DROP-IN:  Students are welcome to DROP IN for up to 10 minutes when needing a short break, and may request to talk to someone, access health education/awareness materials,  have a cup of tea, or sit quietly before returning to class.  If a student has an assigned class he/she MUST first report to class or to the main office and get a pass to visit the Wellness Center.  A student dropping in to the Wellness Center -- who is not in crisis -- during the first 10 minutes of class without a pass will be sent back to class. This aligns with the PHS Attendance Policy (p. 27) in the student Planner.

REFERRALS:  Students can be referred to the Wellness Center by school administrators, teachers and academic counselors.  Students can also self-refer by submitting a referral form on the PHS website at: 

The Wellness Center webpage can be accessed from both the Campus Life and Counseling tabs.  Students will be contacted no later than two weeks after the referral is received.  If a student is in a crisis situation, they may report directly to the Wellness Center and/or contact an academic counselor for a referral.

APPOINTMENTS:  Once a student is assigned to a therapist, the therapist will schedule appointments with the student and an office TA will deliver a call slip to the student in class.  The student will then be excused from the class to come in and meet with the therapist.  

Students should understand that while the Wellness Center makes every effort to provide immediate access to a therapist for students in distress (crying, self-injurious, etc.), depending on staff availability, we may not always be able to accommodate these requests.  If a Wellness Center therapist is not immediately available, the student may be permitted to wait in the Wellness Center for up to 45 minutes until a therapist becomes available OR may be directed to the counseling office to request a meeting with a guidance counselor.  Students not in distress will be sent to class and receive a call slip when a therapist becomes available.

WHAT IF A STUDENT IS SICK OR NEEDS FIRST AID?:  Students who are too sick to be in class should NOT come to the Wellness Center for the period.  Unfortunately, we do not have a space for sick students to rest, and we do not wish to potentially expose other students to infection while in the confined space of the WC waiting room. Students will be directed to the Attendance Office so a parent can be called and arrangements made for them to go home.

The Wellness Center does not distribute medication; we cannot serve students with headaches or stomach aches who seek medicine.  Students needing ice for injuries can request a bag of ice from food service.  Students requesting a visit with a nurse should have a pass, except in case of emergency.