Travel costs Dev meeting



Proposal hash:


1. Proposal Basic Information

Project Name:

Transportation fees from Amsterdam to dev meeting in August, Toronto

What are the goals of the project?

The goal is to cover the costs of attending the dev meeting in August, Torronto

Proposer’s Email Address

Proposers Name:


Funds requested:

1446 CRW

2. You and your Team







Crown tutorials

Your Team:  

Twister (eventually if budget allows Matteblack)

3. Project Details

Project Purpose

Describe the need for your project.

The occasion is the development team meeting in Toronto, August 2017. By being present there, I get exposed to the vision of crown. A more clear vision on what is envisioned, helps me to help the crown project, by being able to create more content for the crown project. This includes tutorials, and possibly a new user experience design for the website.

Being able to have face to face conversations with the team offers more quality and faster interaction compared to other means of communication (mm, chat etc). Also it is easier to discuss ideas, and come up with new projects we can work on from our side.

The initial idea is to have someone of our crown tutorials attend. This is the most economically feasible. However, if resources allow for, we will try to go with two. This has an advantage because two have more input, can retain more information and as a team we are working closely together here. So more exposure means a clearer vision where to go.

However the main goal is getting one of us to the meeting.


Tell us the potential benefits your project could bring to Crown (eg, further decentralisation). What will the project become? Is it an ongoing project?

My ambition is to communicate the identity of crown in format that is easily accessible to the public. In making tutorial videos, but also in designing the user interaction and experience of the website.

Furthermore I like to think of ways to implement use cases for the crown network.


Describe the different features your proposal intends to ‘build’.

See above


What are the potential risks involved in the success of the proposal? (eg, Low demand)

I don’t see many risks. If I divide them into operational and strategic risks, operational would be increasing booking costs and decreasing monetary value of crown (medium/high). I will calculate this risk in the proposal, that I will be able to execute the plans regardless of a 10 percent margin of the value of crown.

Strategic risks would include me not being capable enough to deliver a product (low). I do not think this will be the case, but am not the one to objectively judge this. Some semi objective measure of the quality of my work could be the content that I already produced. (Furthermore, I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, Economics & Law, and a BSc in Psychology (the cognitive/neurological side of it) with a premaster’s track in Artificial Intelligence).

Nonetheless, these risks are worth mentioning.

Proposal Timetable and Turning Point

Propose exact start and end dates. What date will the project start, what date will it end (delivered)?
What will be the turning  points of the project? Eg Landing page, login ability.

The meeting will take place in august 18 and 19. I plan to arrive the 16th (Wednesday) to have a little headroom for jetlag and cheaper flights. Then I want to stay until the 21st. This is a Monday, so cheaper flight as well – and it allows to have more time to discuss the design of the user experience with the dev team.

Definition of Success

We need you to define project success. What is the finished product for example? How can voters be sure the project was is a success? Define below..

Success Definition

  1. The project is a success, when I can attend the meeting
  1. Insight into the vision of crown
  1. And this is harder to streamline – and depends on the availability of the dev team. But progress on the user experience for the new website would be a success definition as well.

External Dependencies 

Does the project success depend on help from the Crown core team and one or more other individuals or groups? Has everyone agreed to be involved in the development of the project?

This project depends heavily on the dev team. MDZ has invited our crown tutorial group, so he is on board as one of the visionaries of the crown project.

Funding Requirements

State the amount of funding that is required to bring your project to a success and give the reasoning behind it.



Total €

Total $

Flight (AMS > YYZ, YYZ > AMS) + transportation


 € 1,500.00

 $ 1,710.00


(fees, crown fluctuation etc)


 € 1,650.00

 $ 1,881.00

Totaling 1,881 USD. At a conservative crown/US ratio of 1.30 (July 9, 2017), that comes down to 1.446 CRW.

*This is quite comfortable, to allow for fluctuations. If it turns out the day trade of crown allows for extra US $ resources, a second team member will join the meeting.

4. Communication (How will the project manager communicate with the Crown community? How often? On which dates?)

Communication follows from the products delivered. So no specific communication

5.  Notes

If budget allows due to the crown price – or other resources becoming available, matteblack will join me. So an over budgeting can be accounted for.