1. Group captains are responsible for collection of Court fees and his or her Membership fee. They are also responsible for supplying the club with the completed application, including names, addresses, phone numbers for all group members, at the time of deposit.
  2. All players who are regularly a part of a contract or play more than three times a season, must pay a membership fee. Each contract member is responsible for his/her own membership plus sales tax. Membership is for one year starting the first day of September. Membership is non-refundable.
  3. Free court hour may not be used during holidays. Free court hour may not be used combined with lesson.
  4. Full court payment must be made on or before the first day of play. If any balance is due after this date, management reserves the right to assign the court time to another group.
  5. Court Deposits are NOT refundable after July 1st.
  6. Seasonal courts can not be cancelled. If your group can not play in any given week, please notify the front desk and every effort will be made to sell your contract court hour. If your hour is sold, your group will be entitled to a make up. Makeups are limited to three and must be taken before the start of the next season.
  7. The RRC and its employees are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles.
  8. Proper attire and tennis shoes are to be worn in the court area. Absolutely no black soled or street shoes will be allowed on the court.
  9. Children, under the age of 12 years, are not permitted anywhere in the facility, at any time, unless personally supervised by their parent, adult guardian, or our children’s room manager.
  10. The use of ball hoppers, ball storage carts or the use of any ball apertures must be approved by club management.
  11. The use of this facility is strictly at the player’s own risk. The club is not responsible for injuries, damage or loss arising from normal athletic activity on the premises. All members, guests and other non-member players waive any claim for damages arising from the use of the facility.
  12. The RRC reserves the right to cancel any membership or court reservation for any cause deemed appropriate by the management, at its sole discretion. A pro-rated refund will be made in such cases.
  13. Only RRC staff professionals are permitted to give instruction on a court.
  14. No spectators are allowed on the courts.
  15. All lessons and court times must be cancelled with 24 hours notice or you may be charged.
  16. There will be no make-up lessons given unless there is an opening in another group. All make-ups must be arranged through the Head Pro. No refunds.