 ends or bell which ever comes first

Triples 18 ends or bell which ever comes first

Wednesday Evening Triples Only, 16 ends No bell.

Pairs 18 ends or bell which ever comes first

for all games there will be no trial ends                                                  04/10


Playing Sessions will normally be in consecutive as follows:-

9am to 11am

11am to 1.15pm

1.20pm to 3.35pm

3.40pm to 5.55pm

6.15pm to 8.15pm

8.15pm to 10.15pm                                                                                 06/15


Normally at the end of play a bell will sound, together with a light 14 minutes before the end of a playing session. Teams will complete the end in progress (jack must be centered to a legal length) then play 1 more end to complete the game.                                                               06/15


(a) All matches "should" be played according to the fixtures programme.                                                                                              06/05

(b) Teams failing to attend a scheduled match will be liable to pay their own rink fees in full and will be deemed to have lost the match by 10 shots.

(c) Teams attending a scheduled match where their opponents fail to attend will be liable to pay their own rink fees in full and will be deemed to have won the match by 10 shots and will be awarded 2 points.

(d) It is the captain’s responsibility to re-arrange any cancelled games within 28 days of the Fixture Date and to notify the League Secretary of the new date. Failure to do this will result in both teams being deducted 2 points from the league table.                                                                06/05

(e) The Captain responsible for cancelling the game has failed to fulfil the fixture then he/she will be responsible for the paying of all rink fees applicable to that game (both sides).In extreme circumstances, then the committee have the final say.                                                                  02/15


(a) At the end of the season the 2 top teams in Division 2 will be promoted to the next higher Division.                                                     06/05

(b) The 2 bottom teams in Division 1 will be relegated to the next lower Division.                                                                                                    06/05

(c) Teams gaining promotion or relegation must accept this condition or retire from the league.

(d) Any league vacancies will be advertised,

(e) At the end of the season the team in each league with the highest number of points shall be declared the winner of the league. If two or more teams have an equal number of points then the team with the highest shot difference shall be the winner. If two or more teams have equal number of points and equal shot difference then the team which has scored the highest number of shots shall be declared the winner.                                                                       



At the club dinner, as well as the main trophy being presented to the League winners, which hold for a year, vouchers will also be presented as follows:-                                                                                                      For a Fours team 6 vouchers, Triples team 5 vouchers and Pairs team 3 vouchers.                                                                                                  In the case of Competitions, vouchers for the winners and runners up will be presented as follows:-                                                                                                       Fours 4 vouchers, Triples 3 vouchers, Pairs 2 vouchers and Singles 1 voucher. The vouchers will only be handed over at the dinner and only to a member of each team. If none of that team goes to the dinner then the club will keep the vouchers.                                                                              If on request at least 2 weeks before the dinner a keep sake trophy can be ordered instead of vouchers.                                                                            01/08


In all league and competition matches players are required to wear-

Men: Grey trousers and White tops, regulation bowling shoes.

Ladies: Regulation grey skirt, grey trousers or culottes and Navy or White tops, regulation bowling shoes.                                                    05/02


All disputes or complaints shall be in writing to the relevant Indoor League Secretary, who will refer the matter to the General Committee for adjudication whose decision shall be final.


(a) The Indoor League and Competition Entry Form constitutes a contract between a team of players and the Club to avoid the liability of V.A.T. payment on fee income for these matches to the Inland Revenue.

(b) Captains are required to sign and return the entry forms before the commencement of the season.

(c) It is the Captains responsibility to collect and pay any fees outstanding from un-played League Matches at the end of the indoor season (April 30th).                                                                                   06/05






(January 2010)

  Top     Rules     By-Laws    Indoor League Rules   Indoor Competition Rules 


1/ For the competitions to go ahead we must have the following amount of entries

2/ All Competitions up to and including the Semi-finals shall be played to the session time or the number of ends laid down as set out below:-

The Finals shall be the Full number of ends:-

When there is No time limit.

3/ All rounds up to the Final will be played on or before the date and time on the sheet, (if you play before please cross out the original date on the sheet).

4/ If during the game the end is burnt. It will be replayed if there is time and not placed on the dot.

5/ The Finals will be played down the Middle of the green on the on or before the last weekend of April.

6/ The only time trial ends are allowed is in the Final.

7/ Mixed Fours Must be made up with 2 Ladies and 2 men.

8/ If one player of a team is unavailable, for any reason, a substitute must be used. Only 1 substitute is aloud to be used, though the competition, if they have not already played in the same competition.

Except in singles when a substitute is Not permitted.                           05/02

9/ Rink fees to be paid, for in all matches including the Final.