About CrowdBucks

CrowdBucks is a grassroots, social-economic initiative that's taking a unique approach to revolutionizing the world of money. The CrowdBucks Commerce system is engineered to help bring about meaningful change to our failing monetary and financial systems. From helping communities to develop and integrate flexible collaborative currencies that can stimulate local growth; to providing a framework for CrowdFunding, Micro-Lending, and a global marketplace that offers a smarter way to do business, CrowdBucks helps bring about positive change to our local economies and global economic systems.

Our vision is to enable a fair and sustainable economic system that works for the 99% and offers a positive alternative for the future of our planet.


Our mission is to make money work for people !

 ( instead of just the other way around )


Our primary goal is to effectively implement "Money 3.0” and help in transitioning to a sustainable, value-based economy.

Why CrowdBucks?


The Problem: Current economic systems are not working for most people.

The ongoing global financial crisis clearly demonstrates that our current financial system is not working for most people and desperately needs to be reformed. Banks typically turn down more than half of their loan applications, which means that these individuals and struggling companies likely will not get the money they need in order to do business. Even with adequate levels of both supply and demand, business is not getting done in an optimal fashion, because of either a lack of money, or the fact that typical interest-based money is simply too expensive.


The Solution: Create Your Own (Interest-Free) Money!

CrowdBucks offers a new kind of digital currency platform for managing transactions online. The system is comparable in some ways to a typical banking service with innovative features that encourage purchasing power to circulate more effectively within a given region or community. CrowdBucks delivers a flexible, social-economic platform that enables members to efficiently trade goods and services using a secure “mutual credit”-enabled Marketplace, and is designed to operate as an open, fair and inherently stable, complementary monetary system without the need for interest and continuous economic growth.

Secured by chains of trust, this innovative multi-currency / multi-marketplace commerce platform is reputation-based, operates interest-free, and integrates flexible currencies backed by real goods and services. Our model is focused on leveraging the untapped power of digital currencies and merges the proven concepts behind mutual credit (using private currencies backed by our members) with modern block-chain technologies (like the Bitcoin decentralized network, etc.) to empower people and assist communities to prosper.

CrowdBucks Advantages

The CrowdBucks Commerce platform delivers a flexible framework for a variety of trade and commerce related scenarios including crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, value chains, P2P lending, B2B, B2C, community-oriented marketplaces and beyond. CrowdBucks offers a convenient way for individuals and businesses to conduct everyday financial transactions without using regular cash or interest-based credit.

Our currency management system delivers a series of sustainable social/financial services that are similar in some ways to services currently offered by established banks and credit unions. The key difference is that CrowdBucks “currencies” are created and controlled directly – bottom-up – by the actual people and organizations that trade their goods and services in a CrowdBucks-enabled marketplace, as opposed to top-down by for-profit banks.

At its core CrowdBucks offers a flexible marketplace platform similar in some ways to eBay, Craigslist, Alibaba and Kickstarter. The CrowdBucks matching system seamlessly connects buyers and sellers in a dynamic, member-driven trading environment, and takes the popular Marketplace concept to the next logical level by providing members the use of a variety of private digital currencies that assist in performing common transactions in a simple and secure manner.

The CrowdBucks marketplace features sophisticated mobile wallet functionality with integrated payment options, a trust management system that leverages existing social networks, plus other unique features that enhance the ability for members to easily and safely conduct business in the 21st century.  

Our initial marketplace focus will be centered on crowdfunding and other forms of crowdsourcing. We expect our new trade and commerce platform will be applied to a variety of alternative financial services in the near future.

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