Seeds of Faith Co-op 2016-17 Class Descriptions (updated 6/2/2016)

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ASSEMBLY 9:30-9:55 (Please arrive on time for assembly.)

FIRST HOUR 10:00 - 10:50

Advanced Biology: The Human Body Wonderfully Made ages 14-18 Edgett

Choir ages 11-18 Courser

Communications 101 (Speech) ages 14-18 Ivey-Gruell

Creative Writing ages 11-13 Delange

Cupcake Creations ages 11-13 Raymond

Do It Yourself! ages 11-13 VanAllen
It’s SNOT Science/Grossology  10-14 Young

Little House History & Cooking ages 8-10  Hall

Model Building ages 14-18 Reber

Nursery 0-2

PE ages 5-10 Brodacki & TBA

Play! Improv ages 14-18 Hershberger
Preschool Foundations ages 3-4 Meek

Science TBA ages 8-10  Dean

True Colors ages 14-18 Meldrum

SECOND HOUR 11:00 - 11:50

Babysitting ages 11-16 King

Creative Writing ages 8-10 Delange

Digital Photography ages 14-18 April Brackney

Elenchus (Literature Discussion) 9th-12th gr Wagner & Hamblin

Financial Peace ages 14-18 Ivey-Gruell

Hugo Cabret Lit ages 11-13 Wiegersma

Instant Challenge ages 8-10  Smith

Nursery 0-2

Off the Cuff ages 10-13 Hershberger

Preschool Foundations ages 3-4 Meek

Running & Jumping ages 8-13 Brodacki & TBA

The Forest Through the Trees (Science) ages 5-7 Meldrum

When I Grow Up ages 5-7 Mietling

LUNCH       12:00 - 12:20

CLEAN-UP 12:20-12:30

THIRD HOUR 12:30 - 1:20

Biology 9th-12th gr  Morell

Book in a Bag Lit ages 5-7 Greenman

CAD ages 14-18 Edgett

Cooking ages 11-13 Laster

Cosplay ages 14-18 Wiegersma

Crochet ages 11-18 King

Elementary Art ages 8-10 April Brackney

Instant Challenge ages 11-13 Smith

Kids Concoctions ages 5-7 Bindig
Let’s Make a Play all ages Young

Nursery ages 0-2

PE ages 11-14 Husted

Preschool Music and Motion ages 3-4 Kittell

Star Gazing ages 8-10 Jackie Wright

With Humans in It (Drama) ages 14-18 Ginger Latta

FOURTH HOUR 1:30 - 2:20

Art Masterpieces ages 11-13 Alisa Brackney

Book Cooks ages 5-7 Wilson

Colonial Kids ages 8-10 VanAllen

Color & Convo ages 11-13 Wodowski

Cooking ages 14-18 Laster

CrAzY about Constitution (Government) ages 14-18 Becker

Geography ages 5-7 Greenman

Home Sweet Home (Mich History) ages 11-18 Todd Latta

Magic Tree House ages 8-10 Raymond

Nursery 0-2

PE ages 13-18 Husted

Physical Science ages 11-14 Bindig

Preschool Music and Motion ages 3-4 Kittell

Stop-Motion Animation ages 11-13 Dean

Apologia Physical Science                 Bindig         11-14        $40

homework required weekly

This class will be covering some of the experiments from each module of Apologia Physical Science. Students are required to read the assigned module(s) at home before class. It is recommended that parents check the “on your own” questions and module review questions to ensure the student is getting a good understanding of each module. (Tests will be the responsibility of the parents, if desired) Please bring books to class.

"All Modules must be read at home prior to the class.

Week 1, Sept 9, Module 1: Experiment  1.2 Cubits & Fingers, Experiment 1.3 Concentration

Week 2, Sept 23, Module 2: Experiment 2.1 Evaporation and Temperature, Experiment 2.2 Oxygen and Fire
Week 3, Oct 14, Module 3:  Experiment 3.2 Seeing the Effect of Changing Temperature

Week 4, Oct 28, Module 4: Experiment 4.1 The Chemical Composition of Water, Experiment 4.2 Water's Polarity

Week 5, Nov 4, Module 5: Experiment 5.3 Cloud Formation

Week 6, Nov 18, Module 6: Experiment 6.3 Making an Electromagnet, Experiment 6.4 Module of Plate Tectonics

Week 7, Dec 2, Module 7: Factors That Affect Earth's Weather ( Read-no experiments)  Module 8: Experiment 8.1 Making Your Own Lightning

Week 8, Jan 13, Module 9:  Experiment 9.3 Measuring Height with a Stopwatch

Week 9, Jan 27, Module 10:  Experiment 10.2 An Experiment to See How Well You Understand 1st Law, Experiment 10.4 Newton's Third Law

Week 10, Feb 10, Module 11: Experiment 11.2 The ""Bent Space and Time"" Theory of Gravity, Experiment 11.1 Force and Circular Motion (If we have time)

Week 11, Feb 24, Module 12: Experiment 12.2 Making and Using an Electroscope! Experiment 12.3 Current and Resistance

Module 13: The Forces in Creation- Part 3 ( Read- No Experiments)

Week 12, March 10 Module 14:  Experiment 14.1 The Medium Through which Sound Waves Travel

Week 13, March 24 Module 15: Experiment 15.2 The Law of Reflection  Experiment 15.4 The ""Magical"" Quarter

Week 14, April 7 - Module 16: Experiment 16.1 An Expanding Universe"

Art Masterpieces        Alisa Brackney        Junior High ages 11-13        $25

no homework at all

"This year we will be studying some basics of art design, form, and media. In addition, we will be mimicking various famous artists and their styles while using similar art media and/or methods. The goal of this class is to introduce the students to various methods, styles and art time periods and some of the artists of those times. This class moves pretty quickly so we can do a lot, but some  projects may need to be taken home to complete. We also enjoy displaying our work at the end of the year in our Art Masterpiece Gallery.  Homework is optional.

We do a lot of painting and ""messy"" work in this class, so ""art shirts"" would be a good staple to have in their bags each time we meet. Other helpful items will be pencils, scissors, and occasionally we will need, cookie sheets, hand-mirrors, etc.  This is a great beginning art class to learn about artists and some different means of expressing yourself through art."

Week 1 Intro to art and some of its different time periods. Some very basic art instruction.
Week 2 Art basics…shading, colors, tone, angles

Week 3 Renaissance Art/ Paint like Michelangelo (p25)

Week 4 Expressionism: Clay Facial Expressions Sculpture (p59)

Week 5 Painting Expressions (mirror, painting faces/heads, self-portraits)

Week 6 Fractured Friend (p70-71) or Cubist Ceollage (p68)

Week 7 Op Art:  Black sharpie, rulers, templates, paper (heavier)

Week 8 Catch up date and/or new project tba

Week 9 Impressionism, Cassatt: Monoprints (p44): paint on cookie sheet trays/print image on paper

Week 10 Charcoal or Chalk like Degas

Week 11 Realism: Painting like O’Keeffe, watercolors up close (p 86)

Week 12 Abstract, Calder: wire sculptures

Week 13 Complete projects and final overview of art through the ages

Week 14 Prep for Art Gallery end of year display

Babysitter Training        Jeanie King        11-16        $20

homework required weekly

This is the Official Red Cross Babysitters Training course.  It includes the information and skills necessary to give safe and responsible care for children and infants.  This training will help you develop leadership skills; learn how to develop a babysitting business, keep yourself and others safe and help children behave; and learn about basic child care and basic first aid.

There will be some practice sessions using baby dolls or mannequins learning diapering, feeding, and CPR.  Depending on the number of mannequins available, you may need to share.  Don't worry, they will be cleaned after being used by each person.  :)

Students will be divided into pairs to volunteer their help in younger classes and to observe child behavior in order to gain more experience.

There is a little bit of EASY reading required each week. Even if you finish the entire book in one sitting you will need to review the material so that you can participate in class discussion.

Successful course completion requires participation in all classroom activities and skill sessions.  Those who complete the course successfully will receive a Red Cross Babysitters Training Certificate.

Babysitter’s Training Course Outline

Week 1 – Introduction to the course

:Lesson 1: You’re the Boss: A Guide to Leadership

Week 2 – Lesson 2: The Business of Babysitting

Week 3 – Lesson 3: Safe and Sound on the Job (Safety)

Week 4 – Lesson 4: Understanding Kids from 0 to 10 (Part 1)

Week 5 – Lesson 4: Understanding Kids from 0 to 10 (Part 2)

Week 6 – Lesson 5: From Feeding to Bedtime: Caring for Kids (Part 1)

Week 7 - Lesson 5: From Feeding to Bedtime: Caring for Kids (Part 2)

Week 8 – Lesson 6: It’s an Emergency … Now What? (Part 1)

(What is an emergency, how to call for help, checking a child, etc.)

Week 9 - Lesson 6: It’s an Emergency … Now What? (Part 2)

(Breathing emergencies, Conscious choking child or infant, etc.)

Week 10 - Lesson 6: It’s an Emergency … Now What? (Part 3)

(Checking an unconscious child, rescue breathing,etc.)

Week 11 - Lesson 6: It’s an Emergency … Now What? (Part 4)

(Rescue Breathing – child or infant, etc.)

Week 12 - Lesson 6: It’s an Emergency … Now What? (Part 5)(Basic First Aid)

Week 13 - Lesson 6: It’s an Emergency … Now What? (Part 6)

(Basic First Aid)

Week 14 – Wrapping up, any missed lessons, practice, etc.

Biology (Apologia)        Sarah Morell        High School ages 13-18        $30

homework required weekly

At each co-op, we will work on the experiments from each Module in the Exploring Creation with Biology book (2nd Edition Apologia)  In order to complete the class, the students must complete the reading of each assigned Module prior to that co-op. HOMEWORK COMPLETION IS REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION. This class does include dissection of the following: earthworm, crayfish, perch and frog. Students will keep a notebook of all experiments.

Sep 9 Class 1: Modules 1 AND 2: 1- Biology: The Study of Life and Module 2- Kingdom Monera

Sep 23 Class 2: Module 3: Kingdom Protista

Oct 14 Class 3: Module 4: Kingdom Fungi

Oct 28 Class 4: Module 5: The Chemistry of Life

Nov 4 Class 5: Module 6 HALF: The Cell, through pg 176 (experiment 6.1)

Nov 18 Class 6: Module END of 6, half of 7: The Cell (cont…), Cellular Reproduction and DNA

Dec 2 Class 7: Modules END of 7, all of 8: Mendelian Genetics

On your own, at home: Module 9 Evolution, on your own schedule, not in class

Jan 13 Class 8: Module 10: Ecology

Jan 27 Class 9: Module 11: The Invertebrates of Kingdom Animalia (worm dissection)

Feb 10 Class 10: Module 12: Phylum Arthropoda (crayfish dissection)

Feb 24 Class 11: Module 13: Phylum Chordata (perch dissection)

Mar 10 Class 12: Module 13: Phylum Chordata (frog dissection)

Mar 24 Class 13: Module 14 Kingdom Plantae

Apr 7 Class 14: Module 15 Kingdom Plantae

On your own, at home: Module 16: Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals

Book Cooks        Jeanne Gibson        Lower Elementary ages 5-7        $15

no homework at all

In this class each week we will be reading a book and making a snack to go along with the story.

Week 1  The Cat in the Hat

                 snack: Cat in the Hat Kabobs

Week 2  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

                 snack: Banana trees

Week 3  The Mixed Up Chameleon

                 snack: Trails mix

Week 4:  Where is the Green Sheep?

                 snack: Sheep Cupcakes

Week 5  The Very Hungry Caterpillar

                 snack: apple caterpillar

Week 6:  One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

                 snack: Blue jello and Swedish fish

Week 7   Diary of a Worm

                 snack: Dirt Pudding

Week 8  Pete the Cat

                 snack: English muffins with blueberry jam

Week 9  Little Blue and Little Yellow

                 snack: sugar cookies

Week 10  If you Give a Moose a Muffin

                  snack: Chocolate Banana Muffin

Week 11  Dr Seuss ABC

                  snack: Alphabet cheese and crackers

Week 12  The Gruffalo

                   snack: apple crumble

Week 13  Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed

                   snack: Kindness plate

Week 14  A Full Moon is Rising

                   snack: Moon Bread

CAD - Computer Aided Design        Wendi Edgett        High School ages 14-18        $5

homework optional

In this class, students will be introduced to CAD (Computer Aided Design), which is simply, design and drafting with the aid of a computer. Design is creating a real product from an idea. CAD can be used to create 2D or 3D computer models which is instrumental in the professions of Architecture, Engineering, Electrical design, Manufacturing design, Animation design, Aerospace Engineering, Interior Design, Landscape design, Jewelry Design and many others. This class will introduce a beginning foundation that can be applied to these professions.  Our focus will be on mechanical design.  The class will use software called FreeCAD, which will need to be installed on a laptop. We will start with basic drafting techniques and blueprint reading with paper and pencil.  We will then move to the computer first creating 2D drawings and moving next into 3D part drawings. To bring all the aspects together, at the end of the course each student will design a small item (key ring, name plate, dog tag…) on paper, create a 3D drawing and if desired come to our shop and make the item on our CNC milling machines, following the entire journey from inspiration to final project. This class will allow students to work at their own pace, making it perfect for all skill levels.  A laptop for each student is required, if this is a hardship, but your student would still like to participate please contact me. Homework is not required, but will be given and encouraged. The more time the students put into the class, the more they will take away. However, the class can still be successful if only class time work is possible.

1. Intro to CAD

2. Reading and creating 2D print from a 3D object

3. Intro to CAD software 2D Drafting

4. Drawing and practice 2D drawings

5. Intro to CAD software 3D Part Design

6. Drawing and practice 3D drawings

Choir                 Jill Courser                 ages 11-18                 $10

homework optional

Come find your voice with the Seeds of Faith choir!  Learn to sing, read music, and perform as a group, all in a safe, fun, non-judgmental environment.  Emphasis on encouragement, identifying your strengths, building confidence as a singer, and singing together as a group.  We will learn the basics of vocal technique, note reading, and singing in harmony through a mix of contemporary worship music and more "traditional" choral music.  No prior music training or experience required--music selections will be tailored to the needs of the students!  The only requirements are enthusiasm and a willingness to give it your best!

Week 1: vocal ice breakers, learn warmups, find your range, practice singing as a group with a familiar worship song

Week 2: Introduction to Solfege (do-re-mi!) and the staff, basics of singing in harmony, practice worship song
Week 3: Solfege and harmony, music notation and rhythm, practice worship song

Week 4: Solfege and harmony, music notation review, introduce traditional choir piece,

Week 5: Solfege and harmony, diction and pronunciation, how to read from a hymnal (using Christmas hymn!)

Week 6: More on pronunciation, blending as a group, Christmas hymn, continued practice on other pieces

Week 7: Christmas sing-off party!  Along with some tips for keeping your voice healthy through cold season!

Week 8: Review of what we've learned, introduce any other pieces for the year

Weeks 9-14: Practice of technique and music as needed, continued instruction in reading music and sight-singing

We will perform at least 1-2 pieces of music at the end of year program.  If possible, I'd like to line up another performance as well.

Colonial Kids         Theresa Van Allen         Upper Elementary ages 8-10         $20.00

no homework at all

Discover the past with fun projects, games,and recipes.  We will learn about the daily life of settlers in early 18th century colonial America. This is a History class that uses hands-on activities to recreate items and food that would have been part of daily life in the colonies. As the students are working on their project, there will be related topic discussions.

Week 1 Boys will make Colonial tricorn hats and girls will make mop caps.

Introduction to the colonial period and clothing of the time.

Week 2 Build a horn book.

Discuss education for the colonists, compare to today.

Weeks 3 and 4 Build a Weather vane.

Discuss the importance of watching the weather, How proverbs and folklore were used to teach about the weather.

Week 5 Will make an ointment from herbs and potpourri.

Discuss herbs and medicine and usefulness of knowing about the wild plants that surround us.

Week 6 Cross Stitch.

Week 7 Tin punching lanterns and a colonial treat

Discuss what a colonial Christmas was like, food and traditions.

Weeks 8 and 9 Stencil art on canvas rug and colonial hot cocoa

Weeks 10 and 11 Candle dipping and a splatter work clay candlestick holder.

Week 12 Herbal hot plate and sachet

Week 13 Sun Dial and Blueberry slump.

Week 14 Quill pens and make black ink from soot.

Games of Jacks, Quoits, Jack straw and Blind mans Buff will be played in class as time allows.

Coloring         Wodowski         Junior High ages 11-13         free

no homework at all

Bring your own unique coloring book (the ones you see all over these days!) along with your own colored pencils, or markers and we will relax, color and have some great conversations too!

All 14 weeks will be filled with coloring and chatting :) PLEASE bring your own books and pencils or markers.  I will have some copies of "art" to color in case someone forgets occasionally.

Cooking          Lisa Laster          2 classes: 11-13 and 14-18         $50

homework required occasionally

Get ready to learn about nutrition, cooking and safety and cleanliness in the kitchen.

Students will be reading recipes, following directions, assisting in food prep, preparing various recipes and tasting the end product. We will compare what is good, better and best in food choices.  Each week we will continue to draw on past learning and build on skills to help our students be wise consumers and good stewards of their body. THIS IS BASICALLY A REPEAT OF THE 2015-16 CLASS.


1-4 all things breakfast

5-8 all things lunch

9-11 all things supper

12-14 all kinds of snacks

Cosplay         Holly Wiegersma         High School ages 14-18         $5 plus materials and Comic Con ticket

homework required weekly

Cosplay, a contraction of the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. In this class myself and Mr. Reber will be mentoring the students while they make their own cosplay costumes. Most of the work for this class will be done at home, and the price will vary by which character your student chooses to emulate. Class time will be used to demonstrate different techniques and brainstorm/trouble shoot problems the students are having with their costumes. Deadlines will be very important so that each student has a finished product by the end of the year. We will also have a fashion show during the End of the Year Program and there will be an optional field trip to Comic Con where the students will be invited to wear their costumes. Yes, the field trip will be open to all of SOF, but I will be highly encouraging all of my students to attend.

"Week 1 Modesty, planning outline/how to plan your project, pricing supplies outline, and knowing your limits

Week 2 'Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?' refashioning, repurposing, and types of material

Week 3 Pick your character, draw out your design, start filling in your planning outline, material list

Week 4 Hair, make up, headdress, hat etc.

Week 5 Armor demonstration/techniques

Week 6 Armor continued, DEADLINE headdress model head wear in class

Week 7 Base clothing, colors, comfort, modesty

Week 8 DEADLINE base clothing

Week 9 Additional clothing planning capes, coats, skirts, etc.

Week 10 Feedback and troubleshooting, start planning accessories (swords, bows, wands etc.)

Week 11 DEADLINE additional clothing model additional clothing in class

Week 12 Accessories and shoes/boots or really big feet if you’re a Hobbit

Week 13 Shoes continued

Week 14 Final adjustments and prep for program"

CrAzY about the Constitution (U.S. Government)  

Denise Becker         High School ages 14-18         $25
(text is $45 if parents order it or I can order in bulk for a discount) (1-10 =$45, 11-20= $40, 21-30=$35)

homework required weekly, homework optional

CrAzY about the Constitution is a high school course designed to fulfil the Civics/U.S. Government credit needed for high school graduation/completion. It is the intent and hope for the student to understand that there is a specific view of Law and Government which is distinctively American in nature. Throughout this course the student will learn about the Biblical purpose of government, distinguish the American /Biblical view from the other views of law and government, appreciate the basic principles of law, understand the definition of the Constitution, learn to articulate the difference between democracy and republic, as well as appreciate the importance of the study of history.

"CrAzY About The Constitution, An American View of Law,Liberty and Government

Text Used: U.S. Constitution Course : An American View of Law,Liberty and Government (Student Manual offered through the Institute on the Constitution found at

 Optional texts and video's (recommended and discussed in the lectures which will be available for students to ""check out"" through the teacher):

  *Up Against the Wall:Four Jurisdictions (DVD)by Micheal A. Peroutka

  *The Law by Fredrick Bastiat (a friend was able to find it on line and printed it out and the student may want to do this also but be aware it is a 63 page book)

  *Law &Liberty by R.J. Rushdoony

  *Federal Land Grab(DVD) by Pastor David Whitney

  *The First Amendment:It's Original Text and Meaning which have not changed (DVD) by Herb Titus

  *Why No Church Should Be a 501c3 Organization (DVD)by Pastor David Whitney

  *Interpostion (DVD) by Micheal A. Peroutka

  *Multiply the Message (DVD) by Ricki Pepin

I. Lecture 1: An American View of Law, Liberty and Government

 A. The American View of Law and Government

  B. Comparison of American and Alternative Views of Government

 C. Basic Principles of Law

   D. What is a Constitution?

 E. The Role of History

II. Lecture 2: The Religious Beliefs of the Framers

 A. The Positive Effect of a Biblical Worldview on American Political Theory, Economy, and Culture

 B. Puritan Political Theory

 C. The Framers of the Constitution: Christian or Deists?

 D. The Framers' Own Statements About Christianity

III. Lecture 3: The Philosophical Worldview of the Constitution

 A. Major Influences on the Framers

 B. Laws of Nature and of Nature's God

 C. Natural Rights

 D. Equality

 E. Government By Consent of the Governed

 F. Sinfulness

 G. Government By Consent of the Governed

 H. Sinfulness of Human Nature

 I. Issue at Constitutional Convention

IV. Lecture 4: 1776-1789: From Independence to the Constitution

 A. Factors Leading to Independence

 B. Declaration of Independence

 C. The Relationship Between the Declaration and the Constitution

 D. Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union

  E. Events Leading to Constitutional Convention

 F. The Constitutional Convention May 25th to September 17th 1787

V. Overview of the Constitution: Preamble and Article I

   A. The Ratification Debates

   B.The Constitution is Ratified

   C. The Preamble

   D. Article One

   E. Sections 2-6

   F. Section 7: The Legislative Process

   G. Section 8:Powers of Congress

   H. Section 9: Limitations of Congressional Authority

   I. Section 10: Limitations of State Authority

VI. Overview of the Constitution:Articles II and III

   A. Article II: The Executive Branch

   B. Article III: The Judicial  Branch

VII. Overview of the Constitution: Articles IV, V,VI,and VII

   A. Article IV: relations among the states

   B. Article V: Amendments

   C. Article VI: General Matters

   D. Article VII: Ratification

VIII: The Bill of Rights and the First Amendment

   A. The Development of the Bill of Rights

   B. The First Amendment

IX: Amendments II-X

   A. The Bill of Rights

   B. Amendments II - X

   C. A ""New Bill of Rights""

   D. Review the Bill of Rights

X: Amendments XI - XXVII

   A. Amendments XI (1798) through XXVII (1992)

XI: The Crisis of the Constitution: From Biblical Absolutes to Humanistic Relativism

XII: Reclaiming the Constitution: How Do We Approach the Restoration of the American Constitutional Republic

XIII: Course Review (or class lecture make up)and Final Presentation Projects

XIV: Final Presentation Projects"

Parents may "opt out" of issuing students a grade for this class if the student does not need the requirement for high school graduation/completion. An official certificate from the Institute on the Constitution will be issued to students receiving a grade as proof of completion for high school class credit.

Creative Writing         Kellie DeLange         2 classes: ages 8-10 and 11-13          $10.00

homework required occasionally

Students will enjoy many unique, fun, and creative writing assignments to get their pencils moving on paper. The class will primarily be in-class writing assignments following certain writing prompts or directions. We will cover a wide variety of writing styles, such as: Poetry, Personal Essays, Persuasion, Sensory Writing, How-To, Description, and Research. The goal is to complete most of the work in class, however, some may need to finish their assignments at home. Although grammar and spelling are very important parts of the writing process, this class will not focus on those aspects. The main goal is to get students excited and comfortable about putting their thoughts down on paper, no matter what writing or spelling level they are at. Assignments will not be teacher graded; however, students will discuss their work with the teacher, and the teacher will redirect and correct as needed. Students will be asked to read their work to the class on occasion, as well as allow other students to read their work periodically.

Students will also be given an optional daily journal entry to respond to at home, taking 3- 5 minutes/day maximum.


Materials Needed:

1 Spiral Notebook

Folder with prongs/3 ring binder


"Week 1- Fingerprint Essay- All About Me

Using our fingerprint to talk about how unique each of us are, we will write down as many words and phrases that best describe us.

Week 2-Color Cards- Describing a Memory

Using paint chip color cards, the students will write about a memory associated with the color of their choice.

Week 3-Four- Sense Food Sonnets

Discussing how to make our writing better using our senses, students will use their five senses to describe different foods.

Week 4- Movie Review

Using their favorite movie as their base, students will work on summarizing the movie as well as giving their opinion on why they like it.

Week 5-Build-A-Model

Using just a couple of materials, students will build a model of something and write the steps it took to build it. Not seeing their creation, their partner will follow their directions to try and build the same thing. We will discuss how important it is to be thorough and detailed in directions.

Week 6- Christmas Quilt

Students will write about a favorite Christmas memory or describe what Christmas means to them and draw a picture on “quilt” squares. We will stitch all of our squares together.

Week 7-Picture Prompt

Being given different pictures as the basis for their story, students will write a short story incorporating what is happening in their picture.

Week 8- Family Newspaper

Looking at newspapers as reference, students will write an article about their family.

Week 9- Opinion Writing

Students will use the phrase “I think the world needs more of _____ or less of _____ and explain why they think that way.

Week 10-The Parts of a Letter

Learning the parts of a letter, students will write a letter to someone.

Week 11- Poetry

Looking at many different poetry styles, students will write a few of their own.

Week 12- What’s in a Name?

Doing a little research beforehand, students will write about their name. Where did it come from? Why were they named that name? What do they wish their name was? Any nicknames they have? Why is your name important? What does your name mean?

Week 13-Round Robin Stories

The class will look at the basic parts of a story and will be given 5 minutes to begin their story. Students will then pass their paper on to another student who will pick up where they left off. We will continue until the story has all 5 basic parts.

Week 14- Mad Libs

Looking at adjectives, nouns, and verbs, students will fill in Mad-Libs. Then the students will try to write their own that their partner can fill in."

Crochet         Jeanie King         Ages 11-adult         $5.00

homework optional

This is a very flexible class in which we will have beginner, advanced, and everyone in between so we can leam different levels of crochet together. I will teach beginners how to crochet and include as many different types of stitches as they want to learn, with the help of others who are experienced in the class. We will each pick a project from the patterns I have, or from what everyone brings. Work at your own pace, keep your projects, donate them to charity (we will discuss on first day), or give as gifts. Patterns I have are for EASY washcloths and cute little animals (amigurumi), or even baby layettes (more difficult). We will also each have a goal sheet to write down what we already know, what we want to learn, and track our progress over the year, including the name of projects we are working on. I will keep these sheets and periodically hand them back to participants to fill out. Everyone will get them back to keep at the end of the year.

Crochet Class 2016-2017

WEEK I - Introductions, find out what level of crochet each person is at. Fill out a goal sheet provided in today's class.  Choose projects to work on through the year.  Beginners start learning new stitches. Homework: 1 crocheted square using stitches learned in class.  Intermediate & advanced- help other in class if necessary and begin on chosen projects or practice stitches to refresh memory.  Homework: acquire yarn for projects and begin working on those projects.

WEEK 2 - Beginners bring in completed squares.  Talk about why everyone's square is a different size, answer questions, help where there is trouble keeping sides straight, etc.  Complete unfinished square and begin 2nd square with new stitch.  Homework: 1 crocheted square using single crochet stitches learned in today's class.   Intermediate & advance – help others if necessary and continue to work on projects.  Teacher will help if questions with patterns or stitches.  Homework: continue projects to bring in the following coop.

WEEK 3 - Repeat of week 2 except beginners will learn a new stitch and begin a new square or circle, depending upon progress.  Intermediate & advanced students same as week 2.  If projects are complete, move onto next one.

WEEK 4 - Repeat of week3.  Beginners start on afghans.  Check off what we've accomplished so far on our goal sheets.   Intermediate & Advanced students should be finished first project started or have shown great progress depending on the size of the project.  The goal is to be finished before Christmas to use as gifts for others.

WEEK 5 - Continue building on previous week.

WEEK 6 - Continue building on previous week.

WEEK 7 - Finish up afghans & projects. Check off what we've accomplished so far on our goal sheets. Introduce new patterns or ideas for next year.

WEEK 8 – Beginners start new stitches.  Intermediate & advanced start new projects.

WEEK 9 - Build on previous week

WEEK 10 - Continue building on previous week

WEEK 11 - Continue building on previous week. Check off what we've accomplished

so far on our goal sheets.

WEEK 12 - Continue building on previous week.

WEEK 13 - Decide who wants to display their projects for the end of the year program.

WEEK 14 - Last day, finish up last minute things, prepare for our table at end of the year

program.  Finish filling out goal sheet. See how much we've learned!

Cupcake Creations         Jacqueline Raymond                 Ages 11-13         $10

homework required weekly

Come join us as we make some lovely creative edible cupcakes. Each week we will decorate 6 cupcakes. Our creations will include farm animals, fish, cookie monster, flowers, star war, Dr who themed and many more. Each week we will also be making a different flavored cupcake at coop to bring home and taste. Please bring 6 cupcakes and 1 can vanilla frosting to class each week. You will need a pastry kit with different tips for class these can be purchased at Meijer, Walmart, Joanns, etc.

Weeks 1 thru 14 bring 6 cupcakes, pastry kits and 1 can vanilla frosting to class. Bring a cupcake container to transport your creations home in so that they do not get crushed.

Digital Photography 101         April Brackney         High School ages 14-18         $20
Includes Text and End of the Year Program Display Supplies

homework required weekly

Students will learn about their camera and how to shoot great photos in manual. No more automatic shots! Topics discussed will be about exposure, focusing, lenses, light, flash, and image enhancement.We will also discuss ways to carry your love for photography into a career or ministry.This class will be based on the book "The Beginner's Photography Guide" by DK (ISBN 978-1-4654-0845-7) with weekly required reading. Students need access to a dSLR camera and will be required to bring in an 8x10 print for each class's assignment. These can easily be printed at Meijer, a photo lab of your choosing, or your home printer and are not included in the class fee.

"This class will be based on the book ""The Beginner's Photography Guide"" by DK (ISBN 978-1-4654-0845-7) with weekly required reading.

We will begin by learning about cameras and equipment. We will learn about exposure, focusing, lenses, light, flash, and image enhancement. We will also discuss ways to carry your love of photography into a career or ministry. A more detailed outline will be available closer to co op."

DIY Olio         Theresa Van Allen         Junior High ages 11-13         $30.00

no homework at all

For Students who like to construct, create and use their hands to learn  new skills. This class will build confidence and know-how that will spark creative abilities. We will construct assorted projects from a wide assortment of materials. A mixture of science, art, and fun. Messes and noise will take place.

Week 1   Concrete Fire bowl

Week 2   Bongo Balance Board

Weeks 3/4  Build and wire a jar lamp

Week 5   PVC archery bow

Week 6  Soap

Week 7   Candle sconce made from pallet wood

Week 8  Laser guided blow gun

Weeks 9/10  Picture frame and chalkboard

Weeks 11/12  Pallet book shelf

Week 13   Candles

Week 14  Cement drink coasters

Drawing Portraits         Alisa Brackney         High School ages 14-18         $25

homework required occasionally

"This class will be based loosely upon the Drawing Portraits DVD course.

For the beginning portrait artist, this will be an introduction into the intricacies of drawing mouths, noses, ears, eyes and all manner of hair, plus lots of practice. Your child will master the ability of turning a photograph into a family heirloom. In addition, we will be adding a couple of classes using other drawing mediums such as charcoal and pastels.  For the student who has experience in drawing portraits, specific challenges will be given to continue their growth in artistic skills; anything from different artistic tools and mediums to drawing with use of models and/or still-life displays. This class is suited for those interested in improving their drawing skills and working hard between classes to practice and complete great projects.

Most art supplies will be provided; all will need a photograph or two to work from (8x10 or larger). Recommended but not required items: specific bag for art supplies, ruler, tracing paper, Soft paintbrush (1 ½-2”), etc."

"DAY 1 Introduction, Materials, and Shading Techniques

Day 2 Getting Started (balance and proportion in your work) DVD Lesson 3-4:

Graphing, tracing and common traits of faces:

• Choose your own option for transfer of portrait outline

• Chin to eyes/eyes to top of head

• Top of ears to eyes

• Base of nose to bottom of ears

• Symmetry of the face

Photos – 8x10 needed

Day 3 Mouths, part 1 and 2

Day 4 Nose & Ears Lesson 7-8:

Day 5 Eyes & Eyebrows Lesson 9-10:

Day 6 Hair Lesson 11-13

Day 7 Work on portrait in class. Lesson 14 & 15: (28/1 minutes of video). Complete portraits

Day 8 Work on portrait in class

Day 9 Work on portrait in class

Day 10 Charcoal. Learning about and how to use charcoals in portrait drawing

Day 11 Pastels. Learning about and how to use pastels in portrait drawing

Day 12 Work on portraits. Finalize what portraits you will be displaying (1-3 each)

Day 13 Fine tune and finalize any projects

Day 14 Matte portraits for display. Set up gallery

Elementary Art         April Brackney         Upper Elementary ages 8-10                 $20

no homework at all

Students will learn basic elements of art, including line, shape, form, color, and texture. In each class, students will create a piece of artwork that expresses that week's lesson in a variety of mediums.

Week 1: Shape Making/Tangrams

Week 2: Color Wheel

Week 3: Mixing Colors/ Warm & Cool colors and moods

Week 4: Line Creates Shapes

Week 5: Lines Suggest Action and Movement

Week 6: Repeating Shapes to Create Patterns & Movement

Week 7: Large Shapes Emphasize an Object's Importance

Week 8: Lines Create Texture and Detail

Week 9: Patterns/Textures in Color

Week 10: Texture adds Detail and Interest

Week 11: Texture can be Rough or Smooth

Week 12: Form can be Representational or Non-representational

Week 13: Forms can be Useful

Week 14: Wrap-Up and Prepare for Display

Elenchus (Literature Discussion)         Wagner & Hamblin         ages 14-18        $25

High School ages 14-18, 9th grade and up         $25

homework required weekly


"Thought-provoking Socratic discussions focusing on literary analysis will bring students face-to-face with some of the world’s best books so they can know themselves more fully as God’s creatures. Mrs. Hamblin and Mrs. Wagner will encourage students to ponder well-designed questions about structure, style, context, and theme in every story they read. Opportunities for extracurricular enrichment will periodically be offered. Believe it or not, this class will be ENJOYABLE as well as educational. We promise!

Students will be required to read and discuss:

  1. The Odyssey of Homer
  2. Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
  3. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  4. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
  5. The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis

Get the UNabridged versions of all books.

Student Responsibilities:

1 - Read the above books according to the class reading schedule. If you are not willing to read, or re-read, these books, do not take this class.

2 - Obtain your own copies of these books. Many are available free on Kindle. Audiobook reading is acceptable.  

3 - Participate in End of the Year Program as decided by the class.

4 - View a performance of Julius Caesar (preferably live).

5 - Complete any other class assignments as directed, including one or two short oral presentations.

6 - Participate in class discussions.

7 - Watch short online videos as assigned.

8 - Bring notebook, pencil, binder or folder to each class.

Parent Responsibilities:

1 - Ensure your student completes all assigned reading.

2 - Ensure your student completes all class assignments.

3 - Be at the end of the year program with your student.

Why does our class have such a funny name?

E·len·chus  (iˈleNGkəs) means a logical refutation.

It is the Greek word used to refer to the Socratic method of eliciting truth by question and answer, especially as used to refute an argument.

9/9 - Intro to lit analysis

9/23 - The Odyssey

10/14 - The Odyssey

10/28​ - The Scarlet Letter

11/4 - The Scarlet Letter

11/18 - The Scarlet Letter

12/2 - A Tale of Two Cities

1/13 - A Tale of Two Cities

1/27 - A Tale of Two Cities

2/10 - A Tale of Two Cities

2/24 - Julius Caesar

3/10 - Julius Caesar


3/24 - Julius Caesar

4/7 - The Great Divorce

Everything Science!         Traci Dean        

Upper Elementary ages 8-10         $20 

homework optional

This is a general science class covering  topics such as minerals, rocks and fossils, animals and birds, and the human body, the solar system. and the value of recycling. We will be conducting experiments in this class with many different household materials.  

Week 1: Sound

Week 2: Cells, Tissues, and Organs

Week 3: Putting Animals into Groups

Week 4: Minerals, Rocks, and Soil

Week 5: Animals without Backbones

Week 6: Mass and Weight

Week 7: Animals with Backbones

Week 8: Birds

Week 9: Work

Week 10: Skin

Week 11: How Plants Live

Week 12: The Solar System

Week 13: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Week 14: Organizing boards for End of the Year Program

Financial Peace         Diane Ivey-Gruell         High School ages 14-18         $40.00

homework required weekly

Using Dave Ramsey's Homeschool program "Foundations in Personal Finance", we will learn not only how to understand the basic principles of money management, but how to handle money God's way.  We will be learning budgeting, compromising, saving, giving and making wiser decisions with money.  Our objective will not only be to learn these important skills, but to put them into practice.  The students will become more financially literate as they learn the language of money.  They will be encouraged to save money and plan for their future; distinguish between wants and needs, plan for things like a car, college and a house, as well as retirement, all without going into debt.  A typical class will include:  1) Bible scriptures about money, 2) group discussion reviewing homework, 3) motivational DVD lectures by Dave Ramsey.  The students will have follow up homework of the lesson in a workbook and action assignments given for each class:  1) know the key terms (language of money vocabulary), 2) four pages of recap and review of the lesson, and 3) an action assignment.  Class time may continue into the lunch period.  Students will be allowed to eat their lunch during the lecture in class.  Millions of people have heard Dave Ramsey's message and I don't want the students to miss out on anything this dynamic, motivational speaker has to say.  I want them to have financial peace in their lives for the future.

Sept. 9:  Introduction to Personal Finance

Sept. 23:  Saving

Oct. 14:  Budgeting

Oct. 28:  Debt

Nov. 4:  Life After High School

Nov. 18:  Consumer Awareness

Dec. 2:  Bargain Shopping

Jan. 13:  Investing & Retirement

Jan. 27:  Insurance

Feb. 10:  Money & Relationships

Feb. 24:  Careers & Taxes

March 10:  Giving

March 24:  make up & Review

April 7:  Review/End of Year Program

Geography         Mindy Greenman         Lower Elementary ages 5-7         $15

no homework at all

We will learn about the Earth and its' amazing features. Will be presented in a fun, engaging, flexible, educational manner, Will be presented through books, songs, crafts, experiments and other activities.  

Week 1-Read Me on the Map and do "" Where I live Activity""

Week 2-'Creation"" Read Creation story, paint Earth with hands, nature scavenger hunt

Week 3-'Oceans'-Read Commotion in the Ocean, octopus counting activity, sing take me out to the ocean, goldfish snack

Week 4- 'Continents' Play doh,song, balloon earth,poster (Homework page-Color in states you visited, send back next Co-op)

Week 5-'United States"" spaghetti noodle states, Read Good Night America, U.S. Bingo, Share Homework

Week 6-'Michigan"" Michigan book, newspaper Michigan, With Michigan Maps, Where have you been in Michigan?

Week 7-'Maps" World and US Map-Find continent, ocean, river mountain, state etc. paper bag house/building, treasure map with prize

Week 8-'Rocks" Read, song, poem, find and paint rocks

Week 9-''Volcanoes"" Science expeiment, Read Magic School Bus and Volcano wakes Up, Volcano craft

Week-10-Soil' Read scoop on dirt, Make ""What is in it"" poster and sediment jar

Week 11-Farming Read Farm and Food from Farms, Read Old Mcdonald, Craft Muddy pig, Act/Sound like animal game, 'Crop tasting'

Week 12-'Transportation' Read Transportation in my City and Pigeon loves things that go, name license plate, name train, Yoga and race cars on ramp

Week 13-’Protecting Earth'-Read, 3 R's and compost bottle

Week 14-Bear Hunt Read story, map with TP binoculars

Home Sweet Home         Todd Latta        ages 11-18         $8

homework optional

Combination of Michigan History, Geography & Map reading/study

Specific topics: Indian influence, European influence, Navigation of Waterways & Battle sites. Your students will walk away from this class with a new love of their home state & hopefully a new passion for History! No particular skill levels, just a willing attitude to learn. A passion for history is also very helpful!"

Weeks 1 & 2 - Geological, Waterways, State "Facts"

Weeks 3 & 4 - Southern Lower Peninsula History & Geography

Weeks 5 & 6 - Northern Lower Peninsula History & Geography

Weeks 7 & 8 - Great Lakes Shipping & Waterways/Shipwrecks & Diving

Weeks 9 & 10 - Upper Peninsula History & Geography

Weeks 11 & 12 - Wars! In Michigan

Weeks 13 & 14 - Annishinabe 1st people of the Land

Hugo Cabret Lit         Holly Wiegersma         Ages 11-14         $10

homework required weekly

In Hugo Cabret Lit we will read 3 of Brain Selznick's books The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Wonderstuck, and The Marvels. Mr. Selznick uses beautiful illustrations and exciting text to lead you on a fantastic journey. Whether you're a struggling reader, voracious reader, or an 'I hate reading' kind of student, this class is for you. Please do not let the page counts turn you away; half of the story is told in pictures.

Weeks 1-4 The Invention of Hugo Cabret- inventions, tinkering projects, art

Weeks 5-8 Wonderstruck- ASL, deaf culture, art

Weeks 9-12 The Marvels- sailing, drama, art

Week 13 discuss similarities, differences between the books

Week 14 party and prepare for the program

Instant Challenge         Renee Smith         2 Classes 8-10 and 11-13         $5

no homework at all

Get ready for some intense, crazy fun!  The instant challenge class will be preparing the kids for some cup stacking skills in addition to Minute to Win It activities.  Half of the class will be geared towards learning how to be efficient at speed stacking cups.  We will be using official speed stacking cups and watching a training DVD in order to advance our skills.  The remainder of our classes will be focusing on fun minute to win it type games for some instant races.  My hopes is that by the end of our time together we can have an instant challenge friendly competition day.  *This class will involve a lot of fine motor skills.  So if your child gets easily frustrated  please consider not choosing this class for them.  I would all kids to be able to enjoy the activities rather than become frustrated and upset.  

Week 1:  First things first

Week 2:  They cycle

Week 3:  Rules Update

Week 4:  Radical Response

Week 5:  Stack Attack

Week 6:  Stack Attack 2

Week 7:  Stack Fast

Week 8:  Cup Jammin'

Week 9:  Floopers

Week 10:  Speed Stacks Stuff

Week 11:  What's a WSSA

Week 12:  Practice for end of year challenge

Week 13:  Practice for end of year challenge

Week 14:  End of year challenge

It’s SNOT Science/Grossology         Marla Young          Ages: 10-14        $15

This class is all about sneaky science- the kids will be doing gross experiments, and making disgusting edible treats to bring home with them. The cost should be about $12-15 a child, depending on the class size. The order of the weeks may change and some may be combined with each other.

1.         Snot/Boogers

2.         Blood

3.         Scabs

4.         Poop

5.         Drool and spit

6.         Ear Wax

7.         Warts

8.         Vomit

9.         BO/Sweat

10.        Burps

11.        Hiccups

12.        Farts

13.        Tooth Tartar

14.        Blisters

15.        Zits

16.        Smelly Feet

17.        Dandruff

18,        Antibotics/Mold

Kids Concoctions         Bindig         Lower Elementary ages 5-7         $25

no homework at all

Each class we will make some fun concoction you will bring home! We will create photo albums with recipes and pictures from each class for you keep when class is finished! A few examples of our fun creations for the year will be: water balloon yo-yo's, magic muck, puddin' paint, splongee ball and many others! This will be a fun class!!!  Plans may be added to or changed depending on availability of materials but we will always do something fantastically fun! This class may get messy!!!!

Week 1, Sept 9 - We will make gooey gunk and water balloon yo-yo's        

Week 2, Sept 23 - We will make sparkle bottles and

Week 3, Oct 14 -  We will make funny putty. If we have time, we will also make super sidewalk paint        

Week 4, Oct 28 -  We will make magic muck and play with it. If we have time, we will also make oatmeal play clay.        

Week 5, Nov 4 -  We will make a splongee ball and peanutty play dough.(depending on any potential allergies)  

Week 6, Nov 18 -  We will make invisible ink and magic bubble paint.        

Week 7, Dec 2 -  We will make a snow globe for Christmas and an ocean in a bottle.        

Week 8, Jan 13 - We will make the world's best bubbles and a tornado in a bottle.        

Week 9, Jan 27 - We will make foamy paint and make sculptures with it.        

Week 10, Feb 10 -  We will make plastic dough and snow paint.        

Week 11, Feb 24 -  We will make a squishy ball and an instant volcano.        

Week 12, March 10 -  We will make juggle balls and glossy paint.        

Week 13, March 24 -  We will make wacky watercolors and sidewalk chalk.        

Week 14, April 7 --  We will make marbleized eggs and shake and make ice cream!

Let’s Make a Play        Marla Young        All ages        $10

Open to any ages.

We will be learning how to not only produce a play, but all the stuff that goes into it.   Directing, casting, writing, acting, props, stage setup.


The kids will be finding their passion in what they want to do, and doing it.  Some will have speaking roles, others will have behind the scene rolls.


We hope to have a Christmas play for the last co-op in December.  And another at the end of year program.


Literature-Book in a Bag         Mindy Greenman         Lower Elementary ages 5-7         $15

no homework at all

Explore some classic stories and some new stories in a fun, creative educational way using books, songs, poems, crafts and other activities. Will also be acting some of the stories out. Bring everything home in a paper bag.

"Week 1-Read "Marvelous me". Clap a friend name song, finish the picture, All about me book, share in class

Week 2-”Three Little Bears" Read story, act/retell story, sing 5 little bears, bear snack, take home retell worksheet

Week 3-”Press Here" Read book, make own book, dot stickers, movement game

Week 4-Three little pigs, Read and act out, sequence cards, house craft

Week 5- Are you my mother? Read book, mother poem, song and craft

Week 6-Harold and the Purple Crayon Read, purple yarn, draw with purple crayons, purple play doh and draw 'My crayon took me...""

Week 7-Little Red Hen, Read sing I'm a little Chicken and The Chicken Family, homemade bread, wheat fork painting and Chicken plate craft

Week 8-Gingerbread Man, Read, cookies, finger puppet, and popscicle stick fox

Week 9-Napping House. Read, Where is Mouse hiding activity and sequence/draw

Week 10-If you give a mouse a cookie, Read, counting cards, If you give____a_____they will want_____ worksheet, and paper plate mouse

Week 11-Jack and the Beanstalk-Read, bean counting, what can your bean become drawing sheet, plant seeds in cup

Week 12-3 Billy Goats Gruff, read act out, story printable, bridge craft

Week 13-Tree, read story, paint branches, tree rubbings, draw animals in tree, pretzel and grape tree snack

Week 14-Elephant and Piggie. Read Play the trumpet(Hopefully with an older student who can play.), comic strip worksheet, Read Should I share my Ice cream.. with a little ice cream treat.

Little House Cooking         Susan Hall         Upper Elementary ages 8-10         $20

no homework at all

Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family lived in many places.  From living in the woods, to traveling on the prairie, to living on a homestead or in a railroad town they prepared frontier foods with basic staples from the country store and what they could grow or gather themselves.

We will cover each of 5 basic ways they lived and cook up some of the Ingalls family favorites.

Actual weeks and foods may vary.  We will discuss foods and cook up one or two per week:

Week 1-3 In the Woods: hasty pudding, cottage cheese, maple syrup & more

Week 4-5 On the  Trail: trail foods-biscuits, cornbread, salt pork...

Week 6-7 On the Prairie: bean porridge, ""prairie"" chickens & rabbits

Week 8-9 On the Banks: fish, plums, turnips...

Week 10-12 In a railroad town peaches and crackers, dried corn, bread, potatoes

Week 13 Candies and treats

Week 14  Popcorn

Magic Tree House         Jacqueline Raymond         Upper Elementary ages 8-10         $5

homework required weekly

Come on a new adventure every coop as follow with Jack and Annie as they travel back in time. We will do a craft in every class that relates to the book we read. We will study dinosaurs, Knights, lions, panda bears, and many more adventures await us. Your child will be responsible for reading the book before each class.

Week 1. Dinosaurs Before Dark

Week 2. The Knight at Dawn

Week 3. Midnight on the Moon

Week 4. Twister on Tuesday

Week 5. Season of the Sandstorm

Week 6. Thanksgiving on Thursday

Week 7. Christmas in Camelot

Week 8. High Time for Heroes

Week 9. Good Morning Gorilla's

Week 10. Abe Lincoln at Last

Week 11. Revolutionary War on Wednesday

Week 12. A Perfect Time for Pandas

Week 13. Leprechaun in Late Winter

Week 14. Night of the Ninjas

Model Building         Terrell Reber          High School ages 14-18         $42

homework optional

Want to build model kits like you see on the box, magazines, or a convention. Military, cars, sci-fi, it doesn’t matter.  Plastic, pewter, or resin. Got that covered.  Learn the tips and tricks on how to make models look great.  High level model building isn’t all skill, it’s mostly technique and experience.

Basic tools and building supplies will be provided from the class fee.  Model kits, and painting supplies are not provided.

Week 1 Choosing a kit, scale, materials, building on a budget

Week 2 Cutting, trimming, dry fitting

Week 3 Filling, sanding, and glues, glues, glues

Week 4 Prepping to paint, priming, types of paint

Week 5 Brush painting

Week 6 Airbrush painting

Week 7 Highlighting and shadowing (basic)

Week 8 Highlighting and shadowing (advanced)

Week 9 Weathering and detailing

Week 10 Clear coat, candy coat, panel lining

Week 11 Clear coat, candy coat, panel lining

Week 12 Scratch building, kit bashing

Week 13 Dioramas

Week 14 Guest speaker on museum model building

Moving for His Glory        Jennifer Kittell        Preschool ages 3-4           $30

no homework at all

We will be learning songs, verses, sign language, and work on mission projects with focus on the fruits of the spirit,

Weeks 1&2 love,

Weeks 3&4 joy,

Weeks 5&6 peace,

Week 7 forbearance,

Weeks 8&9 kindness,

Week 10 goodness,

Week 11 faithfulness,

Week 12 gentleness

Week 13 self-control

Week 14 wrap up

Off the Cuff                 Jamie Hershberger                  Ages 10-13         $0

no homework at all

Off the Cuff means "on the spot" or "on the fly". When doing theater Improv-style, or, "off the cuff", you pretty much say whatever comes to mind! The resulting scenes are as unique as the actors in them.

Participation in Improv theater can boost your confidence, develop your presentation skills, and help you  do better in interview situations, but all you will notice is the FUN!  Come explore what you can create "Off the Cuff"!

Week 1

Warm Up: Counting off

Games:  Alliteration; Invisible Ball; Alien, Tiger, Cow; Bippity Bop; Barnyard; Animalistics


Week 2

Warm up: Counting off

Games: Clap Pass; Discussion about Improv and advancing the story; Rumors; Yes, And; Yes, lets; Open Offer


 Week 3

Warm Up: Explosion tag

Games: Alphabet Pass; Tug – o – War; Jump; Greetings; Six Episodes


Week 4

Warm Up: Energy

Games: Sound Circle; Columbian Hypnosis; Discussion about “Status”; Chivalrous Couple; Card Status

Week 5

Warm up: Count Off

Games: Big wind Blowing; Body Hide; Mother Goose; Pecking Order


Week 6

Warm up: Swat Tag

Games: Group Alphabet; Airplane; Discuss “Environment”; Coming Home


Week 7

Warm Up: Count Off

Games: Catch ‘em; Doors; Group Environment; Front Desk


Week 8

Warm Up: Energy

Games: Big Boogie; Human Props; Move and Speak;Blind Freeze


Week 9

Warm Up: Catch ‘em

Games: Object Morphing; Three line Environment; ACE; Two Headed Professor


Week 10

Warm Up: Count Off

Games: • Group alphabet; • Big fish, small fish; • Five Things


Week 11

Warm Up: Energy

Games:  Discussion of Character;  Emotional Mirror; Five Things; Character Switch; Hitchhiker


Week 12

Warm Up: Catch ‘em

Games: Keep the Ball Up;Discuss Format for End of Year Performance; Hitchhiker; Nope!; Ding; Characters


Week 13

Warm Up: Count off

Games: Big Boogie (called big booty but changed booty to boogie); Communal Monologue; Review/runthrough  format of EOY program; Asides


Week 14

Warm Up: Count off

Games: Run-through of format for performance; Discussion/evaluation of the class

PE         Brodacki         Ages 5-10         $5

no homework at all

This gym class is designed to give the students a taste of multiple sports from a beginners level.  Each sport will be taught for two weeks. Fundamentals, rules and guidelines of each sport will be taught.  We will also do game play each day.  There will be 3 classes set aside for relays, games and/or kids choice.  We will divide the students by age/skill level as needed during instruction and game play. At the beginning of each class we will do an organized warm up and stretch for 5 minutes.

Week 1-  Relays/Games

Week 2-  Basketball (30 minutes of fundamentals, 15 minutes of game play)

Week 3-  Basketball (15 minutes of reviewing fundamentals, 30 minutes of game play)

Week 4-  Soccer (30 minutes of fundamentals, 15 minutes of game play)

Week 5-  Soccer (15 minutes of reviewing fundamentals, 30 minutes of game play)

Week 6-  Volleyball (fundamentals)

Week 7-  Relays and Games

Week 8-  Kickball (30 minutes of fundamentals, 15 minutes of game play)

Week 9-  Kickball (15 minutes of reviewing fundamentals, 30 minutes of game play)

Week 10- Wiffle Ball (30 minutes of fundamentals, 15 minutes of game play)

Week 11- Wiffle Ball (15 minutes of reviewing fundamentals, 30 minutes of game play)

Week 12- Kids Choice

Week 13- Relays/Games

Week 14- Outdoor Play (weather permitting of course)

PE         Amy Husted               2 classes ages 11-14 and 13-18             $5

homework required occasionally

This class will provide students with the opportunities to develop team skills, knowledge of different team sports, physical skills, and personal growth. They will learn the rules, skills, and strategies of numerous sports. It's a positive environment that will also allow them to experience the importance of physical activity, cooperation, leadership, being humble, self control, and friendly competition.

Week 1. Outdoor Football

Week 2. Outdoor Soccer

Week 3. Outdoor Kickball

Week 4. Outdoor Wiffle ball

Week 5. Dodgeball

Week 6. Volleyball

Week 7. Basketball

Week 8. Dodgeball

Week 9. Ultimate Frisbee

Week 10. Kickball

Week 11. Dodgeball

Week 12. Volleyball

Week 13. Wiffle ball

Week 14. Dodgeball

PLAY! Improv         Jamie Hershberger         Ages 14-18         $0

no homework at all

Participation in Improv theater can boost your confidence, develop your presentation skills, and help you  do better in interview situations, but all you will notice is the FUN!  Take an hour out of your busy schedule to "let go" - come out and PLAY!

Week 1: Warm Up: Counting off; Games: • Alliteration • Invisible Ball • Alien, Tiger, Cow • Bippity Bop • Barnyard • Animalistics


Week 2: Warm up: Counting off; Games: Clap Pass; Discussion about Improv and advancing the story; Rumors; Yes, And; Yes, lets; Open Offer


 Week 3: Warm Up: Explosion tag; Games: Alphabet Pass; Tug – o – War; Jump; Greetings; Six Episodes


Week 4: Warm Up: Energy; Games: Sound Circle; Columbian Hypnosis; Discussion about “Status”; Chivalrous Couple; Card Status


 Week 5: Warm up: Count Off; Games: Big wind Blowing; Body Hide; Mother Goose; Pecking Order


Week 6: Warm up: Swat Tag; Games: Group Alphabet; Airplane; Discuss “Environment”; Coming Home


Week 7: Warm Up: Count Off; Games: Catch ‘em; Doors; Group Environment; Front Desk


Week 8

Warm Up: Energy

Games: Big Boogie; Human Props; Move and Speak; Blind Freeze


Week 9: Warm Up: Catch ‘em; Games: Object Morphing; Three line Environment; ACE; Two Headed Professor


Week 10: Warm Up: Count Off; Games: • Group alphabet • Big fish, small fish • Five Things


Week 11: Warm Up: Energy; Games:  Discussion of Character;  Emotional Mirror;  Five Things; Character Switch; Hitchhiker


Week 12: Warm Up: Catch ‘em; Games: Keep the Ball Up; Discuss Format for End of Year Performance; Hitchhiker; Nope!; Ding Characters


Week 13: Warm Up: Count off; Games: Communal Monologue; Review/runthrough  format of EOY program; Asides


Week 14: Warm Up: Count off; Games: Run-through of format for performance; Discussion/evaluation of the class        

Preschool Morning Session                Meek                ages 3-4                $15

Morning preschool activities for the 3-4 age group

Preschool Afternoon Session                 Kittell                 ages 3-4                $15
See “Moving for His Glory” for the class description

Speech  "Communications 101"         Diane Ivey-Gruell         High School ages 14-18         $30

homework required weekly

I have combined concepts from A Beka's "Speech for Today", Accelerated Christian's " Speech" pace workbooks, EIW's "Speech Boot Camp", and Dave Mark's  "Communication and Interpersonal Relationships" as well as a little Shakespeare and more to create a communications class to help students understand Speech.  We will learn and practice the componates of an effective speaker through discussion, DVD clips and various activities and experiments.  The objective is to be able to use techniques presented, to develop and deliver thoughtful conversation, to communicate and interact with people in the world around us and feel comfortable doing so.  Whether it be giving a speech or recitation, working with a committee to solve a problem or interviewing for a job position, communication is not only verbal, but nonverbal as well.  We will also work on things like posture, eye contact, gestures, distinct articulation and projection.  We will overcome any fears and have fun learning.  A typical class will start with a student presenting a short Bible verse on speaking with commentary; then a body language warm up, review and discussion of the lesson, (an occasional Speech), DVD clip, a homework experiment challenge and end with a communication game, such as   charades.  They will have a rotating study buddy to do activities and experiments with as needed.  Each class will require homework:  1) reading one short chapter with activities to try, from "Speech for Today" (A Beka), 2) fill in the blank workbook pages and practice delivery from "Speech" (Accelerated Christian--the mechanic of speech), 3) conduct and record an experiment challenge from ""Communication & Interpersonal Relationships"" (Dave Marks--the psychology of speech).  Study time outside of class with a study buddy may be required.  Hopefully, students will discover that it's not just what we say, but how we say it that speaks to the world, making a difference in our lives today, tomorrow and forever.

The fee covers the workbooks I will purchase.  However I will give you the option on the other two books we will be using, if you want you can find them used cheaper on Amazon, or I can order them for the class.

Speech for Today=$34 new

Communications & Interpersonal Relationships =

$22 new

Sept. 9:  The Place of Speech in Society and Introduction & Proper Breathing.  DVD=IEW-INTRO

Sept. 23:  Everyday Conversation and Projection & Rate.  DVD=IEW-Descriptive

Oct. 14:  Special Types of Conversation and Vocal Quality, Production & Proper Resonance.  DVD=SpeechTBD

Oct. 28:  Group Discussion and Pitch.  DVD=Psalm 24

Nov. 4:  Parliamentary Procedure and Articulation & Pronunciation.  DVD=IEW Persuasive

Nov.18:  Talking with the Body and Vocabulary & Phrasing.  DVD=Psalm 62

Dec. 2:  Interpreting Monologues and Gestures, Posture, Habits, Lectern, Approach & Departure.  DVD=Shakespeare

Jan. 13:  Reading with Meaning and Facial Expression, Eye Contact, Quality Characteristics, Meaningful Gestures & Improving Gestures.  CD=Rush Limbaugh's Brave Pilgrims

Jan. 27:  Our American Pronunciation and Poise & Nervousness.  DVD=TBD

Feb.10:  Listening and Self-Control, Relaxation, Emotion, Word Pictures, Proper Emphasis & Enthusiasm.  DVD=The Bridge Builder

Feb. 24:  Interpreting Declamations & Poetry and Multiple Personalities, Marking the Script & Memorization.  DVD=IEW Narrative

March 10:  Story telling and Rehearsal, Evaluation & Performance.  DVD=Brother IRA

March 24:  Extemporaneous Devotionals and Speeches and Plan for End of Year Program.

April 7:  Speeches and Review Practice for End of Year Program.

Star gazing         Jackie Wright         Upper Elementary ages 8-10         $10

no homework at all

In this class, students will learn the mythology behind the constellations.  There are such interesting and creative fictional stories behind why the stars were flung in the sky in such unique patterns.  The students will use this new knowledge every week to be creative themselves.  We will incorporate quite a bit of crafting, short story writing and drawing.  Enjoying these types of creativity will be a bonus!

Week 1:  Intro:  Get to know one another.  Discuss their ideas behind constellations, what they are, name some they can identify and talk about them.  Discuss when the myths originated.

Week 2:  Ursa Major/Ursa Minor  -Bean art a bear's face

Week 3:  Leo Major/Canis Major/Canis Minor-  Create own animal constellation, write heroic story or why you'd hang that animal in the night sky to remember.

Week 4:  Cassiopeia and Coma Berenices-  Use magazine clippings to create what these beautiful woman may have looked like.  (Eyes from one pic, lips from another)

Week 5:  Andromeda/Perseus/Pegasus-  I write out story summary with blanks and they change parts of the story by altering key words.  Read some aloud.

Week 6:  Hercules-  List some things you could do if you were as strong as hercules.  Decorate and eat apple slices. (associated with story)

Week 7:  Gemini-  Write a description of the twins as a class.  Each student write one sentence description  of a certain aspect.  Everyone draw their example of the final description.

Week 8:  Centaurus-  Think of another creature with one animal head and another animal body. What can it do?  Discuss with class.

Week 9:  Ophiuchus- Create snake using gems/beads/candy.

Week 10:  Argo-  Make ship constellation using toothpicks/marshmellows.

Week 11:  Orion- Create shield (craft wood circle or cardboard-foam stickers)

Week 12:  Movie about constellations.

Week 13:  Create their own constellation.  Name and write backstory about themselves.  Brainstorm first.

Week 14:  Create pic of their constellation.  Tell stories to the class.  Wrap up what we've learned.  Favorites, stories they remember.

Stop-Motion Animation         Brad & Traci Dean         Junior High ages 11-13         $20

homework optional

Students will be learning about all elements of stop-motion animation and how to create their own short film. They will also explore different examples of stop-motion animation in the media and how it is relevant today.

Week 1: Introduction: What is stop-motion animation? - Wallace and Grommet clips.

Week 2: Story Ideas: Generating and refining stories.

Week 3: Storyboarding: Sketching thumbnails.

Week 4:Character Building: On paper.

Week 5: Model Building

Week 6: Camera Setup/ Test Shots

Week 7: Background Building

Week 8: Shooting

Week 9: Shooting

Week 10: Shooting

Week 11: Shooting

Week 12: Shooting

Week 13: Shooting

Week 14: Finished work: Watch and Critique

Strength/Endurance Training/Mixed Sports         Brodacki        Ages 8-13         $5

no homework at all

We will work on building the students strength and endurance for half  the class each week using different relays, games and exercises. We will possibly be looking to participate in a 5k locally (if we can find one reasonably close) with any students that would like to, near the end of co-op. The other half of our class time will be used for learning new skills or practicing our existing skills in multiple different sports.

Week 1-  25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of volleyball

Week 2-  25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of  volleyball

Week 3-  25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of soccer

Week 4-  25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of soccer

Week 5-  25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of kickball

Week 6-  25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of kickball

Week 7-  25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes open gym/kids choice

Week 8-  25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of basketball

Week 9-  25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of basketball

Week 10- 25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of softball

Week 11- 25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of softball

Week 12- 25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of kids choice

Week 13- 25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of kids choice

Week 14- 25 minutes conditioning, 25 minutes of kids choice/jump rope competition.

The Forest Through the Trees         Rhonda Meldrum         Lower Elementary ages 5-7         $13

homework optional

This class will be about Natural Science concentrating on the environment in our home state.  The format of my classes tends to be reading an age based book on the particular topic of the day followed by hands on activities.  Any days that are suitable to go outside will be taken advantage of.

The following topics are some ideas that I have for the year.  Some of these will get more specific and the order often depends on what is going on outside.  I will throw out the topics here but please allow for variation in the schedule.

Week 1-Trees

Week 2-Bats/Caves

Week 3-Bees/Insects

Week 4-Frogs

Week 5-Freshwater Life

Week 6-Snakes

Week 7-Birds

Week 8-Wildlife in Winter

Week 9-Owls

Week 10-Recycling

Week 11-Bears

Week 12-Butterflies

Week 13-Water Cycle

Week 14-Geology - Under Michigan

The Human Body Wonderfully Made Advanced Biology                 Wendi Edgett         High School ages 14-18                 $45

homework required weekly

The Human Body: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made! Working in the field of Histotechnology (Histology) I am VERY excited to teach this class!  We will cover the following:

An Organizational Overview and Some Review, Histology: The Study of Tissues, Skin and Bones - The Integumentary and Skeletal Systems, Skeletal System Histology and Movement, Muscle Histology and Physiology, The Skeletal Muscle System, The Nervous System: Neurons and Neuroglia, The Central Nervous System, The Peripheral Nervous System, The Endocrine System, The Circulatory System, The Lymphatic System, The Digestive System, The Respiratory System, The Urinary System, and The Reproductive System.  We will be dissecting the following in class: Cow Eye, Cow Heart, and a Fetal Pig.  In order to take this course, the student MUST have completed a first-year biology course AND it is recommended that the first-year chemistry course be completed as well. It covers both the anatomy and the physiology of the human body’s 11 organ systems in detail. Homework (reading the next module, completing lab reports and assigned color sheets) is required at every co-op in order to participate in the lab. A research paper is also required we will use the entire second half of the year to complete it. Students who wish to take the class for experience only and no grade (for example, you are using a different curriculum) please see me and we can discuss your options.

At each co-op, we will work on the experiments from each Module.  In order to complete the book, the students must complete the reading of each assigned Module prior to that co-op.

Week 1- Module 1: An Organizational Overview and Some Review

Week 2 - Module 2: Histology: The Study of Tissues

Week 3 - Module 3: Skin and Bones

Week 4 - Module 4: Skeletal System Histology and Movement

Week 5 - Module 5: Muscle Histology and Physiology

Week 6 - Module 6: The Skeletal Muscle System a

Week 7 - Module 7: The Nervous System: Neurons and Neuroglia

Week 8 - Module 8: The Central Nervous System

Week 9 - Module 9: The Peripheral Nervous System: Dissection Cow Eye 1st half of Module 10: The Endocrine System

Week 10 - Finish Module 10 and Module 11: The Circulatory System: Dissection Cow Heart

Week 11 - Module 12: The Lymphatic System

Week 12 - Module 13: The Digestive System

Week 13 - Module 14: The Respiratory System

Week 14 - Module 15: The Urinary System We will do the Experiment from Module 16 this week: Dissection Fetal Pig

On Your Own after co-op - Module 16: The Reproductive System

True Colors                 Rhonda Meldrum         High School ages 14-18           $10

no homework at all

The idea of this class is two-fold, to get to know your fellow classmates and to spend time being creative.  Often, our students are so busy at co-op that there is barely any time to forge friendships and get to know each other.  In the same realm, we are often too busy to sit and spend time doing something creative.  In this class you will have time for both, chat and get to know your classmates while coloring your masterpiece.  I will have 2-3 books to choose designs from each week.  I will expect students to bring their own pencils or markers.  I will offer only a few supplies for sharing.

Weeks 1-14 will be spent choosing a design and coloring.  If you do not finish, you may take it home to complete.  At the end of the year I would like each student to choose their favorite design for framed display.   Come prepared to talk, share experiences and get to know each other.

When I grow up         Elizabeth Mietling         Lower Elementary ages 5-7         $10

homework optional

Join us for an interactive journey exploring the careers our young ones aspire to achieve. Through hands on fun, immersive activities and even a few live visits from experienced professionals like firefighters and police officers our students will learn about a wide variety of career options.  Each week we will focus on a particular career area and hope to cultivate the devotion to seek God’s will through the jobs they desire.

1- What do you want to be?

2- Firefighter

3- Police

4 - Soldier

5- Astronaut

6- Health care (Doctor, Nurse.)

7- Chef

8- Musician

9- Build trades

10- Veterinarian

11- Artist

12-Scientist/ Engineer

13- Farmer

14- Paleontologist

These are tentative and are subject to change.

With Humans In It         Ginger Latta                 High School ages 14-18         $20

homework optional

This class will cover many aspects of theater but we end up performing/ministering for the end of the year program! This class is about team building as well as learning to work together expanding and stretching our limits more than we have before.

IMPORTANT! We have (2) required off campus days, all day practices


Week 1- Ice Breakers

Week 2- team building

Week 3-Character design

Week 4- Blocking

Week 5-Emotions & facial structuring

Week 6- Physical skill levels

Week 7-Run through learning ending of program

Week 8- Blocking

Week 9-12 Structure of performance & practice

Week 13-14 Polish Program