Matthisk Heimensen

Assignments Week 2

Requirements Engineering

Van Lamsweerde, Requirements Engineering Chapter 7

7.1 Figure 7.1 and figure 7.2 are example diagrams for goal modelling. Populate each of the branches with instantiations relevant for the eTextbook.

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Multi-agent goal: Ebooks shall be displayed in such a way that eye strain of the reader is minimized

Requirement: All occurrences of a requested search term shall be displayed

Expectation: An ebook will find all searched words within X seconds

Domain property: Pages in a book consist of words

Domain hypothesis: Books contain no more than a 1000 pages

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Soft Goal: Readers should have useful feedback on their progress in the ebook

Achieve: The ebook will navigate to the correct chapter selected by the reader from the index

Maintain/Avoid: An ebook screen will never turn off if the reader is navigating