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Release Notes for XSplit Gamecaster 2.3 (2.3.1504.3026)

2.3.1504.3026 - Release notes:

Please refer to the FAQ for general questions on usage:

Supported operating systems

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

For hardware and software requirements, see further details here:

Internet connection

Requires Internet connectivity with HTTP / HTTPS port 80/443 open and RTMP port 1935 open

For live streaming on lowest settings, a minimum upload speed of 500 kbps is required

Known limitations:

For a list of bugs being worked on see Known Issues section. For other general known limitations see list below.

New Features (2.2.1502.1751 -> 2.3.1504.3026)

- XGC-2428 - Hitbox notifications

- XGC-2426 - Hitbox chat

Fixes/Improvements (2.2.1502.1751 -> 2.3.1504.3026)


- XGC-2771 - Add links to stream and dashboard under the Start Tab when streaming

- XGC-2768 - Make Register screen default if no existing credentials and local db not found

- XGC-2751 - Apply new YouTube branding logo / icon

- XGC-2741 - Revise settings for clarity

- XGC-2737 - Option to stop notification sound preview

- XGC-2717 - Increase the limit of channels for UStream

- XGC-2715 - Improve startup time when streaming services added

- XGC-2698 - Do not allow any XSplit forms (login, notice dialog to steal focus)

- XGC-2681 - Add option to show/hide BRB Graphics while in-game

- XGC-2679 - Provide option to do "silent install" for stream only audio renderer

- XGC-2644 - Change Facebook Username on BRB Graphics to display FirstName + LastName (Facebook API does not give access to username anymore)

- XGC-2640 - Give notification when hotkey already used

- XGC-2634 - Allow selection of ingest servers in streaming settings

- XGC-2633 - Introduce connection timeouts and retry limits when connecting to RTMP servers

- XGC-2620 - VOD Manager: Add ability to paste folder path in the LOCATION field

- XGC-2526 - Add hotkey for showing external settings stats panel in overlay

- XGC-2514 - Add Show/Hide Mouse Cursor option

- XGC-2497 - Show more info in “Update Available” link

- XGC-2489 - Apply new font and dimension for login and splash screens

- XGC-2466 - Improve Game-Not-Found prompt shown when Console Viewer is closed while streaming/recording

- XGC-2420 - Make VCE2 in memory encoding default for Win 8.1+ w/ driver(14.501.1003.0+)

- XGC-2156 - Eliminate extra tab-index on alert dialogs

- XGC-2155 - Allow Dailymotion Facebook login inside overlay

- XGC-2140 - Bind keys to default buttons of alert dialogs in Overlay

- XGC-2124 - Consider Bandwidth need for other apps when doing Bandwidth test


- XGC-2815 - Emoticons are not properly displayed on the chat box

- XGC-2811 - "Request not authorized" error shows up after creating youtube live event with "record from start" unchecked

- XGC-2809 - Several recording context menu option (make faststart/repair file/convert to mp4) does not work if app is started from a launcher (another application)

- XGC-2808 - Stuck at loading state when attempting to share a VOD after editing another VOD's YouTube Settings

- XGC-2802 - YouTube and socials icons takes some time to load in VOD manager (due to deprecated v2 API)

- XGC-2794 - Local resource files may update incorrectly when localization (regional settings related to date time format) change

- XGC-2793 - Problem closing application during update (installer may prompt that app is still running)

- XGC-2790 - Set YouTube live encoding to use main profile

- XGC-2780 - Camera preview in external settings may appear in weird aspect ratio (due to regional settings)

- XGC-2778 - Notification Sound does not work when 'In-Stream/Recording' visibility is not enabled

- XGC-2766 - Game suggestion dropdown does not close when clicked

- XGC-2743 - Set graphcontrol before component initialization (internal fix)

- XGC-2740 - HTML/SWF may be selected as image overlay but doesn't work

- XGC-2739 - UI desync when user attempts to stream using invalid Custom RTMP settings and delay is set

- XGC-2738 - Tooltip for Notification Sound is incorrect

- XGC-2731 - Filename of selected VOD can be highlighted by dragging the External Settings window

- XGC-2730 - Status label may be included on stream and recording

- XGC-2729 - BRB graphics not displayed when game is closed while streaming or recording

- XGC-2728 - Misleading text on game-not-found dialog for console viewer when BRB Graphics is enabled

- XGC-2726 - Opening some dialogs (i.e. Twitch broadcast option) spawns a very dark overlay in background

- XGC-2724 - "Console Viewer" is always displayed on Game-not-Found prompt

- XGC-2723 - Unable to properly capture game - Heroes and Generals (Steam)

- XGC-2718 - Game issues: The Escapists / Metal Gear Solid - Ground Zeros

- XGC-2716 - Overlay elements can be highlighted

- XGC-2714 - File renaming using F2 is allowed when multiple files are selected

- XGC-2713 - Rename is cancelled on F2 > End key

- XGC-2705 - Elements on embedded login form are missing when wrong credentials are used

- XGC-2702 - Shortcuts are not properly updated/removed on update/uninstall

- XGC-2701 - F2 key (Rename) does not always work

- XGC-2700 - Update growl may be displayed on other tabs on the External Settings

- XGC-2697 - F2 (Rename) is allowed for a folder in VOD Manager

- XGC-2686 - Cam Preview on Settings Tab is not properly displayed

- XGC-2683 - Some web address links are not displayed correctly on the Twitch chat

- XGC-2682 - Share Status dialog on the overlay immediately slides downward and disappear when clicked

- XGC-2676 - Links on Twitch Chat open an incorrect page when clicked

- XGC-2675 - Twitch chat emoticons are not case-sensitive

- XGC-2673 - Twitch chat placeholder does not disappear when typing on the message box

- XGC-2670 - Unable to navigate through the VOD list after first click

- XGC-2668 - Ping Test may select an unreachable server

- XGC-2666 - VOD Manager: Growl when renaming file with invalid symbols is misaligned in thumbnail view

- XGC-2663 - "Retry" links on the Share dialog doesn't work

- XGC-2660 - VOD Manager: Change location path value to previous valid path value when an invalid location is entered

- XGC-2657 - VOD Manager: File-related error growls are misaligned when VOD's are displayed in thumbnail view

- XGC-2656 - External Settings window may reappear after logout

- XGC-2655 - Account box may fail to fold up when clicking on other elements or windows

- XGC-2652 - Spaces can be inputted as tags on the YouTube share dialog

- XGC-2651 -  VOD list loses focus when an alert/confirmation dialog is opened and then closed

- XGC-2647 - Twitch Notifications: Tooltip for allowed audio file format is left open after deactivating the overlay

- XGC-2646 - Disable CEF GPU rendering if application running on Intel HD or AMD APU

- XGC-2645 - Overlay file dialogs may be left open after deactivating the overlay

- XGC-2641 - Significant delay when adding metadata to recording

- XGC-2637 - Twitch Notification sound keeps on playing even if game is closed

- XGC-2631 - Error growl when selecting unavailable codecs may be left open when the embedded dialog is closed

- XGC-2628 - UI desync may occur after attempting to access streaming service related functionality while recording

- XGC-2625 - Internal exception occurs on logout when feedback form is submitted without a rating

- XGC-2595 - Crash on "Unable to create window. Please enable direct3d acceleration" (faulty DirectShowSpy registry fix)

- XGC-2594 - Show resolution dialog when incompatible dll's are present (non-Microsoft dsound.dll fix)

- XGC-2589 - Console Viewer label overlaps dropdown button

- XGC-2588 - Apply correct FPS restriction for free users

- XGC-2536 - Post registration button label does not match label on instruction

- XGC-2482 - VOD Manager: Folders and filenames with special characters are listed at the bottom when sorted by name

- XGC-2481 - VOD list "shakes" when thumbnail is clicked

- XGC-2479 - UI misalignment issues on the Universal Share Dialog

- XGC-2478 - Incorrect cursor image on the Universal Share Dialog textbox in the overlay

- XGC-2343 - Username label on the Settings tab for BRB Graphics does not match the display on the Media Editor

- XGC-2325 - Twitch Notification : Extra 1px border at the top of style 3

- XGC-2309 - Overlay window settings may be clipped

- XGC-2252 - Straight lined freehand annotation gets removed on key up

- XGC-622 - Plain black snapshot shown after continuously invoking sticky freeze while streaming (annotation snapshot enabled)

- XGC-XXXX - Game cursor is missing on stream/recording - DotA 2

- XGC-XXXX - Unable to detect game - Robocraft

For verification:

- XGC-2356 - Database error when logging in XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit Broadcaster simultaneously

Known Issues (2.3.1504.3026)

Please reference Known Limitations section above for critical or major issues that are currently out of our hands and/or directly related to 3rd party hardware, software or drivers.


- XGC-XXXX - Quicksync encoding for long recordings/streams (4+ hours) can fail on some Ivy bridge and Haswell systems (Issue is under investigation)  

- XGC-XXXX - Some Origin-enabled games (BattleField 3 and 4, Crysis 3, Titanfall) may crash or freeze due to a conflict with the Origin Overlay. We are actively working with Origin to resolve this issue resolved, but a workaround for the moment is to disable Origin overlay by going to Origin client’s Application Settings -> Origin In Game -> Uncheck “Enable Origin In Game”


- XGC-2804 - Local resource files update when switching between build versions

- XGC-2792 - No default title set on new YouTube live event

- XGC-2712 - Elgato Game Capture HD devices may fall out of sync with web camera

- XGC-2690 - Immediate dragging is ignored when form is not currently focused

- XGC-2635 - Main application freezes when Console Viewer become unresponsive

- XGC-2561 - Unable to control overlay when activated in game (MCEdit) because game doesn’t render/update its user interface

- XGC-2419 - Animated GIF in overlay is not in sync with what is visible in streaming/recording


- XGC-2662 - Highlighted text are still highlighted when window is inactive

If you are looking for the release notes of the previous version, please look here.  

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