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Terms of use
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For all other unlawful activities or electronical information that lead from this site to other offers on World Wide Web, the Fidmax be liable only if the facts are proven and if the Fidmax did not acted  directly to remove information or prevent access to them. Fidmax has the right at any time to remove all the contents that point to discrimination, assault, violation of morality or turn against the law.
If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Use and the General Conditions, you can send us an e-mail to office@fidmax.com  

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Fidmax Ltd is based in Beogradska 83/2 street, Novi Banovci, registered under number 21171395 in the Business Registers Agency in Belgrade. PIB: 109377957

Annex 1

"User" - Any person who signed in and registered an account on www.fidmax.com in accordance with the terms and conditions for duration of business and while a contractual relationship exists, i.e. until the contractual relationship is not terminated by either party.
"User’s account" - an online account at
www.fidmax.com that allows the user to use the Fidmax system. Every user access the personal Fidmax account with a user name and password.
"Code" - Identification code that the user transfers from the fiscal receipt to personal account in the predicted space on the account. Transferring of the code is the basis for receiving of value refund of the contracted value.
"Value back" The user’s benefits are described in more detail in Article 7 of the General Conditions.
"Fidmax voucher" - Document that express values ​​that have accrued during the validation of customer’s fiscal accounts, redistribution of bonus from invited friends, or through marketing campaigns.
"Friendship Bonus" – Acquired value from the invited friends i.e. percentage of value of their validation.  An article 7.1.1. of the General Conditions
"Invitation" link - Link for inviting of friends in the system (each user has its personal invitation link).
"Friends" - All users who have registered through the invitation link.
 "Client-partner" - All companies that have signed a partnership contract with the Fidmax Ltd.
"Fidmax system" Loyalty system organized by the Fidmax Ltd, which allows users to get the benefits when purchasing goods and services from partner companies. A prerequisite for the realization of benefits is an open user's account on
www.fidmax.com and entering of Fidmax identification code from the fiscal accounts to user’s Fidmax account.

General Terms and Conditions for usage of the Fidmax system


Fidmax Ltd. Novi Banovci, based in Beogradska 83/2 street, registered under the registration number 21171395 in the Business Registers Agency in Belgrade, operates as an universal web and mobile application, which enables the participants (hereinafter referred to as "Users") to achieve the benefits (hereinafter "Fidmax system") from purchase of goods and services from Fidmax partner companies  (hereinafter referred to as "Partners-clients"). Accordingly, the contracting party enters into a contractual relationship with Fidmax Ltd, with its registered office in Novi Banovci, Beogradska 83/2 street (hereinafter "Fidmax").

B. In order to facilitate understanding of the text, at the end of the general conditions and in Annex I, you can find the dictionary of technical terms used in this text. The terminology used in Sections 1 to 15 of these General Business Terms is legally binding.

1. Scope of contract
1.1 Within Fidmax system are recorded purchases of goods and services that users perform at partner companies (hereinafter,, buying "). In order to take advantage of the Fidmax system benefits, the user is required to enter a unique identification Fidmax code from each fiscal receipt to personalized Fidmax account.
1.2 In accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, users have the right to achieve certain benefits and bonuses for inviting friends through using of the Fidmax system. The user is authorized to invite and recommend using of the Fidmax system and becoming customers to the third persons or individuals.   In the same time, the user has no right to recommend system to legal entities as prescribed in General Terms and Conditions. In any case, the user is not required to make recommendations and engage new users and in that sense, there is no any obligation towards Fidmax to achieve success.

2. Basis of contract
2.1 After accepting of the application for registration, the applicant becomes Fidmax member and beneficiary. User receives a personal Fidmax online account and thus as a member is entitled to participate in Fidmax system (but does not receives the status of company stakeholder, see section 15.1).
2.2 The contract between the User and the Fidmax concludes through online registration.
2.3 The User hereby guarantees that he has provided true personal data and information to the Fidmax, and that Fidmax is entitled for compensation of any damage, and protect the Fidmax from the claims of any third parties that occurs due to submission of false data and information from the Customer. In case of change of personal data, the User is obliged to to inform the Fidmax without delay (in particular, on the change of address, e-mail address or phone number of the user, etc.)
2.4 Every user is allowed to register as an individual only once. In case of multiple registrations with the aim of achieving Benefits for unauthorized users, Fidmax has the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement due to essential violation of contractual provisions, as well as to revoke the benefits that the user has thus gained. In the case of multiple registrations, the last orders will be abolished as well as those benefits that have been achieved as a result of multiple registrations.

3. Legal relationship
3.1 By concluding a contract with Fidmax the User is not an employee of the company and does not acquire any ownership or management rights in terms of company law (especially not acquire user status in the Ltd). Using of the Fidmax system or promoting it to third parties depends entirely on user’s free will and such activities are performed independently and in legal terms completely independent of Fidmax Ltd.

3.2 Within the Fidmax system, user can achieve benefits for users and friendly bonuses. The user is not entitled to any other compensation.  The user is not authorized to request reimbursement which he himself caused.
3.3 The user is not authorized to represent Fidmax system in the name and for the account Fidmax ltd, but has the ability to invite other users to join the system, and through this can achieve Friendly bonus in the form of amount on the personal Fidmax account. The user is not authorized, in the name and for the account of Fidmax, to collect the cash or debts. The Fidmax Ltd has the right, in case of violation of this Section 3.3, to unilaterally terminate the contractual relationship due to a serious breach of contract.

3.4 The user is not authorized, without obtaining the prior written consent from the Fidmax to:
(A) to use the logos, labels, slogans, trademarks, patent applications, domains, other signs and the like, that are property of the Fidmax Ltd or Fidmax Ltd’s companies partners;
(B) to independently produced business cards, presentations, video and audio clips, screenshots, Web site content, media content, flyers, brochures, websites, applications, marketing materials, emails, web pages, etc. in conjunction with Fidmax system and multiplies them in written, electronic or other form, and makes them available to the public (e.g. through websites such as Facebook or YouTube);
(C) to organize public events such are; info evenings, workshops, seminars and similar events about the Fidmax system;
(D) to initiate negotiations in the name of the Fidmax Ltd, and/or negotiate with retailers and wholesalers as well as other retailers and companies that provide goods or services to final customers, including gas stations, department stores, or to engage as a partner company or to give a recommendation to any the company to become user, or to perform any advertising activity in order to attract such companies, and especially not at their premises or the surroundings.

4. The Fidmax system
4.1 Through purchasing in the Fidmax partner companies user has the possibility to obtain the benefits in accordance with the general conditions, such are the Value back and Friendly bonus. Provider of recommendations has the ability to achieve the Friendship Bonus for purchases made by his directly invited friends who are invited in the system via the user's call link. Benefits for users and Friendly bonus, as well as the conditions necessary for the realization of the same, are described in more detail in the section 7 of this document.
4.2 In order to allow the user to achieve benefits through purchases the Fidmax concludes contracts with partner companies. Currently active list of the Fidmax partners can be found on the website
4.3 registration of purchases is done through entering of the Fidmax identification code which is on the fiscal account of company-partners. The code is entered on the user’s Fidmax account.
4.4 When available sum on the users account reaches the prescribed amount, the user has the option to request that the system generate vouchers that he gets by SMS, email or by mail on home address, depending on the technical possibilities of users and partner companies in whose name the voucher is issued.

5 Ordering (generating) of vouchers
5.1 Fidmax vouchers (hereinafter referred to as "Vouchers") are vouchers that are issued in the name of Fidmax Loyalty system and can be used only with the partner companies in whose name they are issued. The value of the voucher is equal to the amount stated on the voucher. Purchase must be of the same value or greater than the amount on the voucher in which case user pays for the difference in cash. The Fidmax loyalty system does not allow monetization of vouchers, unless otherwise agreed with the partner company.
5.2 The Fidmax reserves the right not to accept user’s order of vouchers if the user did not provide adequate information to enable the secure transmission of vouchers, or if it is not in accordance with applicable law, conscientious business and good business practices.
5.3 Vouchers delivered by the Fidmax cannot be withdrawn. This does not apply in the following cases:
5.3.1 Fidmax guarantees, within the legal framework that delivered vouchers can be used to purchase and/or fulfillment of the obligation to pay for purchases made with the respective partner company. In the event that the voucher cannot be redeemed, User is entitled to substitute from the Fidmax for such a voucher in the form of another voucher of another company (in that case the User’s benefits and Friendly bonuses are subject to change, due to different conditions of contracts that might be concluded with the Fidmax partner company. See “users” on article 8.3).
5.3.2 The Fidmax does not assume any responsibility for misuse of the voucher personally delivered to the user or vouchers which are delivered by e-mail or online unless the user has reported the loss or theft of the voucher to the Fidmax and the Fidmax did not take any measures to prevent unauthorized use of such vouchers.
5.3.3 The user is entitled that voucher, which he has bought or achieved through the Fidmax system, presents as a free gift to any other person. However it is prohibited to resale voucher in commercial purposes.

6. Fidmax vouchers
6.1 Fidmax vouchers are vouchers issued by the Fidmax Ltd in the name and for the account of partner companies. Users can generate voucher on their personal Fidmax accounts through the website
6.2 Minimum value of the Fidmax voucher is determined individually for each partner company in accordance with its business policy. The equivalent of one Fidmax vouchers always corresponds to the value shown in the Fidmax voucher. There is no possibility of voucher’s partial use. It is not possible to cash the voucher, either partially or in total.
6.3 Each Fidmax voucher is valid for 6 months. The validity period of 6 months is counted from the day of the year when the Fidmax voucher was released. After the expiration date the Fidmax voucher is no longer valid and cannot be used.

7. User’s benefits within the Fidmax loyalty system
7.1 User’s purchases entered on the Fidmax user account by entering an identification code are allowing user to achieve different benefits. The user has the possibility to achieve Friendship Bonus for purchases that are done directly by his invited friends who have registered on Fidmax system through a call link that is provided (sent) by user. Benefits for users and Friendly bonus terms are defined in the contract concluded between Fidmax and the partner company, which is why the benefits may vary depending on the partner’s policies, business sector or country.
7.1.1 Friendship Bonus: for purchases made by the new users, when the new user has signed up through old user’s invitation link, the old user receives Friendly bonus amounting to 0.1% or more of the total amount of such purchases. The number of friends any user can invite into the system, and therefore eventually receive Friendly bonus benefits, is nor limited. The Friendly bonus amount is calculated automatically and added to the old user account. The old users that have invited friends who have registered to the system have the ability to view amounts of friendly bonuses on their accounts.
7.2 Fidmax has the right to negotiates special offers with any partner company as a part of marketing campaigns and to periodically adjust reward percentages in order to allow users to achieve biggest possible benefits. The Fidmax will timely inform users on such change of conditions on the
www.fidmax.com site.
7.3 Information about the benefits that can be achieved on the basis of purchase in certain partner companies can be found in the detailed view of that company page on the site
www.fidmax.com The user is required to regularly monitor the Fidmax web site in order to be informed on the partners status and all of the benefits offered by partner companies. In the event of conditions change in agreement with the Partner Company, the Fidmax has the right to change percentages of User’s benefits and Friendly bonuses awarded by individual partner company, respecting the deadline for notification in a period of 24 hours.

8. Personal User’s Fidmax online account
8.1 Fidmax will enable every user to access the
www.fidmax.com website (the log in part) and to create its own personal account. The account will be created and become accessible after entering of user name and password. At any time the user can monitor all entered identification codes i.e. time and amount of every purchase, as well as Friend bonuses from any friend who have opted in to the system through the user link. In case of inability to access the website and the personal Fidmax’s user account at www.fidmax.com the Fidmax will be responsible in accordance with the law.
8.2 User agrees to keep account access information (username, password) in a safe place and treat them as strictly confidential. Username and password should not be disclosed to third parties. The user can access and change data, at any time, through Fidmax website:
www.fidmax.com  (Login).
8.3 If any kind of misuse of the personal account is noted by the user, the user is obliged to inform the Fidmax to block access to his user account without delay. After blocking access, the Fidmax will submit modified access data, by post office, e-mail, or SMS. For any damage caused to user by unauthorized use of his access data, the Fidmax will be responsible only in accordance with section 11.

9. Data protection
9.1 As a responsible party for personal data processing, the Fidmax will process all personal data by in accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data. The data will be in particular collected, stored, used, scanned,  modified, copied, transmitted, disclosed, reproduced to the extent necessary for the functioning of Fidmax system, and particularly for calculating of account balance of the users account.
9.2 All requirements regarding the provision of information on personal data, requests for changes and / or deletion of personal data, the user may forward directly to the Fidmax.

9.3 Fidmax uses the internationally recognized technology, in order to protect data from unauthorized access. For the security of data transmitted over the Internet Fidmax is responsible only in terms of an article 11.
9.4 Consent in accordance with the regulations on the protection of personal data - recall at any time: The user hereby declares that he agrees with the right to revoke consent at any time, provided that Fidmax collect his personal information (such as: name, surname, address, identification number, gender, e-mail address, mailing address, number (s), phone number, fax number) and data on purchases at Fidmax Loyalty system and data on its purchasing behavior (interests and preferences etc.), in the framework of users participation in the Fidmax system and to use this data to compile personalized information as well as for written or personal contact in order to advertise Fidmax system. The user declares that he agrees to entrust Fidmax on processing of personal data contained herein.
The user has the right to revoke the consent given here at any time by contacting the support@fidmax.com at Fidmax system. Written revocation can be sent by post to the following address: Fidmax Ltd. Novi Banovci, Beogradska 83/2 street.

10. Separate liability
10.1 Services provided by the Fidmax to the user refer only to the functioning of the Fidmax system, all as described in these General Terms and Conditions.
10.2 All rights and obligations arising in connection with the user’s purchase relate exclusively to user and the relevant partner company. When concluding contracts with partner companies, Fidmax does not endorse or take responsibility for the performance or fulfilling of obligations by the partner company. Fidmax is not responsible in case when the partner company does not fulfill its obligation or fulfils them improperly.
10.3 In the event that the partner company does not fulfill or improperly fulfill his obligations, the User has no right to request full payment from the Fidmax, or to request partial amount of the voucher, or the issuance of new vouchers, or refund or any other compensation for damage. Any requirements that user has for failure or improper fulfillment of duties by the partner company, the User will be able to point out exclusively to the partner company.

11. The Responsibility
11.1 Fidmax is liable for any damage done to users either intentionally or through gross negligence.
11.2 Fidmax will be responsible for ordinary negligence only in the case of foreseeable damage they cause to the users by non-enforcement of contractual obligations and if fulfillment of those obligations could reasonably expected (violation of a cardinal obligation).
11.3 Fidmax shall bear no responsibility in the following cases:
(A) the inability to access the Internet,
(B) other technical and electronic errors (I) during data transfer via the Internet, and (II) when Fidmax internet portal is used, Fidmax SMS service and applications for mobile terminals, under the condition that the fault cannot be held liable to the Fidmax,
(C) the technical and electronic errors that Fidmax is not responsible for, and which prevent the introduction of identification codes in to the Fidmax system (particularly in case of impossibility of registration and data loss as a result)
(D) the unavailability of a mobile network or a terminal,
11.4 To the extent in which the Fidmax liability is limited or excluded, limitations or exclusions will also apply to its employees, legal representatives and subcontractors hired by the Fidmax. Limitations of liability and exemptions from liability in accordance with this Section 11 shall be without prejudice to the imperative provisions of the law.

12. Costs
12.1 Registration and participation in Fidmax system are free of charge for all users.
12.2 Issuance and delivery of Fidmax vouchers for users are free of charge.

13. Termination of the contractual relationship by users
13.1 The user has the right, in every time, to terminate the contractual relationship with the Fidmax. In the course of the contractual relationship with the Fidmax, the User is under no obligation to carry out purchases, recommend users, or to perform any other tasks.
13.2 Upon termination of the contractual relationship, the Customer will be entitled to use the residual vouchers within 7 days, if they are issued in accordance with the rules of use. All other benefits, including friendship bonus is reversed.

14 Unilateral termination of the contract by Fidmax
14.1 Fidmax has the right to terminate the contractual relationship without giving a reason, by sending written notice with a notice period of 14 days, or without any period of notice in the event of gross violation of the provisions of the contract by the User.
14.2 Under a gross violation of the contractual terms of the contract by the User shall be deemed any actions that violate the commercial interests or the reputation and the reputation of the Fidmax system, especially the violation of essential contractual provisions.
14.3 Customer shall reimburse Fidmax for any damage caused by breach of this Agreement and protect it from any claims of third parties. The user will also reimburse Fidmax in any costs arising out of claims by third parties. Fidmax is authorized to require compensation from the users in the case of the damages that may be caused to the Fidmax by breaching of contractual obligations by user, including legal fees and compensation.
14.4 Upon termination of the contract, the User shall only be entitled to those benefits for the user that are already accomplished within the Fidmax system.
14.5 In the event that Fidmax terminates the contractual relationship without any period of notice, due to a serious breach of contract, or for reasons that caused the User, the User will be able to, within 14 days of termination of the contract, to use Fidmax vouchers. Otherwise, collected Fidmax vouchers will be terminated upon termination of the contract.

15. General Provisions
15.1 Participation in the Fidmax Loyalty system constitutes the only obligatory legal relationship of exchange of goods and services and, therefore, does not produce any status effects between the User and the Fidmax in terms of the Companies Law, and in particular, does not provide a user with the status of co owner.
15.2 The individual contracts concluded in each specific case will always take precedence over these General Terms and Conditions. The written form of the contract and/or written confirmation from the Fidmax is going to be a condition for conclusion of such contracts. It is assumed that the parties have not concluded any verbal agreements. Moreover, the Fidmax is authorized to forward any statements and information contained in contracts that are necessary for performance of the contract to the user by SMS or e-mail, provided that the Beneficiary has provided the Fidmax with contact details and agreed with this way of sending.
15.3 Amendments to these General Terms and Conditions, as well as other written contract between the User and the Fidmax shall be binding for users from the date when the User expressly accept such changes (in writing, by e-mail, via its Fidmax account, etc.).
15.4 All gender tags used in this agreement, apply to male and female persons as well as companies.
15.5 In the event that any provision of this Agreement is held to be wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this Agreement.
15.6 This contractual relationship applies to the right of the Republic of Serbia.
15.7 The right to register and participate in Fidmax system is acquired by the age of 18.
15.8 Each user may file a complaint on the functioning of the Fidmax system at any time. The complaint shall be submitted in writing to the address Fidmax Ltd. Beogradska 83/2, Novi Banovci, or via e-mail to the following e-mail address:
office@fidmax.com The Fidmax will examine the complaint and inform users on the outcome within 15 days of receipt of the complaint.