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Carter Lake Assesment Policy
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Carter Lake Elementary

Assessment Policy


At Carter Lake, we believe assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning that takes place on a continuous basis. We believe that ongoing assessment is necessary for continuous learning and growth. We encourage students to be globally responsible. Assessment provides information to teachers, students, and parents as they are involved in inquiry learning opportunities.  Formative assessment guides teacher instruction, in order to make necessary adaptations and changes to instruction to meet the unique needs of our learners.  In addition, feedback helps students understand where they are in relation to the learning target.  It provides students opportunities to reflect, set goals, and be risk takers as they take action for continuous improvement.


Assessment is an important tool to inform our teaching and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction. Students are assessed on measurable goals, which allows teachers to adapt instruction and help students meet the expectations set forth by our program. Assessments help identify where students are before instruction and throughout the teaching process to provide feedback to students and inform parents of student growth. In addition, assessments provide opportunities for students to reflect on and take action to improve their learning.

Principles of Assessment


Being knowledgeable of student progress helps families to support student learning and to ensure that they are partners in the student’s education. In return, teachers benefit from having the parents’ perspective of students’ development to improve instruction.


Students demonstrate their knowledge  and skills in a variety of ways. When students understand the success criteria, they are capable of thoughtful self-assessment and reflection. Students are open minded to the feedback they receive and are encouraged to reflect upon their learning and be communicators in setting goals for themselves to further their learning.


Teachers use a variety of assessment tools and strategies to measure student understanding on a regular basis. Teachers use formative assessment to adapt instruction to inform and enhance their instruction. Summative assessments will be used to allow students to demonstrate what they have learned and are a formal ending point of a unit or process, but not necessarily the end of student learning in the areas being assessed.

Common Assessment Practices 

Assessment is ongoing and scheduled by the district and building staff.  Staff reviews and analyzes results to guide instruction.  Ongoing formative assessments and reflections are used to determine student understanding. District required assessments are also utilized to measure student progress.

Types of assessments may include the following:

Federal/State mandated:

District mandated:

Assessment Strategies:

Assessment Tools:


Common reporting practices at Carter Lake include:

Assessment Policy Review

The leadership team at Carter Lake Elementary will review and update the assessment policy on an annual basis.

Updated May 2021