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HS Game Designer Dean “Iksar” Interview next week

He was actually going to be on the show today but he is sadly out sick. We wish him a speedy recovery... so we may BOMBARD him with questions next week!

Dills & Garrett at Dreamhack - stories, tourney experience, etc.


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Disenchant Value Adjustments Reset on May 10th

The classic cards which received changes with Whispers of the Old Gods can only be disenchanted for full crafting value until May 10th.

DreamHack Austin

Overall a pretty stellar weekend for professional Hearthstone. The massive open tournament lead to a lot of new names making it through to the top 16 and getting their first chance at the spotlight.

This of course was also a momentous occasion for tournament-regular Chakki, who took his first major 1st place finish.


Twitch Chat Vitriol

Definitely go read "Enough is enough": Confessions of a Twitch chat moderator”. In it Carling "Toastthebadger" Filewich gives her experience of being a chat moderator during DreamHack. In it Carling says that DreamHack and the moderators (including herself) failed.


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DreamHack Meta

Probably the 4 most popular


Crazy Game Stories

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Greetings, Gabbling Gobblenecked Groupies

I bring you a story from a lunch time game of arena, wherein I learned the true power of Yogg Saron through his unwavering servant.

Set out against a Shaman, my mage deck seemed to be unstoppable. The shaman passed turn two, and before he knew what hit him, ethereal conjurers and tomb spiders had given me a full hand of cards and left him with a meager two. With a polymorph, flamestrike, blizzard, two duplicated ethereal conjurers, and a fireball all resting in my palm, there was nothing I was unprepared for. Or so I believed.

With a cry uttered from the spirit of Dills to whatevs, I thought "What's the worst that can happen..." and played the Servant of Yogg-Saron. The green glow around my cards dispersed, and with an anguished cry a baby blue sky erupted onto the board as ancestral communion stole my hand from me. Goodbye flamestrike. Goodbye blizzard. Goodbye my two conjuring twins and the six other premium arena cards that just a few seconds ago held the key for a dominant victory. All that remained from the exchange was an excess mana...praise Yogg.

The game spiraled out of control, and within 6 turns I was on the brink of death. With a last ditch attempt I pinged face to set him to one. Please don't top deck lethal..." I prayed to the god of RNG. He answered my call. The Shaman topdecks Tuskarr Totemic, and summoned, of course, a vitality totem. Now at 5 with lethal on board, a polluted hoarder arrived off the top to end the string of misery. I conceded my arena game and learned two ultimate lessons. A game is never won until somebody dies, and if you have to pray to a god, pray to the god of totems.


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Good day,

With Dills and Garrett posting about Dreamhack and the winning decks I was thinking about the Meta. For events like Dreamhack how important is the meta in game? I imagine players want to see what works, but also want to incorporate some surprise as well in their decks. On the flip side how much impact do these events have on the Meta? Are the winning decks the ones we will see on ladder or do those decks take a lot of skill so they will be seen infrequently? Thanks to this show I am now thinking of these issues and need answers. Finally, as not to leave her out I hope Jocelyn is having a great day.


I asked dills on his stream before if he thought there will be or if there should be a wild championship circuit, what do the rest of the foul fowls think?

I for one think even if it's less of a stream draw there is no reason they shouldn't have a separate champ for wild at blizzcon as well as a standard champ.

The separate cards, decks, and meta could be interesting, and it could bring new stars to the scene as specialists of their own little thing.

Ben in New York

Greetings Cluckers

Every time there's a new expansion we are all very excited to see the new cards and start theorycrafting with them.  Every expansion we see cards released for certain classes trying to push archetypes that have never really been viable.  As Hearthstone is a reflection of WoW, would team 5 be better off trying to maintain class diversity by sticking to the roles/strengths each class embodies in wow rather than trying to allow all classes to play most of the basic styles (aggro, midrange, control and combo).  Diversity within a class' archetypes could then be accomplished through distinct synergies within the class, maybe as a reflection of the different specs that existed in wow.


Keep up the kickass pod!

HS Animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXyf8jCDV4Q


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