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Upcoming Programs

Oct 19th (Thurs)- 28th Muharram - Maulana Ehtesham Abbas Zaidi (Urdu)

7.10 pm Salat of Isha

7.30 pm Dua-e-Kumail

7.45 pm Majalis - Eesale sawab Zamin Abbas

9.30 pm Tabarruk

Oct 20th (Fri)- 29th Muharram - Maulana Ehtesham Abbas Zaidi (Urdu)

12.30pm Salat-ul-Juma

7.10 pm  Salat of Isha

7.30 pm  Majalis

9.30 pm  Dinner

Oct 21st (Sat)- 30th Muharram/1st Safar* - Maulana Ehtesham Abbas Zaidi (Urdu)

7.10 pm  Salat of Isha

7.30 pm  Majalis

9.30 pm  Dinner

* based on moonsighting

Fundraising update

Below is the snapshot of collection done so far and the target. Request momineen to come forward and sponsor majalis in order to help the center.


Important Links for Muharram

Home Majalis Schedule for Men & Ladies 

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Nasiran-e-Mehdi Arbaeen Ziyarat - Click Here



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