Worship the Lord

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Welcome and Announcements

*Passing of the Peace

Community Celebrations and Prayer Requests


* Hymn No.                                                    “Title”

*Call to Worship                                              Lay Reader Name

*Hymn No.                                                “Title”

Prayer of Confession

Private Confession (In Silence)

Assurance of Pardon

*Hymn No. 581                                                        “Gloria Patri”

*Apostle’s Creed (Hymnal page 35)

Children’s Message (Followed by hymn #188 v.1)

First Reading           Reference               (pg. )

Second Reading       Reference                     (pg. )

Sermon                “Title”   Name

Musical Reflection


Presentation of Tithes & Offerings


 *Hymn No. 606                                                                “Doxology”

*Prayer of Thanksgiving and Dedication

*Hymn No.                      “Title”



* please stand if you are able

About Our Worship Service

Prelude: Quiet reflection and gathering music

The Peace: We shake hands with one another and offer words of Christian friendship: “Peace be With You.” 

Chimes: The chimes signal the beginning of worship.                       

Hymns: Our worship time includes various songs that express our gratitude to God, offer praises to God, and remind us of the scriptures that will be read. Hymns not printed in the bulletin are in the purple hymn book. You will find page numbers for them in the bulletin.

Call to Worship: We state our intentions and ready our hearts.   

Call to Confession: We’re reminded of our need to confess our sins.

Corporate Prayer of Confession: Together, we pray a prayer of confession, followed by silent personal confession.

Assurance of Pardon: We’re reminded we are forgiven for all our sins.

Apostle’s Creed: We declare what the church believes to be true.

Children’s Message: All children are welcome to participate.

Scripture Readings: Our service is centered on the Bible.

Sermon: Listen for God in the proclamation of God’s love for us.

Prayers of the People: We share our joys, concerns, struggles, and celebrations with one another and offer them up in prayer.

Presentation of Tithes & Offerings: There is no charge to join us in our worship. Give cheerfully and as you are able.

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Dedication: We thank God for the gifts we have to share and pray for wisdom in using them.

Benediction: Words of encouragement and blessing

Postlude: Final musical reflection

Office Hours

M: 8am - 11am

T-F: 8 am-noon

Sat: office closed

Sun: 9:45-noon