Macedon Public Library Board of Trustees

Minutes of the September 26, 2016 Meeting

Youth section of Macedon Public Library

Macedon New York



Present: Warren Jeffries, Steve Hanrahan, Nancy Simpson, Stacey Wicksall, Gary Crane, Sandy Pagano, Mert Bartels, Christina Henley, Helen Darrow and June Hamell.


Absent: Carol Deys


 APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  RESOLVED, that the corrected minutes of the August 15, 2016 meeting are approved on motion by S. Hanrahan and second by H. Darrow.  Motion carried.


MOTION ON NEW TRUSTEE: RESOLVED, that Christina Henley be appointed by the Library Board of Trustees to fill out Anne Stahr’s term (ending December 2016) on motion by G. Crane and seconded by M. Bartels.  Motion carried.    


APPROVAL OF EXPENDITURES: Three trustees verified claims 131-144 of Abstract 9-2016. RESOLVED, that payment be made of claims 131-144 inclusive in the amount of $5,387.27, on motion made by S. Hanrahan and second by M. Bartels.  Motion carried.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  G. Crane reported that we are waiting for the hiring of the new Treasurer.


DIRECTOR’S REPORT (WITH STAFF UPDATES): The Director reported a few of the positive comments from patrons and a message left by a gentleman who was displeased with our lack of Sunday hours.  A discussion regarding the hiring of a new treasurer was had.  Retirement reporting errors for the part-time employees for the year of 2016 have been corrected.

RESOLVED, that the resignation of Ashley Knapp, library page, be accepted with a motion by N. Simpson.  The motion was seconded by H. Darrow. Motion carried.

The director reported that the Macedon Public Library was in 6th place of 42 libraries for circulation for the month of August.  She also reported that she has sent Farmington her budget request and will be meeting with the Farmington Town Board this week.

The discussion of an audit was had.

RESOLVED, on motion by N. Simpson to call the NYS Dept. of Taxation to obtain our “Certificate of Authority” that sales tax on the ongoing book sale may be paid. The motion was seconded by C. Henley.  Motion carried.



Budget:  Appointments have been made with the Macedon and Farmington Town Boards to go over the budget requests.

Policy/treasurer:  It was suggested that more advertising be done for the position of Treasurer in addition to our digital efforts utilizing the newspapers also.


BULLIS ROOM REPORT: Report was emailed out.  The Macedon Public Library now has Bullis photographs on the New York Heritage website.





TOWN LIAISON: S. Pagano:  Reported on the budget process




NEW BUSINESS: H. Darrow shared about a Pioneer Library System Trustee and Director Workshop that she attended with C. Deys on September 23 – “The inside and outside of  evaluations” presented by Dr. Terry Kirchner.



RESOLVED, that the meeting adjourn at 8:20 p.m., on motion by N. Simpson and second by S. Hanrahan.  Motion carried.  The next meeting will be October 24, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in Community Room.



June Hamell