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mcahdinaAhla bkm mona mn gdid noud Ily hza allqa' alxaS ualvuar mo glale almlke, Ahla bk mona mn gdid siade almlke

We return to this exclusive meeting and dialogue with Her Majesty Queen, welcome with us again Your Majesty! -Welcome

Ahlin bk, Ahlin


imkn nntql kna qbl cui nvki on alrbio alorbi ualtGirat alli om btSir baloalm alorbi. Sar fi ci balrbio alorbi Aualftre tuso hamc alvriat

A little while ago, we were talking about Arab Spring and changes that are being made. Something happened in the Arab World during the Arab Spring or in this period , the margins for personal freedoms expanded

ualvqiqe anu bsbb al sUcial media bsbb usaYl altuaSl alagtmaoi atuso Akwr,

and, the truth is, the reason behind this was social media. Because of social networking platforms, it expanded,

Sar almsUulin itorpua lantqadat Akwr mn Ai uqt kna ncufh lAnh alnas btvm-i)l almsUul msUulie ma igri,

and officials were more exposed to criticism, more than any time before, because people are now holding officials accountable for what happens.

glaltk ma slmti vty mn alantqadat

Your Majesty was not immune to such criticism.

Akid, usti, alantqad hu gj’ la itgjA mn aloml aloam ualuaHd lma bkun fi muqo oam bkun tvt almghr,

Sure, and, criticism is an integral part of public work and when one is in a public position he/she is under a microscope;

alngavat Ilha Sdy oali ualIxfaqat imkn Sdaha Aoly uhza aci Tbioi Ily vd ma

successes resonate loudly and failures may resonate even louder, and this is normal to some extent.

uAna knt mhtme Inu Asmo uAqrA hai alantqadat vty Aorfhi lAnu ma fi vda fina moSum on alGlT, fina ma biGlT?

I was very interested to hear and read these criticisms and to know what they were, because none of us is infallible. Who doesn’t make mistakes?

uAna mo alnqd almsUul, ukl Ai nSive vda bqdmli Iiaha baxdha boin alaotbar ubtfaol moha vty lu kant garve

I support responsible criticism, and every, any piece of advice someone gives me, I take into consideration and react to it, even if it is hurtful.

ulkn bnfs aluqt kan fih mGalTat umbalGat, ioni Icaoat tdual lis lha Ai Asas mn alSve ulkn tdual ukAnha vqaYq

But, at the same time , there were some falsifications and exaggerations - rumors circulating with absolutely no foundation of truth, but circulating as if they were facts.

ffi frq ma bin alantqad alli mbni oly vqaYq Au morfe Au vty ughe nZr oqlanie ualantqad almbni oly alIcaoat alli alqSd mnha fqT altgriv ualIizap,

There is a difference between criticism based on truths or knowledge or even a rational perspective and criticism that is based on rumors whose sole purpose is to defame and hurt.

fkan fi Icaoat njahti ualmbadY alli trbit oliha uAipaAqrb alnas Ili Ahli bdun ugh vq

There were rumors that touched my integrity and questioned the principles that I was raised on, rumors that also reached the closest people to me, my family, without any shred of truth.

uhai Tboa grvtni ukant Sobe Ily vd ma ulkn aluavd ioni

And these of course were difficult to deal with to some extent. But one has to…

brgo ubqul Ana mo alnqd albna' ummkn anu aluavd aluavd iotbSob anu ijol mn Ahlh uocirth,

I repeat, I am all for constructive criticism and while one might bring reproach upon ones broader family, it is difficult to be upset with them.

fma dam aluavd nithunith hi xdme aluTn uitzkr rbh fi kl ci' fma fi mckle

So long as one has sincere intentions and aims to serve one’s country, and always remembers God in everything they do, then there is no problem.

Ana daYma bqul Ahm ci' nfrq bin alcaYoe ualmolume umo usaYl altuaSl alagtmaoi ma oad fi tfriq-Akid Akid

I always say that the most important thing is to distinguish between rumor and fact and with social media; it’s hard to do that.-Of course Of course

Iza smvti liArgolk ltgarbk alxaSe bxSuS tqdim rviak utqdim bldkoly mstuy aloalm, hunAtzkr tgrbe alvqiqe

If I may, I want to go back to your personal experiences regarding your vision and your role in representing your country to the world. Here I would like to recall a unique experience, honestly,

unalt Iogab kwirin uhi alvmle alli ATlqtiha glaltk oly aliutiub ltGiir alSure alnmTie llorb ualmslmin almugude fi aloalm

which was admired by many and it is the campaign Your Majesty launched onto change the prevailing stereotype of Arabs and Muslims around the world

norp cui mn hzh alvmle ulkn Ana alsUal allikif tgaujti lma kna nvki on alantqadat qbl cui kif tgaujti

glaltk mxaufk uqmti bhza bITlaq hza alnuo mn alvmlat mo Inha vrke Gir tqlidie ummkn tfhm bckl xaTY

and we may show some footage from that campaign. But the question that interests me is how did you overcome – as we were just talking about criticism - how did Your Majesty overcome your fears and launch a campaign of this kind, even though is it considered non- traditional and prone to being misunderstood?

Alft nZrk lcGle, alastTlaoat aloalmie tciralnZre alslbie ualtvij pd almslmin fi alGrb inxfp bTriqe mlvuZe ondma ikun alcxS iorf Au itvdw mo cxS,

I would like to draw your attention to something, global surveys indicate that negative perceptions and biases towards Muslims in the West decrease noticeably when the person being surveyed knows or has spoken to a Muslim.

fIza dl oly Ai cY hza idl anu altvij pd almslmin Asash odm almorfe

If this indicates anything, it is that bias against Muslims is based on ignorance.

almckle alium anu Sob lft antbah aloalm lqpie Au mckle ma lsbb tkawf utjavm alEra' ualmbadrat ualqpaia

almTruve oly alsave aloalmie

The problem today is that it is very difficult to draw the world’s attention to a certain issue or problem due to the abundance and congestion of opinions, initiatives, and issues presented on the world stage.

fbaltali alansan Aviana bkun mpTr anu ixrg on alaTar almAluf Au alTriqe altqlidie uanh iTrv ci' Gir mtuqo mnh vty ilft alantbah mc lcxSh ulkn lqpith ufkrth

Therefore, one may sometimes need to step away from the familiar or traditional way and to propose something unexpected to draw attention - not to his person, but to his issue and idea.

llAsf alSure alnmTie alsaYde on alIslam alium hu anh din krahie din onf uanu almslmin klhm Irhabiin,

Sadly, the stereotypical image of Islam is that it is a religion of hatred, a religion of violence and that Muslims are all terrorists.

uhai qpie xTire umc lajm anh Ivna ntgahlha lAnha tul-d tjro alxuf ualck tgah almslmin uAipa tcgo altvaml ualtvij pdhm,

This is a dangerous problem that we must not ignore because it gives birth to, it plants fear and suspicion toward Muslims and also encourages prejudice and bias against them.

fbaltali olina An naxzha bgdie, lan hai alSure Abod ma tkun on alvqiqe,

Therefore, we must take this issue seriously because this stereotype is the furthest possible from the truth.

falaslam lmlaiin almslmin vul aloalm hu din alqim alInsanie umbadY alxirnvaul nbru)j nbri)j hai alSure on alaslam,

Islam to millions of Muslims around the world, is a religion of human values and principles of goodness. So we must strive to bring out this true image of Islam.

unvna lma mncuf Au mnsmo Isape lAi vda mnvbh mnhb lldfao onh fma balk dinna,

When we see or hear of an abuse directed at someone we love, we rush to their defense, so imagine when it is our religion?

dinna alli hu gj' mna, mn huitna, mn kianna, mn Axlaqna, mn toamlna mo bop, aldin alli avna trbina olih uvnrbi auladna olih, Ala istvq mna An ndafo onh?

Our religion, which is a part of us, of our identity, our existence, our ethics, our interaction with each other, the religion which we were raised upon and will raise our children on. Does it not deserve our defense?

ualEn Anaanu lma vty itvdwua on alIslam Auqat allGe alli tstoml btkun tbsiTie sTvie

And now I see that even when they speak about Islam, at times the language used is simplistic, superficial and sometimes reductionist. Aviana axtjalie, mratmwla tSnifat xaTYe on alIslam, alIslam almotdl ualIslam almtcdd, alium ma fi Islam motdl umtcdd, alIslam bTbioth hu usTi alaslam aslam

Every now and then , for example, I see erroneous categorizations of Islam. They say moderate Islam and radical Islam. Today, there is no moderate or radical Islam. Islam by nature is moderate. Islam is peace.

uhu motdl, ulkn fi fhm mtcdd lh ubodin alli bqulua alIslam alsiasi, almSTlv hza bvd zath bcir lmckle uhu astGlal albop lldin lxdme Agndat siasie uAgndat piqe

And it is moderate. But there are radical interpretations of it.-True True And then there are those who say ‘political Islam’. This terminology in and of itself alludes to a problem, which is that religion is being exploited by some to serve political agendas and narrow interests.

udinna AoZm mn hza AoZm mn kl ci' AoZm mn kl alsiase ukl hza fbaltali aldfao on aldin alIslami hai msUulie mctrke lklukl orbi uhi msUuliti umsUulie algmio uhza Apof alAiman

Our religion is greater than that. Greater than everything. Greater than all politics. Therefore, defending Islam is the shared responsibility of each and every Muslim and Arab. It is my responsibility and everyone else’s and this is the least we can do.

mnz asabio aSbvt Trfa fi hza alvuar alIlktruni aloalmi aTlqt Sfve oly muqo iutiub alalktruni Sfve atmny ana almrAe alAmalmslme An tGir mn mfhum aloalm ona nvn alorb almslmin rgala unsap

"Weeks ago, I had become a party in this World e-dialogue I launched a page on youtube and I hope that Muslim Arab women, mother and I change the image tarnishing us.

[tSfiq][musiqy]alfidiu alzi Au)rsl llt-u hu Gni- balmolumat umzhl umlft llAnZar llAnZar unvn nqf alEn fi mntSf alTriq ula ijal ivtag aloalm lrvie almjid In-h lAmr shl, Ilikm ma tqumun bh:

[applause][music]The videos you sent so far are informative and engaging. Something that is really catching and cute and we are half way through this and the world needs to see more. It's easy, here’s what you do:

1- fSl aluaqo on alxial - hnak frq ma bin antqad alcxS blTf uuSm alcxS bop alSur alnmTi-e Iigabie ula tvzi

1- separate fact from fiction. there is a difference between gently poking someone and labeling and stigmatizing them. Some stereotypes are positive and flattering.

alAlman kfupun ualIiTaliun Tbaxun mahrun ualInklij ASvab fkahe ualbrajiliun ivbun alviae. Ama alSur alnmTie alAxry fhi

The German are efficient, the Italians are great cooks, the British are humorous and Brazilians love life. Others are just a ....

lis kl alorb bIrhabi-in ukzlk hn- alnsa' almslmat uhza la irmj aly alsluk almtTrf

All Arabs are not terrorists; Muslim women are not as well and this is not a symbol of extremist behavior

2-apTlo oly altoliqat uvarb alquarb alnmTi-e ballqTat alSGire

2- Check out the comments and then counter the stereotypes with the short clips.

3- altoaun: hu alTriq alAmwl nvu alIbdao ualoml suiaalAmur oZme ufi alnhaie avSl oly lqTatk uvm-l ma tridh mn muqo aliutiub uarsl alrabT aly kl moarfk la ihm

3- collaborate: It is the best way to get creative and working together you can make a big fact and finally get your clips out there. Upload what you want on youtube and send the link to everyone you know.

odd alSur alnmTi-e alslbi-e alti stSadfha lAn nZrtk qd tGi-r oqul alnas ulqTtk qd tckl tGiira Iza, hlm-ua aly aln-qr ualtodil uald-mg

No matter how many negative stereotypes there are, your eye can open people's mind, your clip can create change. So, get clicking, pointing, editing and mixing.

lavZt anh kan fi Awr lhza alrsale fi almnabr aldulie ioni Au fi toaTi alnas moha?

Did you notice if this message had impact internationally? Did people respond to it?

fi ghl tgah alIslam ma fi ck uAkid fi Isape lkn lma bntvdw on alIsape igb An nqf uqfe Srive ugadie mo Anfsna unnZr Ily ma ivdw fi Amakn mxtlfe mn aloalm mn Isapat uonf basm alIslam

Let me tell you, there is ignorance towards Islam, and without a doubt, there is disparagement. But when we talk about this abuse, we have to adopt an honest and serious introspective position and look at the abuse and acts of violence that are committed in different parts of the world in the name of Islam;

ullAsf hi btkrs alSure alnmTie alsaYde bAzhan alkwirin on alIslam faldin alIslami ugmio alAdian alsmauie mbnie oly Asas alrvme. uIvna kmslmin qbl An nbdA Ai oml Au tSrf nbdA bzkr asm allhalrvim

and which, unfortunately, augment the prevailing stereotype in the minds of many about Islam. Islam, and all monotheistic faiths, are based on mercy. And we, as Muslims, before we embark on any action or behavior, begin by invoking God, “the most Beneficent, most


alkl iorf hu mn slm alnas mn idh ulsanh, ulkn alxTab aldini alli mnsmoh alium ulolu Suth hu rhine lftaui altkfir ualtoSb ualanGlaq alfkri mn ghe

And everyone knows that a Muslim is one that avoids harming others either physically or verbally. But the religious discourse that dominates today, as a result of its loudness, is hostage toof takfeer, zealotry and closed-mindedness on the one hand,

uldoaui altTrf ualkrahie ualftne alTaYfie mn ghe Axry, fuin lGe alrvme fi hza

and to calls for radicalism, hatred, and sectarian strife (fitna) on the other. So where is the language of mercy here?

unvna bhza alxTab mnsi' lAnfsna Akwr bkwir mma isiY alGrb lna, fIza olina An noud Ily guhr aldinAn nu)oli ASuatna baldfao on aldin ioni

And with this kind of discourse, we inflict more harm to ourselves than the West does to us! Therefore, we must go back to the essence of our religion and raise our voices in its defense.

alium lma mncuf Anas tsi' ldinna utcuh Surth, mwla mn qbl Akmn chr cfna cxS ismi nfsh qtl ficxS bri' umsk rash uqail hai mcan alAme, Ai Ame?

Today, when we see Muslims abusing our religion and distorting its image, for example, like a few months ago when a man who calls himself a Muslim beheaded an innocent man in Britain, held up his head, and said “this is for the”… What?

avna igb An ntbrA mn hza alfol unu)oli ASuatna bIdane hza alfol mc bASuat xgule, bASuat oalie mc ltlmio Surtna balGrb Au mcan nrpi alGrb, ulkn lanu dinna istvq hza mna,

We must denounce, decry and raise our voices in condemnation of such actions, not with shy voices, but with loud voices. Not to polish our image in the West or to appease them, but because our religion deserves this from us.

mc lajm nsmv lvda Anu icuh Sure hza aldin aloZim alli hu Akbr mn kl hai alAomal alonf xlina nrgo lguhr dinna ullqim ualnmuzg alAxlaqie alli bqdmlna Iiaha, qim alxir ualtsamv ualInsanie hza ruv dinna

We must not allow anyone to malign this great religion, that is greater than all these acts of violence. Let us go back to the core of our religion, and to the values and ethical model it provides us, values of goodness, forgiveness and humanity.This is the spirit of our religion.

nvn oly vq fi rfpna Zahre alxuf mn alIslam utSuir almslmin oly Anhm Irhabiun lkn olina muaghe alvqiqe alrhibe almtmwle bAn AGlb alhgmat alIrhabie fi alsnuat almapie artkbha Afrad idoun Anhm iomlun basm alaslam

" We have the right to reject the phenomenon of fear of Islam and the depiction of Muslims as terrorists. However, we have to face the terrible truth lying in the fact that most of the terrorist attacks in the past years were committed by members who claim that they are working on behalf of Islam.

Ana Am lArboe ATfalIimanu alSGirfkrua fi alaTfal alzin tvmlunhm fi qlubkm astrgoua AsmaYhm hna fi hzh alGrfe nvn Eba' uAmhat umvbun lElaf mn alAbna' ualavfad uAbna' alIxuan ualAxuat ,

I am a mother of four children:,,and my youngest son is. Think about the children who you carry in your hearts! Recall their names! Here in this room we are fathers and mothers carrying love for thousands of children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters.

Ai Arp uAi mstqbl nod lhm hl nstTio alqul Anna nroy bzur alAml lhm ? hl nqum vqiqe broaie altqdm ualslam ?

Any land and any future we are forging to them? Are we sowing to them the seeds of hope? Are we really maintaining progress and peace?

tvdwti glaltkon alqpie alflsTinie uavna tabona busaYl alIolam almxtlfe tvdwti onutvdwti onu tvdwti on

moanae alflsTini fi aldaxl, uATlqti mcruo mdars, Au mdrsti, hl hza lanu alqpie lha aotbar xaS ldiki?

on the Palestinian issue, you have spoken a lot about the Palestinian issue, and we watched you through various media outlets talk about Gaza, talk about Jerusalem, about the suffering of Palestinians inside Palestine. You have launched a project for schools in, or, Is it because this issue has special significance to you?

ioni Ana ahtm amial qpie nabo mn hu itiu mslme, uhai qpie alAme uobal uugdan algmio, uAipa lahtmam

ualhacmiin fi hai alqpie,

My interest in this issue stems from my identity as an Arab and Muslim, this is the issue of the ‘’ and is in everyone’s minds and hearts, and also because of the attention that the Jordanians and Hashemites have paid this cause.

fAna juge almlkmlk almmlke alArdnie alhacmie, hza Aula uExra, uavna mncuf anumn alnas btvaul tsaod

ffi ivaul bTriqth almoine, fi mn bvaul isaod on Triq alAuqaf Au on Triq allagYin

So it's not because I am of Palestinian origin. I am, first and foremost, the wife of King, the King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. And we see that a lot of people try to help, each in their own way. Some people try to help through refugees.

Ana axtrt altolim lIimani bAn altolim gj' la itgjA mn alSmud alflsTini oly Arapih uAn tolim alTfl alflsTini igb An la ikun rhine lmfaupat siasie, falmdars hi save Smud flsTinie

I chose education because I believe it is part and parcel of the Palestinian perseverance on their own land. The education of a Palestinian child should not be held hostage to political negotiations, as school yards are a front for Palestinian resistance.

ulma ATlqt mbadre mdrsti flsTin, hzh kant vlqe mn slsle la ttuqf mn muaqf Ardnie daome llcob alflsTini umoanath

When I launched Palestine, this was one link in an endless chain of Jordanian positions in support of the Palestinian people and their suffering.

uAna borf anu glale sidna mhtm alqpie, qpie ualmqdsat, lanu nvna mn vs anu fi mxTT lthuidu hza mxTT xTir ualmdars gj' mn hza almxTT

And I know that His Majesty cares about this cause, the cause ofand the holy sites. Because we in Jordan feel like there is a plan toJerusalem, that is a very dangerous plan, and schools are part of it.

fhai alqpie daYma oly bal uugdan glale sidna uhi bthmh uicor balqlq tgahha, fhu ioni bibzl kl ghd dblumasi Au qanuni Au siasi lIbraj hzh alqpie uIbraj almoanae alflsTinie ualanthakat alIsraYilie ualtont alIsraYili fi hza almupuo

So this cause is always on His Majesty’s mind; he cares deeply about it and worries about it. He undertakes every diplomatic, legal and political effort to shed light on it and on the suffering of Palestinians as well as the Israeli violations and transgression in this matter.

uAna almnasbe bvb gmio aloamlin bujare alAuqaf lghudhm algbare uxdmthm lhai alqpie ughudhm almtuaSle llvfaZ olyualmqdsat brGm altvdiat alli buaghuha

And I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who work at the Ministry for their tremendous efforts and their service to this cause, and their continuous efforts to protectand the holy sites despite all of the challenges they face.

uhu ahtmam tarixi balvqiqe nabo mn gil ura' gil

It is a historic attention in Jordan stemming from a generation behind the generation.

nrgo lltuaSl, mo aloalm alxargi nrgo llmnabr aldulie glaltk ioni knt gj' mn mcarke fi kwir mn almvafl aldulie imkn abrjha uahmha alamm almtvde uknt tqriba alSut alorbi aluvid fiha,

Let us go back to your engagement , internationally, through international forums. Your Majesty was part of, participated, in many international forums, the most prominent and important of which was the United Nations and you were almost the only Arab voice.

hla fi nas btabo hza almupuo lkn aza btvki moh fiha fi bophm bisAl sUal? biqul macimstfidmnha?

Now, some people follow this and if you were to discuss it with them they may pose a question: “fine, but what does Jordan benefit from this?”

guab almlke: ioni aula ana mc aluvide oly fi alsave aloalmie fi kwir mn aloalm alorbi bmwluna ubrfoua rasna daYma ulkn nvn daYma balvage bvage llmjid,

Queen answers: First of all, I am not the only one on the international stage – there are many from the Arab world who represent us and always make us proud. That said, we always need more.

ana bughe nZri mhm gda anu nvna nvki oly anfsna ula ntrk fraG lAvd an itklm balniabe ona figb an nrui ruaitna bSutna vty hai alruaie tkun dqiqe utmwlna

From my perspective, it is very important that we speak for ourselves, and not leave a vacuum that allows others to speak on our behalf.

We have to narrate our story in our own voice so that it can be authentic and representative of us.

figb an ikun fi vpur orbi oly alsave aloalmie uan ikun fi mcarke uTrv lughat alnZr mn aloalm alorbi uikun fi tAwir balvuar alli bdur vuali alqpaia alli bthmna ualli btxSna fhza alvpur mhm gda ioni

So there must be Arab presence in the international arena and there must be participation and representation of Arab perspectives. We must try to influence the dialogue around the issues that are important to us and concern us; this presence is very important.

mo anu bld SGir lknh kbirmcboiun ahlh ulkn alh ujnh baloalm lldur alansani aloalmi alli blobh ulldur alsiasi alli blobh alli akbr mn vgmh uhza arw urwnah on almGfur lh

And Jordan, despite being a small country, is not only big in the eyes of its own people, but it carries weight internationally for the global humanitarian role and the political role it plays which is larger than its size.

almlkualli bny olih almlkualli bibni olih kwir mn alcxSiat alardnie alli avna bnftxr fiha ubtmwlna fi alxarg

This is a legacy we inherited from His Majesty the late Kingand which was built upon by His Majesty King as well as many Jordanian figures whom we are proud of and who represent us abroad.

fhai msUulie, msUulie lna gmioa umsUulie ali kArdnie

This is a responsibility, a responsibility for us all, and a responsibility for me as a Jordanian.

ioni ma kan alhdf almjid mn tsliT alapuap

So the purpose behind it was not to get more spotlight?

ionialck bduafo alcxSiat aloame hza aci Tbioi umtuqo aly vd ma uana ji ji kwir mn alcxSiat alli btntmi aly oaYlat malke, mrat bkun fi tsliT aolami olihm, uhza mc balprure aci btvkm fih tmama

Well, look, questioning the motives of public figures is natural and expected to some extent. I, like many other figures who belong to royal families, am sometimes in the media spotlight and this is not necessarily something I have complete control over.

ulkn ana bAi ncaT bqum fih, sua' sfre bsafrha au mvtmr bvprh au mbadre bTlqha hdfi hu altruig lbldi ualdfao on Amti uaza btfkri fiha, hza aldur almtuqo mn kl alsidat alaul, hl bxTY,

But in everything I do, whether it is a trip I take, a conference I attend or an initiative I launch, my goal is always to promote my country and defend my nation. And if you think about it,, this is the role that is expected of all first ladies. Do I make mistakes?

akid bxTY ulma bGlT btuqo alantqad ubtfaol ubtgaub moh-Sviv Sviv

Of course, i do. And when I do, I expect criticism and I interact and respond to it.-Correct Correct

imkn hai Tbioe aloml aloam aza folt tntqd uaza lm tfol brpua fi antqad ulkn ana borf vdud mnSbi alli btfrpha mvssat aldule ualaoraf aloalmie lai amrAe fi mkani

And perhaps this is the nature of public work; If you do you are criticized and if you don’t, you are also criticized. But I know the boundaries of my position that are set by state institutions and international norms for any woman in my place.

Tboa mstvil ani axrg on almuaqf alrsmie ualmolne alardnie fioni fioni aula uaxra almhm anu aluavd ikun pmirua mrtav uitzkr rbh fi kl oml bomlh

I would never depart from official and announced Jordanian positions. In the end what matters most is to have a clear conscience and to remember God in everything one does.

btcufi valk glaltk btmwli almrAe

Do you, Your Majesty, see yourself as a representative of the Arab woman?

ma fi st uvde btmwlula fi qalb muvd mmkn anh npo fih almrAe

There is no single woman that represents the Arab woman and there is no unified mold in which to place the Arab woman.

fi almslme ualmrAe almsivie ualmrAe aloamle ualGir oamle

There is the Muslim Arab woman, the Christian Arab woman, the working Arab woman and the non-working Arab woman.

fi almolme ualmrbie ufi almhndse ualdkture ualakadimie ualaolamie ualnaqde

There is the teacher, the caretaker, and there is the engineer, the doctor, the academic, the media woman, the critic.

ual itqldn kman mnaSb fi alquat almslve ufi alqpa' ufi alvkumat

There are those who have taken up positions in the armed forces, the judiciary and government.

ulkn llasf alSure alnmTie alsaYde onhi anha mqmuoe uanha Gir mtolme uGir mcarke ulis lha ai rAi ula aotbar,

But, unfortunately, the prevailing stereotype of the Arab woman is that she is oppressed. And that she is uneducated, non-participating and has no opinion or worth.

akid fi tvdiat btuagh tmkin ulkn vtyfi fruqat ma bin aldulal mxtlfe

Definitely, there are still challenges facing the empowerment of Arab women, but even in this there are variations between different Arab countries.

mwla aza vty axzna altolim aza rgona lmupuo altolim favna kan fi angajat kbire fi mgal altolim llanaw ufi kwir mn aldulodd alxrigat mn algamoat ifuq odd alxrigin

But, for instance, if we take education, if we go back to the topic of education, there have been significant accomplishments in female education, and the number of female university graduates in many Arab countries exceeds that of male graduates. Greater. True.

vty fi mgalat oade bitxSS fiha alzkur, ioni mwla fi almmlke alsoudie fi sne alalfin uocre 70% mn alchadat

algamoie fi made alolum kant llanaw uhai balmnasbe hza almodl ifuq bkwir almodl nfsh bAuruba alGrbie

Even in majors that are typically dominated by males. For example, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 2010, 70% of university degrees in the field of science were granted to females - and this far exceeds the average in Western Europe.

fbaltali fi angajat kbire lkn alsUal ibqy fi aloalm alorbi maza ifoln bchadathn bod altxrg? fallasf odd aloaTlat on aloml fi aloalm alorbi imkn aoly nsbe fi aloalm

Therefore, there are substantial accomplishments. But the question that remains in the Arab world is: what do these female graduates do with their degrees after graduation? Unfortunately, the number of unemployed females in the Arab world is perhaps the highest in the world.

fbaltali hza alastwmar alpxm alli omlnah atgah almrAe lm ngni wmarh uavna lma bnqul anu bdna mcarke almrAe nvn la nTlb itoarp au itnafy mo toalim dinna ula nTlblm ismv bh rsul allh Sly allh olih uslm

Therefore, we have not reaped the benefits of this huge investment we made in women! When we call for female participation, we do not ask for anything that conflicts or contradicts our religious teachings. And we do not demand anything that the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, did not permit.

fjmanna hza iufr lna Imkaniat mbtkreGir tqlidie lltkif mo oadatna utqalidna lAn nvn alAsre balnsbe Ilina

Ahm ci' uigb An tbqy ubnfs aluqt Inh InhalmrAe tcarkavna

And this day and age affords us possibilities that enable us to adapt things to our culture. For us, family is the most and must remain the most important but at the same time women should be allowed to participate.

daima bnsmoha kwirbvb akdha anu mstvil anu ai dule tngj ma busoha angajh aza kant nSf alTaqe alkamne daxlha Gir mfole uGir mntge

And maybe we hear this often but I would like to reassert that it is impossible for any nation to fulfill its potential if half of its inherent capacity is inactive and unproductive.

fi nas rbma txcy mn an ikun alanftav oly alGrb ualdxul fi oSr alantrnt mmkn an ivwr oly oadatna utqalidna umuruwna alorbi ualtarixi ualaslami hl glaltk btotqdi au btcufi bttSuri anu mmkn ikun fi tparb bin hza uzak?

Some people may fear that openness to the West and advent of the age of the Internet could impact our traditions and values and our Arab and Islamic heritage. Does your Majesty think, or see, or envision that there could be conflict between this and that?

ioni hza mupuo caYk mmkn anh ntvdw olih balsaoat ufi vdiw uaso olih fi kl aldul aloalm ulanh kl aldul btuagh nfs altvdi lanu aloulme alha aigabiatha ualha slbiatha ulkn ma hu akid anha uaqo la imkn alhrub mnh ula tgahlh

This is a complicated issue and we could possibly talk about it for hours. And there is expansive debate on this topic in all countries of the world because they all face the same challenge. Globalization has its pros and cons, but what is certain is that it is a reality that cannot be escaped or ignored.

ulkn vty bhza almupuo ngd anu fi aloalm alorbi fi tTrf fi altoaml moha fIma alanGlaq altam urfp kl ma hu gdid lmgrd anu gdid, au alanftav ualanbhar balvparat ualwqafat alGrbie ualtqlid alaomy lha bdun ai uoi au msUulie

But even here, we find that there is an extremist approach in dealing with this issue in the Arab world. Either there is complete isolation and a rejection of all that is new just because it is new, or an openness and infatuation with western cultures accompanied by an unaware, irresponsible and blind imitation of them.

bnsy valh aluavd, bnsy valh aluavd, uana botqd anh baloalm alorbi fi vage mlve uoTc lTrv walw Triq axry

Triq usTie ma bin hza uzak mc bhza alxndq ula bhza alxndq

Sometimes one forgets oneself. Sometimes one forgets oneself. And I believe that in the Arab world, there is a dire need and a thirst for

a third way, an alternative path, a moderate path between this and that. Neither in this camp, nor that.

Triq tqul anh ana orbi umtmsk bkl aloadat ualtqalid alti tAti mo zlk uana aftxr bha ulkn bnfs aluqt ana arid an akun gj' mn aloalm mn vuli atfaol moh aotnq kl ma hu vdiw umtTur uabni loaYltiviaeuaufr lhm avsn almugud

A path that says I am an Arab and a Muslim and I hold on to and am proud of all the traditions and values that come with that. But, at

the same time , I want to be a part of the world around me, to interact with it, embrace all that is new and modern and build for my family a beautiful life and provide them with the best of what is available.

uan la ikun tnaqp ma bin hzul alcGltin mo alolm anh nvna vpartna alaslamie bAbhy oSurha kant mnftve umtfaole mo aloalm falium avna lma bncuf moalm fi alGrb kwir mnha mbnie oly alvpare trawna alaslami

And there need not be a conflict between those two things. We need to remember that during its most flourishing era, our Islamic civilization was open and interactive with the rest of the world. Today, many of the monuments we see in the West were built on or influenced by …Islamic heritage.

uvpartna alaslamie uxlqnakm couba uqbaYl ltoarfua fbaltali hzh alaie btdl anhkan daYma icgo oly ucgo daYma oly altuaSl ualanftav mo aloalm ana cxSia ioni bftxr bvpartna ubtrawna

our Islamic civilization. [49:13] “…we made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.” This verse demonstrates that our religion always encourages, and has always encouraged, interaction and openness to the world. I personally am proud of our civilization and heritage.

ioni fi ona qim mwl avtram alkbir Sle alrvm uuqftna mo bop balafrav ualavjan alkrm oje alnfs ahmie aloaYle hzh mqumat igb an ntmsk fihahi nqaT qutna

We have values like respecting the elderly, importance of family ties and sharing and supporting each other in our joys and sorrows.-True.True. Generosity, pride, importance of family, all of these are attributes that we must hold onto because they are our

strong points.

ulkn bnfs aluqt mmkn an nstfid mn alanftav aluaoi ualtfaol alaigabi mo alwqafat mn vulna nvn nrid an ntrk bSmatna ula an nkun oly hamc altarix fbaltali alanftav aluaoi ualtfaol ci' mhm gda

But, at the same time , we stand to benefit from a responsible openness and positive interaction with cultures around us. We want to leave our fingerprints and not be on the sidelines of history. Therefore, conscious openness and interaction is very important.

glaltk aza smvti li bdna nntql lgj' baltAkid mhm btvb alnas kwir tcufh gj' btolq baloaYle aza btsmvi li anh nruv lfaSl unoud bodha. faSl qSir noud bodha [musiqy]

Your Majesty, if you allow me, we would like to move onto an important part that people are surely interested to see, a part that deals with your family. We will go to a short break and return. We will go to a short break and return. [music]

mcahdinaahla bkm mona mn gdid fi hza alvuar mo glale almlke, glaltk asmvi li anh nntql uqbl alfaSl kna nvki on gj' imkn alnas btvb tsmo onh alli hu btolq bviatk kmlke uant mlke uam uam luli alohd

Conversation with Her Majesty Queen-…Your Majesty, allow me to move on. Before the break we were saying that this part people are interested to learn about which relates your life as a Queen. And you are a Queen, and a mother, and the mother to a Crown Prince.

kif bttoamli mo auladk fi Zl oSr alanftav ualantrnt alli kna bnvki onh qbl cui bSrave bkl xuf uvzr ji ji

How do you deal with your children in light of this new era of openness and the Internet that we were talking about earlier?

bqie alahali ioni aluavd mrat ioni ma borfbcufuh ubcahdua oly alantrnt faluavd lajm ikun vzr gda

uaipa iorf anh mrat astomal alkmbiutr umcahde altlfjiun hza

Honestly, with fear and caution, just like every other parent! Sometimes one does not know what they see and watch on the Internet, so one has to be very careful and aware.

kman bvd mn mharathm alagtmaoie fbaltali ioni aluavd lajm ikun vzr gda fi hza almupuo

Also, bear in mind that the use of computers and watching television can undermine their social skills. For that reason one must be very careful when dealing with this issue.

fi quaod xaSe btstxdmiha fi altoaml mohm

Are there special rules that you use in dealing with them?

ioni mc mc quaodimkn bvaul aughm ioni bvb aoTihm hamc uaso mn alvrie ualastqlalie ulkn igb an ikun fi tugih fmwla bcgohm anh imarsua alriape anh ixupua fi almgtmo uikun ondhm olaqat Svie mo aSdqaYhm umoarfhm

Not rules, per se, but I may try to guide them. I like to give them a wide margin of freedom and independence, but there must be guidance. For example, I encourage them to take up sports activities, to engage in the community, and to have healthy relationships

with their friends and peers.

ahm ci' ana brAii anh tbqy qnuat altuaSl mftuve mo alaulad ioni daYma ncgohm ivkua bvrie uarivie on ahtmamathm on iumhm on aSdqaYhm on mcaklhm

The most important thing, in my opinion, is to keep communication channels open with our children; to always encourage them to speak freely and comfortably about their interests, how their day went, their friends, their problems,

balzat bsn almrahqe fioni mrat lanh bsn almrahqe mmkn alTfl iSir inTui oly nfsh-aiuh aiuh

especially in their teen years, because sometimes in their teenage years, they may withdraw onto themselves. yes.

fla tridi an iSir Grib olik fgAe fbaltali daYma daYma altrabT ualtuaSl mohm mhm gda

So you do not want your child to suddenly become a stranger to you. For that reason - always always - interacting and communicating with them is very important because it keeps them close.

kif kan courk glaltk lma txrg alamirmn almdrse uhu uli alohd ?

Your Majesty, what did you feel when Prince graduated from school - he is Crown Prince…

ioni ualsne bnti aiman vttxrg, an ca' allh fAkid ioni an ca' allh fAkid knt couri ioni fxr kbir ubnfs aluqt ioni aluavd bfkr Inh kif aljmn bmr bsroe, ioni amty hu sar ATul mni flsa mc jman kanua SGar

And this year , God willing, my daughter will also graduate. Of course, I felt great pride and I realized how quickly time passes.

Not too long ago, he was only a child and now he is in his second year at university.

uAlob mohm fhada bxlini Avs bqime aluqt

This makes me appreciate the value of time , and how one must give meaning to every minute and moment .